Plot outlines, and character listings for each story. Stories are listed alphabetically by author. A more recent addition to the site, this does not yet include all the stories indexed on the rest of the site, but is growing steadily.

These are summaries, not reviews, and may contain story spoilers.

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....and other folkloric & cultural icons. These have been lumped together because we couldn't decide where Shakespeare's kings should go. Arranged in alphabetical order - pick a letter...

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CANONICAL CHARACTERS Characters drawn from the original Sherlock Holmes stories.

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What is this site about?

The site was initially a listing of historical, fictional and canonical characters appearing, or mentioned, in published Sherlock Holmes pastiches, parodies and other Sherlockian writings. More recently it's expanded into a collection of summaries of those stories (intended as an aide memoire for those, like the compiler, who can no longer remember what happened in which pastiche). For a history of the site & answers to FAQs go to the Notes page. A listing of the latest additions can be found on the Updates page.


Uh......we're not clear on that one yet, but would welcome any ideas on what possible use it might be. Many indexes exist for the canonical stories, but, understandably, none for the vast number of more recent efforts. This is an attempt to fill the gap.


16th September, 2014
The Clockwork Scarab (Colleen Gleason)
Sherlock Holmes and the Knave of Hearts (Steve Hayes & David Whitehead)
A Study in Silks (Emma Jane Holloway)

23rd August, 2014
"The Curse of Bridges Falls" (William E. Chambers)
"The Adventure of the Elusive Emeralds" (Carla Coupe)
"The Book of Tobit" (Carla Coupe)
Sherlock Holmes and the Shakespeare Letter (Barry Grant)
"The Disappearance of the Vatican Emissary" (Jack Grochot)
"Colonel Warburton’s Madness" (Sasscer Hill)
"The Dead House" (Bruce Kilstein)
Garment of Shadows (Laurie R. King)
Who Thinks Evil (Michael Kurland)
Gods of War (James Lovegrove)

The Baron’s Revenge (Gary Lovisi)

"Challenger’s Titanic Challenge" (Gary Lovisi)
"Sun Ching Foo’s Last Trick" (Adam Beau McFarlane)
The Dragon Turn (Shane Peacock)

Lestrade and the Gant Rat of Sumatra (M.J. Trow)

28th June, 2014
Cry of Thunder (Joe Gentile, Andy Bennett & Carlos Magno)
Young Sherlock Holmes: Snake Bite (Andrew Lane)
The Secret Fiend (Shane Peacock)
Shadowblood (Tracy Revels)
The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan (Nancy Springer)
The Great Game (Lavie Tidhar)

By request: a listing of pastiche anthologies and their contents. Listed by editor / author:
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Last Update: 16th September, 2014