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Vithal Rajan

"Art, Crime, and Enlightenment" (2010)
Included in:
Holmes of the Raj (Vithal Rajan)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Professor Moriarty; (The Moriarty Gang)
Historical Figures: Sir Auckland Colvin; Lady Colvin; Lady Maud Evelyn Hamilton; Lord Lansdowne; Lord Frederick Sleigh Roberts; Lord William de la Poer Beresford; Joseph Rowntree; Rajendra Lal Mitra; Henry Beveridge; Rabindranath Tagore; Lord George Harris; Lord Hawke; Stanley Jackson; Swami Vivekananda / Narendra
Other Characters: Signor Moresconi; Balraj; Parikshit; Grooms; Lady Evelyn Petty-Fitzmaurice; Moresconi's Assistants; Government House Guards; Cricketers; Sarbadhikary; Ray; Officials; Mr Bingham; Mr Stewart; Tagore's Guest's; College Principal; Firpo's; Workmen; Moriarty's Ruffians; Swami's Helpers; (Moriarty's Coachman)
Date: 1889
Locations: India; Naini Tal; Government House; Calcutta; Howrah Railway Station; Government House; The Bengal Club; Cricket Grounds; Presidency College; Calcutta Lunatic Asylum; The Asiatic Society; Tagore's House; Eden Gardens; Baranagar
Story: Holmes and Watson are invited to stay in Calcutta by the Vicereine. On a tour of the city, their carriage knocks down a peasant and his son. They sit in on a discussion between Lansdowne and Roberts on British policy in Asia, and give cricket lessons.
Watson attends a Drugs Commission meeting, visits the lunatic asylum, and meets Rabindranath Tagore at the Asiatic Society. He and Holmes are trapped by Moriarty, but Holmes is able to thwart Moriarty's plans and take action against the drugs trade before they sail for home.

"The Bite Worse Than Death" (2010)
Included in:
Holmes of the Raj (Vithal Rajan)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; (Mrs Hudson)
Fictional Characters: Colonel Pickering
Historical Figures: Osman Ali Khan, Asaf Jah VII; Dr Edward Lawrie; Amat-uz-Zahrunnisa Begum; Mahbub Ali Khan, Asaf Jah VI; Sir Dennis Fitzpatrick; Dr Ronald Ross; Bessie Ross; Albert Edward, Duke of Clarence; Sarojini Naidu; Subedar Ambadvekar (Ramji Sakpal); Rudyard Kipling; (Nawab Asman Jah Bahadur; Jack the Ripper; Annie Chapman)
Other Characters: Cricket Club Members; Shankar Narayan Rao Melkote; Railway Workmen; Train Servants; Station Flunkeys; Prince's Attendant; Punkahwallahs; Husein Khan; Bhistee; Ramsingh; Ramsingh's Wife; British Officers; Watson's Patients; Sir Frederick Challoner; Garden Party Guests; Detective Inspector Burrows The Malaria Irregulars; Meherunissa; Attendants; Gunbearers; Shikaris; Beaters; Mahout; Tribal Girls; (Ramsingh's Cousin)
Date: December, 1888
Locations: India; Madras; Madras Cricket Club; The Bombay Express; Wadi; Hyderabad; Secunderabad Station; The Chow Mahalla; Purani Haveli Palace; Golconda Fort; The Purana Haveli; Mir Alam Lake; The Residency; Melkote's Devdi; The Srisailam Hills; The Nizam Club
Story: Holmes and Watson delay their departure from India when Watson is sumoned to Hyderabad to attend to the Nizam's son, who is sick with malaria. Watson contracts the disease himself, and visits a servant who has also fallen prey to it. At tea, hosted by the Nizam, he meets Dr Ronald Ross. Watson continues his efforts to help malarial victims in the district, and to find the source of the disease and the method of its transmission. At a garden party given by the resident, he and Holmes meet the Duke of Clarence, who talks with them about Jack the Ripper. They join a tiger hunt, where the Prince is rescued from a tiger, Holmes investigates a series of incidents emanating from the Prince's entourage, and Watson is successful in his investigations into the disease.

"The Case of the Murdering Saint" (2010)
Included in:
Holmes of the Raj (Vithal Rajan)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Baker Street Maid; Mycroft Holmes; (Mrs Hudson; Inspector Lestrade)
Fictional Characters: Colonel Pickering
Historical Figures: George Robinson, 1st Marquess of Ripon; Dr William Miller; Madame Blavatsky; Bangalore Nagaratnamma; Graf von Keyserling; (Gerson von Bleichröder; Jamsetji Tata; Dr William Miller; Eardley Norton; Lord Lansdowne)
Other Characters: Subramania Swamy Ayer; Captain Petrie; British Soldiers; Egyptian Sepoys; Arab Hawkers; Snake Charmer; Mahout; Kandy Club Officers; Madras Coolies; Punkahwallahs; Bearers; Imtiaz Khan; The Shankaracharya; Lieutenant Guha; Tsunami Survivors; Cricketers; Field Workers; Blavatsky's Minions; Mutt Worshippers; Temple Official; Ramachandran; Musicians; Srinivasa Chari; Adyar Club Guests; The Governor; Pickering's Sepoys; The Ranee of Kanchee; Maidservants; (Mrs Hudson's Niece; Mrs Hudson's Sister; Temple Accountant; Pickering's Rider; Chari's Relative; German Consul)
Date: Autumn - December, 1888
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Diogenes Club; Aboard the Coromandel Star; Bay of Biscay; The Mediterranean Sea; The Suez Canal; Egypt; Ismailia; Ceylon; Colombo; Kandy; The Kandy Club; India; Madras; Chepauk; Guesthouse; The Cricket Clup; Royapettah Police Station; Madras Christian College; Adyar; Blavatsky's Mansion; The Kumbakonam Mutt; The Adyar Club; The Palace
Story: Watson reads of the arrest in Madras of the Shankaracharya, head of the Kumbakonam Mutt, accused of murdering the temple's accountant, but Holmes says he has been framed by a military power seeking to disturb the tranquility of the Indian Government. Holmes has received a message from Germany warning him to stop his investigations. They are visited by Ayer, who brings a request from the Ranee of Kanchee that they travel to India to discover the real murderer.

During the voyage, a cobra is set upon Holmes in Egypt, and he is charged by a white elephant in Sri Lanka. In Madras they are met by the Chief of Police, Pickering, who gives them the details of the case. Watson meets an old acquaintance, who takes them to see the Shankaracharya in jail. Advice from Blavatsky helps Holmes towards a solution. A visit to the temple adds more information, while a student of the Madras Christian College tells them about the Christian aid that poured into the district after the 1883 tsunami. Justice is served in a variety of ways on those involved before Holmes and Watson sail for home.

"The Indian Summer of Sherlock Holmes" (2010)
Included in:
Holmes of the Raj (Vithal Rajan)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; (Mrs Hudson)
Fictional Characters:
Historical Figures: Sir Edward Grey; Lord Charles Hardinge; Sir William Hailey; Sir Rahim Bhaksh; Nawab Viqar-ul-Muluk; Mohammed Ali Jinnah; Dhyan Chand; Jatindranath Mukerjee; Rash Behari Bose; Sri Aurobindo; Vinayak Damodar Savarkar; Srinivasa Ramanujan; Annie Besant; Hugh Whistler; Sir Michael O'Dwyer; Sir Reginald Dyer; Baloo Palwankar; Shivram Palwankar; Vithal Palwankar; Ganpat Palwankar; Mir Osman Ali Khan
Other Characters: Foreign Office Sergeant; Grey's Secretary; Train Attendants; Captain William Castlereagh; Syce; Jhansi Stationmaster; Porters; Indian Families; Khansamah; Sanyasi; Gopal Das; Mustapha; Hockey Players; Das's Companions; Reading Room Manager; Nigel Young; Coconut Sellers; Albert Boucher; Aurobindo's Devotees; British Collector of Customs; Ganga Din; Housing Agent; Sepoys; Junior Officers; Khitmatgars; Orphanage Manager; Orphans; Second Officer David Craddock
Date: 22nd September, 1913 - 22nd September, 1914
Locations: Russell Square; Watson's Flat; Whitehall; The Foreign Office; India; A Ship; Bombay; Taj Mahal Hotel; Victoria Terminus; A Train; Delhi; The Officer's Gymkhana; The Viceregal Lodge; Bahawalpur; Nawab's Palace; Jhansi; Railway Station; The Old Fort; Ghanshyam Das Gokul Das Reading Rooms; Madras; Connemara Hotel; Pondicherry; Boucher's House; Aurobindo Ashram; Madras Docks; Customs House; Blavatsky's House; Simla; Rose Villa; Prospect Hill; United Services Club; Mahim Bay; Scottish Orphanage; St Michael's Church; Hyderabad
Story: Holmes is summoned to London from Sussex by the Foreign Secretary, who sends him and Watson to India. In Delhi they meet with the Viceroy, Hardinge, who sets them the task of helping maintain stability in the country in the face of approaching hostilities. Holmes sounds out the Nationalist leaders in Delhi, while Watson tours the city. They receive a countrywide briefing on Nationalist leaders from Sir William Hailey. They tour the country, meeting many of these leaders, and preventing a slaughter at Annie Besant's Baisaki meeting of Unity.
"Kim and Kim Again" (2010)
Included in:
Holmes of the Raj (Vithal Rajan)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Fictional Characters: Kimball 'Kim' / Kimberly O'Hara; Rhett Butler
Historical Figures: Rudyard Kipling; Captain Francis Younghusband; Mary Budden; Lady Colvin; Motilal Nehru; Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya; Lala Lajpat Rai; Jawaharlal Nehru; (Reverend John Henry Budden; Sir Auckland Colvin)
Other Characters: Colonel Montgomerie; Lieutenants; Servants; Clark Gable; Bearers; Sepoys; Kasturi; Colonel Makepeace Guthrie; Nehru's Servants; Brahmin Servant; Gurkha Officers; Shoesmith; Superintendent of Police; Mechanic
Date: 1889
Locations: India; Naini Tal; Fairlight Hall; Grasmere Cottage; Almora; Government House; Haddon Hall; Rifle Range; St John's Church; Bareilly; Railway Station
Story: Holmes and Watson visit Montgomerie's estate in Naini Tal, and call in on Younghusband, who tells them of his journeys with Kim, and introduces them to the boy. Taking Kim home, they receive a strangely abrupt welcome from his guardian, Mary Budden. They encounter the sinister Gable, and Holmes makes it his business to find out why he is in Naini Tal. At dinner at Nehru's, their fellow guests are Rai and Malaviya, and they discuss the British rule over India. Watson begins taking an interest in the suspicious goings-on surrounding Nehru's niece, Kasturi, and in Gable's attempts to make Kim accompany him to America. Holmes brings an end to the activities of a gunrunner, and the true identities of Kim and Gable are revealed.

"The Naga Baiga of Moogli Hills" (2010)
Included in:
Holmes of the Raj (Vithal Rajan)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Fictional Characters: (Mowgli)
Historical Figures: Rudyard Kipling; Baron Reay; Sir Alexander Mackenzie; Mrs Chitnavis; Raja Golkudas; Mr A.P. Percival; Sir Andrew Fraser
Other Characters: Stationmaster; Chaprasi; Robert; Villagers; Ameerchand's Guards; Alan Bloomfield; Malees; Colonel Montgomerie; Shop Owners; Golkudas' Servants; Golkudas' Assistants; Dr France; France's Compounder; Cholera Victims; Deputy Commissioner Comrie; School Fathers; Deputy Superintendent Pierce; Staff; Orderlies; British Soldiers; Shikaris; Saman; Servants; Gond; Percival's Servants; Baiga Villagers; Baiga Priest; Gond Villagers; Rajah of Chuikadan; Mahouts; Krishna; Major Reston; (Grain Merchants; Mithai-Wallahs; Bloomfield's Daughter)
Locations: India; Hyderabad; Bombay; Nagpur; Government House; Seoni; Jackson's Hotel; Sadr Bazaar; Golkudas' House; Narayanganj; Mandla Fort; School; Officer's Club; Baiga Village
Story: Holmes
and Watson travel to Nagpur with Kipling, who has brought news of a possble insurrection. There, the Chief Commissioner, Mackenzie, confirms the rumours and asks them to investigate. Travelling on to Seoni, they find it a ghost town in the grip of famine. Arriving at the home of Commissioner Bloomfield, they discover him searching the garden for snakes. Bloomfield reaches an agreement with businessman Golkudas to help alleviate the effects of the famine, and sets out to deal with a cholera epidemic that has resulted from it. Other officials in the district appear dubious that anyone could unite the various tribes of the area to instigate the rumoured insurrection. On a journey through the jungle, they hear stories that Naga Baiga, the founder of the human race, has returned to lead his people. A meeting with the local people ends in tragedy for Bloomfield and inspiration for Kipling.

The Year of High Treason (2011)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Martha
Fictional Characters: Arsène Lupin; Rupert of Hentzau; 'Bunny' Manders; A.J. Raffles; Fritz von Tarlenheim; Rudolf Rassendyll; Dr Petrie; Tarzan; Michael Strogoff; Kâramanèh; Fu Manchu; Sir Denis Nayland Smith; (Inspector Mackenzie
Historical Figures: G.H. Hardy; Maurice Leblanc; Célestin Hennion; Auguste Escoffier; Jean Arsène Claretie; C.B. Fry; K.S. Ranjitsinhji; Hans Badrutt; Emma Jung; Carl Jung; Arthur Conan Doyle; Manfred von Richthofen; Lothar von Richthofen; George Jamieson; H.H. Munro; Winston Churchill; George V; Queen Mary; Lord Kitchener; Abbas II; Prince Mehemet Ali; Zia-ed-Din; Mohamed Mahmud Bey; Sir Edward Henry; Frank Lucas; Sir Hormusjee Cowasjee Dinshaw; Tsar Nicholas II; Sergei Sazonov; Lord Hardinge; Sir George Sydenham Clarke; Madeleine Slade (Mirabehn); B.G. Horniman; Nellie Bly; Gauhar Jaan; Mao Ze-Dong; Begum of Bhopal; Maharajah of Jaipur; Maharajah of Bharatpur; King of Bhutan; Marquess of Crewe; Sir John Hewett; Duke of Teck; Admiral Edmond Slade; Charles Urban; Edward Lee French; Sir Havelock Charles; (Guillaume Apollinaire; Stéphen Pichon; Sir Edward Grey; Georges Clemenceau; Sun Yat-Sen; Vladimir Kokovtsov; Sir Ratan Tata; The Black Hand; Emanuel Swedenborg)
Other Characters: Narrator; Narrator's Uncle; Milkman; Maid; Uncle's Friends; Officers; Uncle's Children; Asvin; Puja; Developer; Narrator's Neighbour's Daughters; Narrator's Maid-Servant's Son; Narrator's Landlady's Great-Aunt; Officials; Workmen; Foreman; Moti Singh; Sarasu; Hawkers; Municipal Chairman; Meeting Attendees; Narrator's Colleague's Widow; Railway Crowds; Chai Wallah; Gaspar; Paris Flower Girl; Henri; Leblanc's Friends; Café de la Paix Clients; Waiters; Maitre d'; Louvre Director of General Security; Louvre Staff; Louvre Curator; Chauffeur; Badrutt's Chefs; Mr Carpenter; Mrs Carpenter; M Lasalle; Mme Lasalle; Badrutt's Waiters; Hotel Servants; Hotel Guests; Mr Jamieson; Legation Servants; Mr Yang; Cabby; Drunken Lout; Beat Policeman; Chinese Workmen; Ming Tavern Clientele; Ming Tavern Waiters; Chinese Molly; May-ling; Chinese Girls; Bouncers; Wei; Chinese Students; Chu; Mr Li; Mr Chan; Ming Rooms Caretaker; Police Constables; Hongmen Warrior; Police Superintendent; Ecclestyon Square Constables; Jane Everest; Karzan; Ambulance Driver; Triad Member; Medina Chief Purser; Porters; Junior Purser; Jill Smith; Mohamed's Sons; Pankah-wallah; Hilmy; Egyptian Camel Corps; Yemenis; English Major; Sikh Cavalry; Naval Officer; Olga; Strogoff's Daughter-in-Law; Hussar Officer; Russian Sailors; Ship Passengers; Ship Official; Fat Lady & Family; Mosque Worshippers; Youssuf; Sumela Priest; Abbot; Monks; Armenian Cavalrymen; Police; Armenian Villagers; Ahlat Monks; Fishmonger; Nizamettin; Miryem; Hesen; Mahmud; Turkish Police; Eyshe; Abdullah ibn Dawood; Tigris Boatman; Tikrit Police; Inspector; Turkish Officer; Unfortunate Man; Train Guard; al-Hassan; al-Hassan's Men; Fisherman; Young Marsh Arab; Qalit; Qalit's Family; Anwar; Lieutenant Charles Gervais; Basra Hawkers; Armenian Coffee Drinkers; Snake Charmer; Indian Servants; Consul-General Crowe; Captain Everhard; HMS Incorruptible Officers; Reverend Christian Swedenborg; Bombay Inspector General of Police; Colonel of the Governor's Bodyguard; English Captain; Government House Servants; Soldier; Young Lieutenant; Equerry; Waziris; Durbar Crowds; Delhi Waiter; Rolls-Royce Driver; Hu Fuk Yu's Waiter; Mr Hu; Hu's Clientele; Rajah of Pipparia; Rajah's Equerry; Sultan of Penang; Cooks; Ragamuffin; Jaan's Servants; Elderly Begum; Musicians; Jaan's Guests; Fauzia Begum; Jeet; Sultan of Penang's Servants; Veterinarian's Wife; Fu Manchu's Driver; Fu Manchu's Servants; Carruthers; Indian Village Women; Punjaub Police Officer; Lancers; Lutheran Missionary; Rupert's Slav Accomplice; Camp Scavengers; (Rupert's Servants; B.F. Raffles; Jewish Tailor)
August, 1911 - December, 1912
Locations: India; Hyderabad; Narrator's House; Uncle's House; American Studies Centre; Railway Station; Bombay; France; Paris; Leblanc's Apartment; Pont des Arts; Quai Voltaire; Café; Place de l'Opera; Café de la Paix; The Louvre; Place Vendome; The Ritz; Théâtre-Français; The Albany; Raffles' Flat; Manders' Flat; Switzerland; St Moritz; Badrutt's Palace Hotel; Petrie's Queen Anne Street Clinic; Portland
Place; Chinese Legation; Poplar; Poplar High Street; King Street; Pennyfields; Silver Lion Court; Ming Tavern; The Ming Rooms; Glasshouse Street; The Cathay; Brewer Road; John Street; James Street; Golden Square; Police Station; Savoy Grill; Russell Square; Watson's Chambers; Victoria Station; Eccleston Square; St Thomas's Hospital; Portsmouth; Aboard the Medina; Port Said; Native Quarter; Auberge de la Poste; Suez Canal; Aden; Hotel l'Europe; Cowasjee Dinshaw & Bros; Odessa; Odessa Stairs; Livadia Palace; Sazonov's Dacha; Eating House; Trabizon; Hotel; Mosque; Monastery of the Virgin Mary at Sumela; Armenian Village; Monastery of Ahlat; Van; Mosul; A Boat on the Tigris; Tikrit; Tikrit Railway Station; Baghdad; Basra; British Consulate; Bombay Taj Mahal Hotel; Cruikshank Road; Sandhurst Road, Queen's Road; Bombay Chronicle Offices; Cathedral; Government House; Point Bungalow; A Train; Delhi; Chandni Chouk; Hu Fuk Yu's Restaurant; Tughlakabad; Sultan of Penang's Mansion; Sussex; Holmes's Cottage
Story: The Present: A tin box found in the demolition rubble of the narrator's late uncle's house contains papers given to his uncle by the mathematician G.H. Hardy.

1911: Leblanc reads of a series of thefts of great works of art carried out at galleries all over Paris on a single night. He later learns from Hennion that all the paintings stolen were fake Corots. Hennion says that this time the police do not believe that Lupin was responsible, but that it was all planned by a master criminal. He believes the paintings will have been shipped to America. Some days later, Leblanc awakes to the news that the Mona Lisa has been stolen. Lupin uses Fibonacci numbers to disprove the police theory, and takes on a disguise to help track down the missing painting. He reveals that there is a larger plan afoot, masterminded by a German, and is sent to Delhi to prevent an outrage there.

Raffles and Bunny are in Switzerland, Raffles having decided to take up skiing. They meet the Jungs, and when Raffles goes down with a fever, Conan Doyle is called upon to administer to him. Tarlenheim arrives at their hotel, and Raffles prevents a burglary and receives a challenge to meet Hentzau in Delhi.

Petrie has taken over Watson's Queen Anne Street practice. Nayland Smith has been away in the East for many months. Jamieson, president of the China Association, asks Petrie to accompany him to the Chinese Legation where they are told of troubles fomenting in China and asked to make contact with Sun Yat-Sen. They attend a Chinese students' political rally, and after a shaolin assassination, Petrie receives a summons to Delhi from Nayland Smith.

Holmes visits Watson in London. They dine with Churchill, who asks them to travel to India to protect George V during the coronation durbar. Greystoke arrives with news from Africa and is assigned, with his ape companion Karzan, to accompany them to India. Holmes detects the hand of Fu Manchu at play. On board the Medina, Watson falls in with suffragist reporter Jane Everest.

The Tsar despatches Strogoff with a letter to George V. He travels in disguise, accompanied by a group of Armenians, and later in a Kurdish caravan. He finishes his journey to Aden aboard the British warship Incorruptible.

In Bombay, Holmes and Watson set about protecting the King from potential nationalist assassins. Watson teams up with Nellie Bly, while Holmes heads to Delhi to make advance plans. When the royal party comes under attack by Waziris, Tarzan leads the charge.

In Delhi, Holmes and Watson confront Fu Manchu and Rupert of Hentzau. The royal crown is stolen, and one of their companions is revealed as an impostor.

Marta Randall

"The English Señor" (2010)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The American Years (Michael Kurland)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Doña Ana Magdalena Coraje Montalvo de Conejo
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Mycroft Holmes
Other Characters: Doña Ana Magdalena Coraje Montalvo de Conejo; Eduardo; Heriberto; Maria; Lieutenant; Carters; Monks; Father Bernardo del Caldo; Steward; Old Monk in Infirmary; Fra Hortensio; Fra Pedro; General Tomás Pulgón de Coliflór; Don Alejandro Hormigas del Santo; (Teobaldo)
Locations: Mexico; A Pueblito; A Monastery; Puebla
Story: Holmes and Mycroft are in Mexico when all of the English are ordered out of the country. Mycroft asks Teobaldo to get Sherlock, who is ill, out of Mexico City, and Teobaldo defers the task to his mother-in-law, Doña Ana
, who takes him in her carriage, missing a Beethoven concert in order to do so. When they approach a roadblock, Doña Ana instructs Holmes to pose as her niece, Candelaria, and that he will be mute and suffering from the plague. They stop to rest at a monastery, but Pulgón, the General responsible for the expulsion of the English, arrives while they are there. Doña Ana gives Holmes further advice, and Holmes frees them from imprisonment and learns a lesson in humility.

Roman A. Ranieri

"A Singular Event on a Night in 1912" (1995)
Included in:
Celebrity Vampires (Martin H. Greenberg)
Story Type:
Supernatural Thriller
Fictional Characters: Dracula
Historical Figures: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Bram Stoker; Vlad Tepes
Other Characters: Doyle's Housekeeper; Doyle's Servants
Date: April 20th, 1912
Locations: Undershaw
Story: Doyle is visited by Stoker, who wishes to discuss his experience of the supernatural, particularly vampires, which he has discovered to really exist. He reveals that he is not really Stoker, but Vlad Tepes, and offers Doyle immortality. Doyle has already prepared himself to make a decision.

Robert Rankin

East of Ealing (1984)
Story Type:
Science Fiction Homage
Canonical Characters:
Sherlock Holmes; (Lord Holdhurst; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; Vamberry)
Historical Figures: (Arthur Conan Doyle; Leonardo da Vinci)
Figures from Myth & Legend: Merlin; Cerberus

Other Characters: Norman Hartnell; Jim (James) Pooley; Neville; John Vincent Omally; Brentford Residents; Old Pete; Chips; Robot Norman; Young Man; Soap Distant; Vile Tony Watkins; Professor Slocombe; Paperboy; Bob the Bookie; Leo Felix; Croughton; Antoine; New Inn Barmaid; Sisters of Mercy; Mrs Naylor; Relief Postman; Cottage Hospital Staff; Young Barman; Brewery Henchmen; Police Snatch Squads; Post Office Operator; Nurse; Doctor; Cereans; Lateinos & Romiith Workers
(Reincarnation Lecturer; Tom Telford; Hairy Dave; Mr Doveston; Time Travellers; Bonnie Pit Lad Proprietor; Bank Manager; Jack Lane; Trevor Alvy)
Date: 1980s / 6th June, 1969
Locations: Brentford; Norman's Shop; The Flying Swan; High Street; Bomb-Site; St Mary's Allotments; Ealing Road; Albany Road; Abaddon Street; The Electric Alhambra; Butts Estate; Slocombe's House; Bob's Betting Shop; Chiswick; The Bonny Pit Lad; Chiswick High Road; Pooley's House; Mafeking Avenue; Quarry; Cottage Hospital; Sub-Post Office; Lateinos & Romiith Building; Sprite Street; Moby Dick Terrace; Memorial Park; Old Brentford Docks; Warehouse; Camelot; Meeks Boatyard
Corner shop proprietor Norman invents a perpetual motion machine to be used to power his artificial replica of himself. Omally discovers a buried antique bedstead on an abandoned bombsite, which he plans to sell to Old Pete. Jim Pooley is dabbling in the occult to improve his luck on the horses. Neville the part-time barman is concerned that he is growing too big for his trousers. When Pooley goes to dig up the bedstead for Omally he discovers a vast pit where it, and the bombsite, were, the land having been bought by Lateinos and Romiith Ltd. Soap Distant takes Pooley and Omally to an underground chamber where Sherlock Holmes is being kept in suspended animation.

Norman reads in the newspapers about Lateinos and Romiith's plans, supported by the government, to replace money with personalised barcodes on hands or foreheads. Slocombe reveals to Holmes that he has arranged for his reanimation to gain his help in preventing the coming Armageddon. Pooley is bar-coded after an enormous win on the horses, and finds his life under threat. Lateinos and Romiith buy up the brewery, and Brentford becomes sealed off from the outside world by a barrier of light.

Holmes does battle with Norman's robot, and Omally and Pooley face duplicates of themselves. Norman builds a time machine and travels to Camelot, while Holmes is pursued by a creature from an Hieronymus Bosch painting. Omally, Pooley, Norman's robot and the Professor venture into the heart of the Lateinos and Romiith headquarters.

Basil Rathbone

"Daydream" (1947)
Included in:
In and Out of Character (Basil Rathbone); The Game Is Afoot (Marvin Kaye); Sherlock Holmes By Gas-lamp (Philip A. Shreffler)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters:
Sherlock Holmes
Other Characters: Scotland Yard Inspector; Mrs. Messenger
Date: June, 1946
Locations: Sussex; Heathfield; Holmes's Bee Farm; Mrs. Messenger's Lodging House
Story: A Scotland Yard Inspector holidaying in Sussex encounters an old man on his bee farm. They discuss advances at Scotland Yard, and the old man reveals that he knew the Inspector's father. The Inspector decides not to share his belief that the man was Sherlock Holmes.

"An Encounter in Central Park" (1954)
Included in:
A Sherlock Holmes Compendium (Peter Haining)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Dr Watson; (Sherlock Holmes)
Historical Figures: Basil Rathbone
Other Characters: Children
Date: Mid-November, 1953
Locations: USA; New York; Central Park
Story: After the closing of his unsuccessful Broadway appearance as Holmes, Rathbone is walking in Central Park. He wakes from a doze on a park bench to find a man sitting next to him, who introduces himself as John Watson, and offers him consolation, having seen the play.

Julian Rathbone

"The Lion of Draksville" (2002)
Included in:
The Mammoth Book of Comic Crime (Maxim Jakubowski)
Story Type:
Basilia "Baz" Holmes (Holmes's Grand-Niece)
Julia Watson
Other Characters: 'Roc' Hudson; Sir Hugo Draksville; A Dean Street Deviant; A Bishop; A Buffet Car Attendant; Sam; Doug; Norris Claypole; Sophie the Lion; Tourists; Commentator; Sven; Zara; Philip Draks; Donna Cloye; Cleaners; Professor Coningsby-Doulton; A Boy; His Mother; Actors; Anna-Maria Moriarty
Locations: Holmes's Barbican Apartment; Paddington Station; A Train; Draksville Hall, Devonshire
Story: Sir Hugo Draks tells Julia Holmes and Baz Watson of several recent attempts on his life. Holmes sends Watson down to Sir Hugo's stately home in Devonshire, where amidst the usual tourist trappings, a lion taming show is performed, and a documentary is being filmed. After his personal assistant has been poisoned, and Watson has been caught peeing in the maze, Sir Hugo suffers an accident, seemingly at the hands of his cousin, Philip, and the lion claims a victim of its own due to Watson's blundering. Fortunately Holmes is on the scene in disguise and is able to resolve things once she has discovered the terms under which the Hall is passed from generation to generation, and reveal the presence of her arch-enemy, Anna-Maria Moriarty.

Katie Raynes

"The Kidnapping of Alice Braddon" (2011)
Included In:
A Study in Lavender (Joseph R.G. DeMarco)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Inspector Lestrade; (Mrs Hudson; Mary Morstan; Dr Verner)
Historical Figures: (Bill (Mary) Chapman)

Other Characters: Clapham Constable; Mrs Braddon; George Braddon; Cook; Maid; Groom; Alice Braddon; Mr Hardy; Miss Henderson; (Commissionaire; Robert 'Bob' Chapman; Stable Master; Blake Woodard; Mr Chapman; Mrs Chapman; Market Trader; Headmaster; Miss Henderson's Uncle)
Date: Shortly after Watson moved back to Baker Street
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Marylebone Station; Train; Clapham; Braddon's House; Chelmsford; Inn; School
Watson arrives home to find that Holmes has set his chair on fire. He brings with him a telegram from Lestrade, whom they accompany Clapham, where seventeen-year-old Alice Braddon has been kidnapped from her parents' home. A twenty thousand pound ransom has been demanded. Pomegranate stains and a book of poetry provide the first clues, and a reference to Bill Chapman in the ransom note leads them to an inn in Chelmsford and thence to Alice's teacher Miss Henderson, with whom the case reaches its conclusion.


"Holmes Receives a Visitor" (1923)
Included in:
As It Might Have Been (Robert C.S. Adey)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Doctor Watson; (Inspector Lestrade; Mrs Hudson; Mycroft Holmes; Sebastian Moran)
Other Characters: Goliath Everitt
Date: November 1889
Locations: 221B, Baker Street
Story: Inactivity is making Holmes irritable, but he is expecting a client sent by Mycroft. Watson lets in the visitor, and offers him tea, but is soon astonished to find two Holmeses in the room with him.

Anthony Read

The Case of the Disappearing Detective (2005)
Story Type:
Children's Story / Extra-Canonical Adventure of the Baker Street Irregulars
Canonical Characters:
Wiggins; Sherlock Holmes; Baker Street Irregulars; Dr Watson; Professor Moriarty; Billy; Inspector Lestrade; (Mrs Hudson)
Historical Figures: Little Tich; (Queen Victoria)
Other Characters: Chestnut Seller; Thaddeus T. Judd; Beaver; Rosie; Old Man; Greengrocer; Queenie; Shiner; Sparrow; Paddington Crowds; Porters; Guard; Elderly Man; Lamplighter; Baker Street Crowds; Baked-Potato Seller; Nesboys; Flower Seller; Basher Brannigan; Bert; Acrobats; Nellie; Cockney Comic; Imperial Audience; Mr Trump; The Great Gandini; Gandini's Assistant; Fenians; Shopkeepers; Sweeper; Cab Driver; Ticket Clerk; Biggs; Charlie; Slough Stationmaster; Sergeant; Constable; Car Drivers; Eton Boys; Windsor Crowds; Guardsmen
Date: 1897
Locations: Alleyway; Irregulars' Headquarters; 221B, Baker Street; Baker Street; Paddington Station; Baker Street Station; Imperial Music Hall; Moriarty's Warehouse; A Train; Slough; Eton; Windsor
Story: Wiggins and Beaver follow a man, whom they have been set to watch by Holmes, and who disappears in an alleyway. When they find the man again, they realise he is an American. Wiggins sees Moriarty watching 221B, and the following day Homes disappears from the same alleyway as the man. The Irregulars start a search for him. Sparrow believes that a magician's act might provide a clue to the disappearances, and finds himself trapped in a box. The Irregulars find Holmes's disguise, along with evidence of chloroform and dynamite, and realise that they are not only trying to rescue Holmes, but also trying to avert a plot against the Queen, a task in which they are helped by a Pinkerton's agent.

The Case of the Captive Clairvoyant (2006)
Story Type:
Children's Story / Extra-Canonical Adventure of the Baker Street Irregulars
Canonical Characters:
Baker Street Irregulars; Wiggins; Billy; Professor Moriarty; Inspector Lestrade; Sherlock Holmes; (Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; The Hound of the Baskervilles)
Other Characters: Sparrow; Bert; Aloysius Trump; Imperial Artistes; Imperial Orchestra; Imperial Audience; Madame Violetta; Stanley the Strong Man; Signor Macarelli; Signora Macarelli; Cheerful Charlie Chestnut; Marvin the Mystic; Mary Elliot; Imperial Barmaid; Audience Lady; Ginger-Haired Man; Queenie; Beaver; Shiner; Gertie; Rosie; Moriarty's Driver; Old Ant; Singer; Police Constable; American Woman; Jack Elliot; Plain Clothes Men; American Man; Alley Policeman; Cab Driver; Lestrade's Constables; Sir Charles Fleming; Lady Fleming; (Mary's Mother; Elliot's Partner; Rival Prospector; Elliot's Yukon Friends; Countess of Loamshire; Countess's Grand-Daughter; Grand-Daughter's Parents)
Date: 1897
Locations: Imperial Music Hall; Irregulars' Headquarters; 221B, Baker Street; Scotland Yard; Americans' House; Grand Metropolitan Hotel
Story: Back at work at the Imperial Music Hall, Sparrow, hears magician's assistant Mary crying, and later sees Marvin the Mystic pushing her into a carriage with an 'M' on the door. Wiggins believes it to have been Moriarty's carriage, but when he tries to tell Holmes, he discovers that he is away on Dartmoor on a case involving a large hound. The Irregulars try to rescue Mary from Marvin, but she is strangely reluctant to leave him, and the next day accuses Sparrow of not coming for her.

The following night, they perform a successful rescue, and she tells them about her real father, who had been killed in the Yukon, her mother who had died the previous year, and of Marvin's hypnotic powers. Moriarty and Marvin have been making Mary give séances for wealthy clients. Rosie is sent to take Mary's place in Marvin's act. Wiggins and Beaver are followed by a bearded stranger, Marvin is murdered and Rosie disappears.

A piece of paper by the body suggests that revenge and secret societies may play a part in the mystery. The mystery man appears at the Irregulars' HQ, and reveals his true identity. Putting Mary into a trance and examining her locket put Wiggins on the path to a solution that ends with him on stage, visitors from Mary's past, and the return of Rosie and of Holmes and Watson.

NOTE: A version of the same story, based on Read's screenplay for the BBC TV series The Baker Street Boys, was also novelised by Brian Ball.

The Case of the Ranjipur Ruby (2006)
Story Type:
Children's Story / Extra-Canonical Adventure of the Baker Street Irregulars
Canonical Characters:
Baker Street Irregulars; Wiggins; Billy; Dr Watson; Inspector Lestrade; Sherlock Holmes; Lord Holdhurst; (Professor Moriarty; Mrs Hudson)
Historical Figures: (Queen Victoria; 5th Duke of Portland)
Other Characters: Beaver; Queenie; Sergeant 'Sarge' Scroggs; Madame Dupont / Mrs Bridges; Ravindranatharam (Ravi); Thugs; Sparrow; Rosie; Shiner; Gertie; Muffin Man; Maids; Cooks; Scullery Maids; Knife-Grinder; Annie; Captain Nicholson; Ram Das; Mr Hobson; Lily; Uncle Sanjay; Bazaar Visitors; Coachman; Italian Organ-grinder; Policeman; Coalman; Grocer's Delivery Man; Postman; Telegraph Boy; William; (Raja of Ranjipur; Young Man; Old Ant; Mrs Lestrade; Crossing-Sweepers; Window Cleaners; Messenger Boys; Costermongers; Mr Trump)
Date: 1897
Locations: Baker Street Bazaar; Clarke's Court; Irregulars' Headquarters; Baker Street; Lord Holdhurst's House; 221B, Baker Street; Scotland Yard
Story: Wiggins, Queenie and Beaver are given jobs distributing leaflets for Madame Dupont's Baker Street Bazaar waxworks exhibit, which includes a tableau of the Raja of Ranjipur presenting the Queen with the Ranjipur Ruby, a jewel that curses its male owners, an event due to take place the following week. They rescue Ravi, the Raja's son, from two Thugs who are chasing him. Taking Ravi back to Lord Holdhurst's house, they learn from the Raja's dewan that the jewel was stolen from an idol of Kali, and the Thugs are seeking revenge.

Ravi's Uncle Sanjay arrives with news that the Raja has been drowned while fishing on a Scottish loch. They see Moriarty's carriage outside the Bazaar, but when they call at 221B, they find that Holmes has been called to Scotland to investigate the Raja's death. Watson takes them to Lestrade, but he is dismissive of their story of Thugs and Moriarty. Ravi arrives at the Irregulars' headquarters with news that the dewan has been murdered. Wiggins deduces that it was an inside job and sets up watch on Holdhurst's house. When two members of the household appear to be implicated, Wiggins remembers the tunnels leading from the Bazaar to Holdhurst's house, built by Holdhurst's father, the eccentric Duke of Portland.

The Case of the Limehouse Laundry (2007)
Story Type:
Children's Story / Extra-Canonical Adventure of the Baker Street Irregulars
Canonical Characters:
Professor Moriarty; Baker Street Irregulars; Wiggins; Billy; Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Inspector Lestrade; (Mrs Hudson)
Fictional Characters: Eliza Doolittle; (Alfred Doolittle; Henry Higgins)
Other Characters: Lily Pool; Man in Carriage; Van Driver; Driver's Mate; Rosie; Queenie; Lamplighter; Postman; PC Higgins; Market Porters; Charlie; Flower Sellers; Beaver; Sparrow; Shiner; Gertie; Mrs
Pool; Lily's Brothers & Sisters; Bert; Sarge; Old Ant; Chinese Acrobats; Li; Mr Trump; Market Shoppers; Chinese Laundrymen; Costermongers; Alfie; Bow Street Sergeant; Little Lottie Lupin; Elderly Gentlemen; Park Gardeners; Nursemaids & Babies; Park Policeman; Zoo Gatekeeper; Enoch; Nelly; Boatman; Policeman; Dockers; Dock Guard; Limehouse Crowds; Dragon Dancers; Laundry Workers; Opium Smokers; Old Chinese Woman; Red Fist Triad Members; Cabbie; Seamen; Flower Girls; Inspector Hunter; Hunter's Sergeant; Poppy; Violet; Marigold; Daisy; Lestrade's Men; (Lock Keeper)
Date: Around Chinese New Year
Locations: Irregulars' Headquarters; Baker Street; Covent Garden; Lily's House; Imperial Music Hall: Clarke's Court; Bow Street Police Station; 221B, Baker Street; Regent's Park; London Zoo; Regent's Canal; Aboard the Betsy; Limehouse; The Limehouse Laundry; Limehouse Basin; Limehouse Docks; Opium Den; A Ship on the Thames; A Police Launch
Story: A flower girl is abducted by two men in a delivery van. On her way to Covent Garden, Rosie is worried when her friend Lily doesn't meet her as usual. Eliza tells her that two or three other flower girls have disappeared. Sparrow meets some Chinese acrobats and finds a discarded flower tray. He returns home to find that Rosie has disappeared. On advice from the police, and after spotting Moriarty's carriage, Wiggins tries to consult Holmes, only to find he is away. Mrs Hudson is blaming Billy for the loss of a jade dragon.

One of the Chinese acrobats tells Sparrow that to find Rosie he needs to "go chasing dragon". They decide to try the zoo, but end up chasing a Chinese laundry van. They are separated when Queenie is attacked by a dog, and again when Shiner gets trapped in the back of the van. Wiggins, Gertie and Sparrow shelter on a barge when they are chased by the Chinese laundrymen. In Limehouse, they find themselves in the midst of Chinese New Year celebrations and find shelter in a dragon dance. Wiggins is warned that he is up against the Red Fist Triad, and Queenie and Beaver finally find Holmes and Watson. The case reaches its conclusion in a boat chase along the Thames.

The Case of the Stolen Sparklers (2008)
Story Type:
Children's Story / Extra-Canonical Adventure of the Baker Street Irregulars
Canonical Characters:
Wiggins; Baker Street Irregulars; Inspector Lestrade; Sherlock Holmes; (Dr Watson; Professor Moriarty)
Other Characters: Polly; Violet; Mr Harper; Mrs Ford; Lady Mountjoy / Belle Fontaine; Gerald Huggett; Gertie; Charlie; Police Sergeant Brown; Constable; Queenie; Shiner; Sparrow; Beaver; Rosie; Detectives; Bert; Mr Trump; Pawnbroker; Clothes Shopkeeper; Telegraph Boy; Cabbie; Hasidic
Jews; Moriarty's Coachman; Jeweller; Lestrade's Constables; (Maurice; Polly's Family; Milkman; Draper; Baker; Lord Henry Mountjoy; Bernie Blackstone)
Locations: Mountjoy House; Irregulars' Headquarters; Pawnbroker's; Baker Street; Parker & Munro, Insurance Office; Market; Second-Hand Clothes Shop; Sweet Shop; Oxford Street; Insurance Company Headquarters: Hatton Garden; Bleeding Heart Yard
Story: Lady Mountjoy's jewels are stolen and Polly, a servant girl who has been seen looking at them, is accused of the theft. When they see her being chased by the police, Wiggins and Gertie rescue her and take her to the Irregulars' headquarters. With a reference from Watson, Queenie gets a job as Polly's replacement.

Lestrade is put on the case. Sparrow learns about Lady Mountjoy's past. Queenie overhears her arguing with her brother, Gerald, about his debts, and sees him dallying with Violet the maid. Wiggins disguises himself as a sweep, and a black handprint on the curtains and a white handprint on the wall provide him with clues. The Irregulars follow various members of the household to a postbox, a pawnbrokers, an insurance brokers, and a dress shop. Queenie finds a telegram that suggests Moriarty may be involved. They trail their suspect to the Hatton Garden area, where a disguised Holmes comes to their assistance, but the tiara they recover is not what it appears to be, and the true culprit still has to be located.

The Case of the Haunted Horrors (2009)
Story Type:
Children's Story / Extra-Canonical Adventure of the Baker Street Irregulars
Canonical Characters:
Wiggins; Baker Street Irregulars; Billy; Dr Watson; Professor Moriarty; Sherlock Holmes; Inspector Lestrade; (Lord Holdhurst; Mrs Hudson; Mycroft Holmes)
Other Characters: Sergeant '
Sarge' Scroggs; Shiner; Queenie; Beaver; Gertie; Sparrow; Bazaar Shopkeepers; Coachmen; Madame Dupont; PC Higgins; German Band; Selwyn Murray; Fredericks; Sir Charles White; Harold Redman; Luba's Customers; Luba; Ivan Ivanovich; Cavalry Troop; Sir Charles's Cabbie; Horse Guards; Admiralty Marine; Life Guard; London Visitors; Hyde Park Strollers; Ivan's Woman; Park Policeman; Moriarty's Coachman; Hall Porter; Post Office Customers; Post Office Clerks; Schoolchildren; Teacher; Reading Room Guard; Reading Room Readers; Four-Wheeler Driver; Hampstead Crowds; Spaniards Customers; Orlov; Ivan's Friends; Gertie's Father; Ghost Show Owner; (Alwyn Murray; Evie Murray; Sarah Murray; Mrs Pettigrew)
Date: Barely ten years after the Ripper murders
Locations: Baker Street; Baker Street Bazaar; Madame Dupont's Waxworks; Irregulars' Headquarters; 221B, Baker Street; Mayfair; White's House; Redman's House; Oxford Street; Soho Square; Soho; Luba's Russian Tea Room; The Mall; Horse Guards Parade; Trafalgar Square; Whitehall; The Admiralty; Park Lane; Hyde Park; The Serpentine; Shaftesbury Avenue; Post Office; British Museum; The Reading Room; Ivan's House; Hampstead Heath; The Spaniards Inn
Story: On his rounds at the Baker Street Bazaar, Sarge sees a light shining in Madame Dupont's Waxworks. Entering the Dungeon of Horrors he sees a figure, the double of the murderer portrayed in wax, eerily lit up beside one of the tableaux. The next morning he is found in a drunken stupor, and when he awakens he tells the Irregulars about the ghost he has seen. To save him from losing his job, the Irregulars call on Watson.

When Watson is unable to help his old friend, Wiggins and Beaver decide to spend a night in the waxworks to confirm Sarge's story. They discover that the "ghost" is the murderer's mirror twin, Selwyn Murray, who does not believe that his brother Alwyn killed his wife and child and shot himself. He also believes that he was the intended victim, and reveals that he is a British agent, just returned to England after escaping from a Siberian prison camp, and that there is a traitor in the Admiralty who betrayed him to the Russians. They hide Murray in an empty shop, and set up watch on his two suspects.

They follow one, Redman, to a Russian tea room, and on to the Admiralty where he meets the other, White. They also witness White's manservant acting suspiciously in Hyde Park, and they intercept a secret message and begin to suspect Moriarty to be involved. Shiner is captured by a Russian. Gertie and Queenie follow a suspect to the British Museum. Murray's diary leads the Irregulars to Hampstead Heath, where, aided by a group of Revolutionaries and a disguised Holmes, they bring the case to a close in the fairgrounds, and Gertie has a surprise reunion.

The Case of the Racehorse Ringer (2012)
Story Type:
Children's Story / Extra-Canonical Adventure of the Baker Street Irregulars
Canonical Characters:
Baker Street Irregulars; Wiggins; Billy; Dr Watson; Inspector Lestrade; Professor Moriarty; Sherlock Holmes; (Mrs Hudson)
Historical Figures: Edward VII
Other Characters:
Gertie O'Grady; Harry Hogg; Mrs Hackett; Ethel; Sarah; Rosie; Mr Gorman; Queenie; Beaver; Shiner; Sparrow; Baker Street Kitchen Maid; Major Lee; Sotland Yard Sergeant; Mrs Gorman; Maisie Lee; Fred; Cookie; Alfie; Ginger; Charlie; Jim; Moriarty's Coachman; Satan; Patch; Silver Star; Black Velvet; Slippery Sam Sneyd; Tradesmen; Postman; Traveller; Knife-Grinder; Highgate Policeman; Cab Driver; Scotland Yard Door Guard; Alexandra Palace Gatekeeper; Race Crowds; Indian Tipster; Trainers; Stable Lads; Willie Carforth; Starter; Patrick O'Grady; (Tommie; Tommie's Mother; Aloysius Trump)
Locations: Orphanage; Baker Street; Irregulars' Headquarters; 221B, Baker Street; Scotland Yard; Mr Gorman's Dairy; Major Lee's Stables; Woods; Gertie's Caravan; Highgate Hill; Park; Alexandra Palace
Story: Gertie is taken to an orphanage because her father is in prison for the murder of Tommie, astable- lad at Major Lee's racing stables, where he has been secretly timing the horses for Slippery Sam. When she escapes and returns to the Irregulars, Wiggins resolves to prove Gertie's father's innocence. With Holmes away in Germany, they take their story to Watson, who takes them to Lestrade.

Sparrow gets a job as a stable-lad at Lee's stables, while Gertie and Wiggins keep watch from the nearby woodlands. Moriarty shows an interest in the stables, too. The Irregulars kidnap a racehorse and attend the Prince's Cup horse-race at Alexandra Palace.

NOTE: It's too much of a coincidence not to assume that Silver Star's jockey Willie Carforth is not named as a nod to British jockey Willie Carson.

Opie Read

"The Missing Letter" (1900)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches I: 1900-1904 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Sherlockian Detectives: Hemlock Jones
Other Characters: Narrator; Middle-Aged Banker; (Banker's Wife; Young Man; Detectives; Wife's Mother)
Locations: Jones's Rooms
Story: A middle-aged banker asks Jones to find a letter received by his much-younger wife from her former lover.

Christopher Redmond

"The Adventure of St Nicholas the Elephant" (2000)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part II: 1890-1895 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; Baker Street Pageboy; Stanley Hopkins
Other Characters: Thomas Sexton; Rev. John Brickward; Jennie Brickward; (Ellie; Ambrose Wallace; Mrs Wallace; Police Constable; Moss Road Crowd; Messenger; Mrs Sexton; Old Carstairs; Carstairs's Son; Member of Parliament; Daughter of a Professor of Poetry; Mary Ann)
Date: A Saturday near the end of March, 1895
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Westminster Bridge; Lambeth; Moss Road; Rectory; Chiurch of St Nicholas the Elephant
The sexton of the church of St Nicholas the Elephant in Lambeth consults Holmes when a dead woman and a burned Bible page are found on the steps of the church.

Michael Reaves

"The Adventure of the Arab's Manuscript" (2003)
Included in:
Shadows Over Baker Street (Michael Reaves & John Pelan)
Story Type:
Supernatural Pastiche
Canonical Characters:
Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson
Fictional Characters: The Great Old Ones
Other Characters: Miriam Shah; Cabbie; Bradley; Professor George Coombs
Date: October, 1898
Locations: A Hansom Cab; 221B, Baker Street; A Train; Guilford Station; Molesy; Coombs' House
Story: Miriam, a woman from Watson's past in Afghanistan, arrives in Baker Street. A second manuscript copy, by Alhazred, of the Necronomicon has been found near her village. It was later acquired by a foreigner whom she has traced to England. She asks Holmes to find the book before it can be used for foul purposes. Holmes recognises the man from her description and they journey to his house, where Watson is forced to make a great sacrifice to prevent the return of the Great Old Ones.

Gary Reed & Wayne Reid

"The Amazing Mr Holmes" (2000?)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The Cases of the Twisted Minds (Steven Philip Jones, Aldin Baroza & Seppo Makinen)
Story Type:
Graphic Novel
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Inspector Lestrade
Historical Figures: Lewis Carroll
Other Characters: Towneshead's Butler; Sir Robert Towneshead
Date: Autumn
Locations: Towneshead's Estate
Lestrade takes Holmes and Watson to the Towneshead estate, where Holmes is challenged to find his way through the famous maze.

NOTE: The pages in this book are not numbered. For indexing purposes I have taken the page, which begins "It was a cool autumn day...", as page one.

Rod Reed

"Give Me Lib, or Give Me Death" (1973)
Included in:
Ellery Queen's Masks of Mystery (Ellery Queen)
Story Type:
Sherlockian Detective: Goldilock Holmes
Characters Based on Fictional Characters:
Boston Blondie (Boston Blackie); Nora Woof (Nero Wolfe); Simone Tempter / The Scent (Simon Templar / The Saint); Hillary Quinn (Ellery Queen; Samantha Shovel (Sam Spade); Micheline Hammerlock (Mike Hammer); Charlotte Chin (Charlie Chan); Ms Motto (Mr Moto); May Gray (Inspector Maigret); Violet Pantz (Philo Vance)
Other Characters: Moe the Mimic; Moe's Henchmen; Policewomen; Herbert J. Monotony; (Gunman; United Notions' Treasurer; Treasurer's Assistant; Security Guards; Police; Philip D. Box; Commissioner of Police)
Locations: New York; McNertny's Wonderful Boozeria; Le Chat et le Violin; Moe's Warehouse
A group of female detectives furtively gather at McNertney's Wonderful Boozeria, at a meeting called because they are tired of being relegated to second-class detectiveship. After bickering over a name for their society, Blondie announces they can collect a million dollar reward for solving the United Notions toy manufacturer robbery. Guest of Honour, Parrot, is abducted by Moe the Mimic while looking for a taxi. Moe, imitating her, then heads for McNertny's. Blondie explains that the United Notions building was surrounded before the thief could escape, but so far neither he, nor the money, has been found. Moe arrives at McNertny's to try to learn where the money has been hidden. The detectives outwit him with a set of traps designed to separate the men from the girls.

A.S. Reeve

"The Adventure of the Missing Group" (1916)
Included in:
As It Might Have Been (Robert C.S. Adey); Sherlock Holmes Great War Parodies and Pastiches II: 1915-1919 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Detectives: Mereluck Tombs & Dr Dotson
Other Characters: Dug-out Porter; William Veal; Messenger Boy; (Veal's Housekeeper; Director of Recruiting; Mr ----; Commander-in-Chief)
Locations: Dotson's Rooms; Suffolk; Mudcombe; Market Square; Mayor's Parlour
Story: Tombs receives a telegram from the Mayor of Mudcombe telling him of the disappearance of Group 46. He and Dotson travel to Suffolk, where Tombs deduces that it is raining. The list of men in the group has also gone missing. Tombs's plan to discover the missing recruits in local pubs fails. A visit to the War Office reveals that the missing group contained only one man. The Mayor swoons at Tombs's revelation.

Nick Rennison

Sherlock Holmes: The Unauthorised Biography (2005)
Story Type:
Biography / Canonical Re-visioning
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Grandmother (Marie-Claude) Vernet; Mycroft Holmes; Inspector Lestrade; Dr Watson; Watson's Father (Henry Moray Watson); Watson's Brother (Henry); Murray; Young Stamford; Professor Moriarty; Colonel Moran; Mary Morstan; Milverton's Murderer; Charles Augustus Milverton; Irene Adler; King of Bohemia; Agatha; Francois le Villard; Huret; Moore Agar; Lord Bellinger; Von Bork; (Squire Trevor; Reginald Musgrave; Richard Brunton; Percy 'Tadpole' Phelps; Robert Ferguson; Percy Trevelyan; Dr Farquhar; The Head Lama; Cardinal Tosca; Shinwell Johnson)
Historical Figures:
Lewis Carroll; Lord Rosebery; Henry Irving; Charlie Peace; Arthur Balfour; Edward Jenkinson; PC Clark; Mr Green & Family; PC Cole; PC Cox; Charles Stewart Parnell; Richard Pigott; Charles Russell QC; Arthur Conan Doyle; Charles Altamont Doyle; Walter Paget; Sidney Paget; Ferdinand de Lesseps; Queen Victoria; Adelaide Bartlett; Sir Edward Clarke; H.M. Hyndman; Edmund Gurney; Henry Sidgwick; F.H. Myers; George Albert Smith; Jack the Ripper; Mary Ann Nichols; Emily Holland; Annie Chapman; Elizabeth Stride; Louis Diemschutz; George Lusk; Mary Kelly; Lord Salisbury; Tom Bulling; Sir Robert Anderson; Montague Druitt; Sir Melville Macnaghten; Joseph Stoddart; Oscar Wilde; Thomas Swinscow; Henry Newlove; Ernest Parke; Charles Augustus Howell; Algernon Swinburne; Amilcare Ponchielli; Prince Alexander of Battenberg; Louis le Prince; Mrs le Prince; King Oskar II; Marie Friberg; Olofsson; Auguste Charlois; Sir Edward Henry; Sarat Chandra Das; Dr Austine Waddell; General Kitchener; Rudolf Slatin; Pierre Curie; Marie Curie; Laborde Curie; Edward VII; Charles Brookfield; Jean Paul Pierre Casimir-Perier; Pope Leo XIII; Ernest Dowson; Charles Alcock; William Gillette; Arthur Symons; Leonard Smithers; Emily Dimmock; Roland de Villiers; Bert Shaw; Robert Wood; Robert McCowan; Edward Marshall Hall; William Westcott; George Edalji; Oscar Slater; Marion Gilchrist; Hawley Harvey Crippen; Cora Crippen; Ethel Le Neve; John & Lillian Nash; Walter Dew; Bessie Williams; George Joseph Smith; Paul Hefield; Jacob Lepidus; P.C. Tyler; Sergeant Bentley; Constable Choat; George Gardstein; Winston Churchill; Fritz Svaars; William Sokoloff; Peter the Painter; Mansfield Smith Cumming; Wilhelm Widenmann; Elsie Wright; Frances Griffiths; Ronald Light; Bella Wright; Eille Norwood; Maurice Elvey; Jeffrey Bernard; (Urkell de Holmes; Earl of Rochester; Sir Francis Dashwood; Charles Dickens; Edmund Gurney; William Terriss; Richard Prince; Arminius Vambery; Harry Benson; William Kurr; Inspector John Meiklejohn; Alan Stevenson; Dr James Gully; General Burrows; Ayub Khan; Lord Frederick Cavendish; Thomas Burke; Supt. John Mallon; D.H. Friston; Thomas Edwin Bartlett; Sir James Paget; District Superintendent Robert Walker; Sir Edmund Henderson; Sir Herbert Warren; Edward Carpenter; Rose Mylett; Alice McKenzie; Charles Hammond; Lord Arthur Somerset; Earl of Euston; Duke of Clarence; James McNeill Whistler; Dante Gabriel Rossetti; Sir Richard Burton; The Khalifa; Father Ohrwalder; Dr Douglas; Alfred Taylor; Herbert Beerbohm Tree; Martial Boudin; Arthur Balfour; Trench; Brandon; Sir Roger Casement; Edith Thompson)
Other Characters: William Scott Holmes; Violet Mycroft; Theodore Dorrington; Mary Elizabeth Watson (née Adam); Moran's Partner; Enrico Manzoni / Henry Manson; Count Lothar von Metternich; British Consul in Florence; Holmes's Two Tibetan Companions; Orlov; Dr James Vesey Huxtable; (Walter Holmes; Sir Ralph Holmes; Sir Stamford Holmes; Sir Symonds Holmes; Sir Richmond Holmes; Sir Selwyn Holmes; Sir Seymour Holmes; Sheridan Holmes; Maria Holmes; Emily Holmes; Robert Mycroft; Joseph Sherlock; William Barnes; William Holmes; Thomas Davenport)
Date: 1219- June, 1929
Locations: Hutton Le Moors, Yorkshire; Hutton Hall; Paris; St. George's Church, Hanover Square; Cambridge; Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge; London; Lyceum Theatre; Bloomsbury; Scotland; Australia; Winchester; Netley; Afghanistan; Maiwand; Criterion Bar; Bart's; 221B, Baker Street; Dublin; The Guildhall; Lyons; Westminster Abbey; Royal Aquarium; Pentonville Prison; Trafalgar Square; Royal Albion Hotel, Brighton; Bucks Row; Berner Street; Mitre Square; Miller's Court; Cleveland Street; New Jersey; Reichenbach Falls; Florence; Brindisi; India; Calcutta; Darjeeling; Lhasa Villa; Tibet; Lhasa; Persia; Tehran; Mecca; Jiddah; The Sudan; Suakin; Khartoum; Montpellier; Paris; Montmartre; Rome; Sussex; Camden Town; Great Wyrley; Birmingham; Glasgow; Tottenham; Houndsditch; Sidney Street; Skibbbareen; Cottingley; Stoughton
Story: Holmes's Yorkshire ancestry is traced as far back as 1219. He spends a lonely childhood with a succession of tutors at Hutton Hall, the family home, while Mycroft encounters Carroll and Rosebery at Oxford. Against his father's wishes, Holmes studies Natural Sciences at Cambridge, but leaves to become an actor, working with Irving at the Lyceum. On the death of his father he returns to Cambridge, but leaves after a year and establishes himself in London. With the aid of his college friend, Rosebery, Mycroft becomes established in Whitehall. Holmes encounters Lestrade.

After travelling to Australia with his family, Watson finishes his schooling at Winchester, and goes on to study medicine. A scandal leads him to serve in Afghanistan, and ultimately to Baker Street.

During the 1880s Holmes spends much time investigating cases centred on the Irish Nationalist cause at Mycroft's behest, and it is in Ireland that Holmes first encounters Moriarty. Watson encounters Doyle and begins publishing his accounts of Holmes's work. Holmes investigates a scandal surrounding the building of the Panama Canal, a Golden Jubilee Moriarty-led assassination plot, the death of his friend Edmund Gurney, and the Ripper murders. Watson marries and establishes his medical practice. In 1889 Holmes investigates the Cleveland Street scandal. Watson tailors his version of "Charles Augustus Milverton" to protect those involved in the real events behind that story.

Irene Adler is discovered in New Jersey by Ponchielli who takes her to Europe, where she becomes embroiled in the events described in "A Scandal in Bohemia". Holmes sees less of Watson and Doyle, and investigates the disappearance of Louis le Prince in France alongside Le Villard, and a number of cases involving European royalty, while continuing his pursuit of Moriarty, who is also in contact with Lewis Carroll. Holmes and Mycroft, together, plan Moriarty's downfall and Holmes's subsequent three-year travels in Tibet, Persia, Mecca and France.

His fame starts to spread and his image is used on stage and in advertising. He tackles the Boulevard Assassin in Paris, and soon returns to his old cocaine addiction, but is restored to health by the ministrations of Watson. In the early 1900s Watson remarries and Holmes refuses a knighthood and retreats into supposed retirement, but is involved in a number of high-profile cases, and in the creation of the British Government's intelligence services and the pursuit of Von Bork, before his death in 1929.

Laura Resnick

"The Adventure of the Missing Coffin" (1995)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes in Orbit (Mike Resnick & Martin H. Greenberg)
Story Type:
Supernatural Parody
Canonical Characters:
Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
Fictional Characters: Dracula ("The Transylvanian Count")
Other Characters: Guido Pascalini; Uncle Luigi; Museum Night Watchman
Date: Autumn, 1895
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Luigi's Restaurant; The British Museum
Story: After scientifically proving a man guilty three months after he was hanged for his crime, Holmes is visited by the vampire, Pascalini, whose coffin has been stolen. A silk handkerchief at the scene of the crime points to the Transylvanian Count as the thief. Pascalini believes that he is a rival for the attentions of an English novelist who wishes to write a novel about a vampire. Holmes deduces the only place in London it could possibly be hidden, and comes face to face with the Transylvanian Count, before having to work out how to get the coffin back to Luigi's.

Mike Resnick

"The Adventure of the Pearly Gates" (1995)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes in Orbit (Mike Resnick & Martin H. Greenberg)
Story Type:
Fantasy Pastiche
Biblical Characters:
Saint Peter; (God)
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Professor Moriarty
Historical Figures: (Jack the Ripper; Elizabeth Stride; Annie Chapman; Catherine Eddowes; Mary Jane Kelly; Mary Ann Nicholls)
Date: 4th May, 1891
Locations: Reichenbach Falls; Heaven
Story: Holmes arrives in Heaven after his fall at Reichenbach, but finds it tedious until the arrival of St Peter, who asks him to find Jack the Ripper, who, his soul showing no guilt, has inadvertently been allowed into Heaven, and who has made several attempts to break through the Pearly Gates, apparently trying to reach his former victims in Purgatory. Holmes sets a trap to locate the Ripper, and receives his reward.

"Mrs Vamberry Takes a Trip" (1996)
Included in:
Resurrected Holmes (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type:
Parody in the style of Thorne Smith
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; (Vamberry)
Other Characters: Mrs Comfort Vamberry; Man in Tweed Suit; Middle-Aged Woman; Elderly Gentlemen; Bertie; Eddie Wutt; Cab Driver
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; A Double-Decker Bus; A Street; A Cab; 2218, Baker Street
Story: Holmes has been sent a case of champagne and attempts to deduce from whom it came. Mrs Vamberry tells them that her husband, who is in France, has sent her his Grand Sicle but that it never arrived. Holmes and Watson "humorously" misunderstand her. She passes out after sharing the champagne, and after discovering she is naked under her coat Holmes attempts to take her home on a double-decker bus where he finds himself in a "humorously" compromising position. Further "humorous" misunderstandings occur after they leave the bus and Holmes discovers he's forgotten his wallet. After returning Mrs Vamberry to 2218, Baker Street, he gets back to the task of identifying the sender of the champagne, making some "humorous" deductions in the process.

Tracy Revels

Shadowfall (2011)
Story Type:
Fantasy Pastiche
Canonical Characters:
Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; Inspector Lestrade; Mycroft Holmes; Young Stamford; (Irene Adler; Tobias Gregson)
Folkloric Characters: Titania; Baron Samedi; Spring Heeled Jack; Zombies; The Morrigan; (St George)
Historical Figures: John Brown; Queen Victoria; Hypatia; Marie Laveau; (Boadicea)
Other Characters: Cab Drivers; Mr Charon; Sandwich Board Man; Music Hall Audience; Ballet Dancers; Actors; Howler Harvey; Actress; Brougham Driver; Lord Snowfell; Mr Cartwright; Alonzo; Whitborne House Workmen; Robert Whitborne; Samedi; Sir James Whitborne; Quill & Scroll Patrons; Barman; Firemen; (Thompson; Lady Ariel Whitborne; Highgate Caretaker; Dana; Police Inspector; Lord Mayor of London; St Swithin's Chaplain; Geoffrey Mandel; Mrs Mandel; Mandel's Assistants; New Orleans Police Chief)
Date: April of a year late in the century
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; The Strand; Oxford Street; Swan's Lane; Highgate Cemetery; Pown's Music Hall; The Shadows; Whitborne House; Train Station; Paddington Station; Windsor Castle; Whitechapel; Quill & Scroll Pub; Library of the Arcane
Story: Watson returns unexpectedly to Baker Street to find Holmes in conference with Titania, refusing to accept the task she is setting him. He tells Watson about the world of the Shadows.
When Watson wakes the next day, he has no recollection of these events.

Charon summons Holmes to Highgate to investigate the disappearance of the body of Lady Ariel Whitborne. A diamond necklace left behind suggests that ordinary grave robbers were not the culprits. Charon suggests that Spring-Heeled Jack is the culprit. Watson attends a performance of The Revenge of Spring-Heeled Jack, but when he receives an invitation backstage afterwards, an attack leaves him devoid of his soul, leading Holmes to reveal his true history to Watson, and to decide that he must take on Titania's task.

They return to Baker Street to find the Home Secretary waiting for them with a warder from the Tower of London, and the news that the Tower's ravens have disappeared. This is followed by further news that all the bodies in Highgate have now disappeared. Holmes and Watson journey, through the Shadows, to Whitborne house, where they learn more about Lady Ariel.

Holmes reveals what Titania's request was, and more relics go missing, until Holmes is called on by the highest in the land. He and Watson join forces with Hypatia to thwart a plan to take over the world of Sun.

Shadowblood (2011)
Story Type:
Fantasy Pastiche
Canonical Characters:
Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Baker Street Irregulars; Wiggins; Mrs Hudson; Inspector Lestrade; The Friesland; (Mycroft Holmes; Tobias Gregson; Stamford; Mary Morstan; King of Bohemia; Von Herder; Colonel Sebastian Moran)
Fictional Characters: Mephistopheles; (Faust)
Folkloric Characters: Elves
Historical Figures: Henri IV of France; Gottfried von Berrlichengen / Gotz; Dr John Dee; Hypatia; Henry Flagler; Orinton M. Hanscom; H.P. Lovecraft; Lizzie Borden; Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles; Lovecraft's Mother or Aunt; (Andrew Borden; Abby Borden; Ponce de Leon; Captain Edward John Smith)
Other Characters: Thomas Darby; Restaurant Customers; Darby's Dogcart Driver; Isabella Darby; Stable Lad; Crenshaw; Telegraph Office Girl; Rodrigo; Inspector Jared Larson; Larson's Constables; Leonard Fishwick; Sorbonne Librarian; Café Patrons; Café Waiters; Paris Hotel Guests; French Police; Engineers; Hotel Managers; Cathedral Workmen; Prague Station Conductor; Station Crowds; Mr Kerwin; Friesland Crew; Friesland Captain; New York Port Officials; Messenger Boy; Reception Hall Crowds; Andromeda Passengers; Waldorf Desk Clerk; Mrs Maplecroft; Miss Maplecroft; Flagler's Man; Ponce de Leon Hotel Guests; Tailor; Hotel Orchestra; Headwaiter; David Miller; Miller's Driver; St Augustine Pedestrians; Alligator Farm Usher; Alligator Farm Visitors; Burning Spring Demonstrator; Alligator Show Barker; Tiger Tail / Jack Madison; Stagehands; Mr Vanderbilt; Boy at Alligator Farm; Hotel Porters; Nurses; Valets; Baptism Congregation; Minister; Baptism Youths; Tourists; Tourist Guides; Street Vendors; Policeman; Temperance Rathburn; Basket Weavers; St George Street Loiterer; Sam; Alcazar Guests; Alcazar Orchestra; Alcazar Waiter; Mary Alexander; Alcazar Messenger; Miller's Secretaries; Message Boys; Investors; Claudia; St Augustine Station Conductor; Majestic Passengers
(Darby's Friends; Reporter; Edgar Telfair; Alice Telfair; Edwina Telfair; Alice's Chaperone; Telfair's Parents; Harvard Theology Professor's Daughter; Father Olivarez; Santa Fe Doctor; Old Gator; Florida Boat Captain; Darby's Cook; Lift Operator; Mr & Mrs Gelder; Gelder's Maid; Faust House Residents; Leatherhead Messenger Boy; Holmes's Whitechapel Informer; Dr Julian Sullivan; Mrs Sullivan; Sullivan's Servant Girl; St Anne's Street Constable; Grocer's Boys; Mycroft's Agents; Andromeda Captain)
Date: August - December
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Surrey; Leatherhead; Restaurant; Haven House; Oakhurst; USA; Santa Fe; Providence; Florida; St Augustine; San Sebastian River; Devil's Creek; The Fountain of Youth; France; Paris; Eiffel Tower; Champs-Elysees; Louvre; Basilica of St Denis; The Sorbonne; Sidewalk Café; Hotel; A Train; Bohemia; Prague; The Old Town; Charles Bridge; St Vitus Cathedral; The Golden Lane; Dee's House; Nove Mesto; Charles Square; The Faust House; Old Town Square; Café; Prague Railway Station; London Telegraph Office; Whitechapel; Pawn Shop; The Docks; Aboard the Friesland; New York; Waldorf Astoria Hotel; New York Docks; A Train; Hotel Ponce de Leon; Tailor's Shop; Castillo de San Marcos / Fort Marion; Anastasia Island; St Augustine Alligator Farm and Burning Spring Museum; St George Street; Rathburn's Photography Shop; Cemetery; Hotel Alcazar; The Shadows; Aviles Street; Miller's Office; Public Library; St Augustine Railway Station; Aboard the Majestic
Story: Watson awakens, having been in a doctor-defying coma for over a month, and is invited by an old military colleague, Thomas Darby, to stay at his home in Surrey. Darby's disagreeably eccentric American neighbour Telfair demands a consultation with Holmes, who travels out to Surrey to meet him. Telfair reveals that his daughter, Alice has disappeared, that they are both over a hundred years old, having maintained their youth by drinking water from the Fountain of Youth, and that Alice has stolen the map of the Fountain's location in Florida. Holmes refuses the case and Telfair dies a terrible death. The severed head of a king provides Holmes with details of the murder.

Sent to Paris by Mycroft, Watson learns that Alice has stolen dangerous books from the Sorbonne, and Holmes receives a message from Dr John Dee summoning them to Prague. Dee tells them that he has sensed that a novice in magic has used blood magic to work the Faust Circle and summon a demon. Holmes has Dee summon a demon of his own, and Watson has his third encounter with a dwarfish bringer of death.

Back in London, Holmes sets about tracing Alice Telfair and her mysterious accomplice, while Lestrade brings news of a double murder in London, similar to one in Prague. Holmes and Watson sail for America aboard the Friesland. They encounter Hanscom, an ex-Pinkerton who worked on the Lizzie Borden case, who has been assigned by Henry Flagler to assist them. In St Augustine, Holmes encounters the hoodoo man and Alligator wrangler, Tiger Tail, and the blind photographer, Temperance Rathburn, and recruits a new band of Irregulars.

After being taken captive, Watson reteams with Holmes to enter the mist protecting the Fountain of Youth.

Josh Reynolds

"How the Professor Taught a Lesson to the Gnoles" (2015)
Included in:
The Adventures of Moriarty (Maxim Jakubowski)
Story Type: Supernatural Adventure of Professor Moriarty
Canonical Characters: Professor Moriarty; Parker; Moriarty Gang; Colonel Moran
Fictional Characters: Mr Nuth; Gnoles; Trap Driver; (Tommy Tonker; Lord Castlenorman; Tonker's Mother)
Other Characters: Villagers; (Sikh)
Locations: Soho Flat; Belgravia Square; Nuth's House; Victoria Station; Village; Market Square; The Gnoles' Wood; The Gnoles' House
Having made four attempts to burgle the house of the gnoles, and having lost four apprentices in the trying, Nuth consults Moriarty. Some days later, Parker escorts Nuth to the village near the gnoles' wood, where they meet Moriarty, who has concocted a plan. In a device inspired by Da Vinci, Brunel and Archimedes, they launch their assault on the gnoles' house.

Mack Reynolds

"The Adventure of the Extraterrestrial" (1965)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Through Time and Space (Isaac Asimov, Martin Harry Greenberg & Charles G. Waugh)
Story Type:
Science Fiction Pastiche
Canonical Characters:
Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Baker Street Irregulars; James Phillimore
Other Characters: Peter Norwood; Sir Alexander Norwood; Mullins; Alfred; Holmes's Landlady; Señor Mercado-Mendez; Herr Doktor Bechstein
Date: 1933
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Durwood; Closton Manor; (The British Museum)
Story: Peter Norwood, the son of an old client, Sir Alexander Norwood, visits the octogenarian Holmes and Watson. His father, believing there are aliens in London, is leaving his fortune to The World Defense Society. Norwood wants Holmes to investigate and prove to his father that the aliens do not exist. During his investigations Holmes becomes suspicious of a man taking photographs in impossibly low levels of light at the British Museum, onto whose trail he sets the Baker Street Irregulars. Some time later Holmes receives a visit from Señor Mercado-Mendez, whom he identifies as James Phillimore, and makes a startling agreement with him.

Tony Reynolds

Ted Riccardi

John F. Rice

Sherlock Holmes's Tibetan Adventure (2010)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Sherlock Holmes
Canonical Characters:
Sherlock Holmes; Professor Moriarty; Dr Watson; Colonel Moran; (Mycroft Holmes; Mrs Hudson; Inspector Patterson; Sir James Saunders)
Historical Figures: Thupten Gyatso, the 13th Dalai Lama; The Panchen Lama; The Khalifa
Other Characters:
Jack Blackburn; Gharry Driver; Blackburn's Servant; Nin Lee Deng; Wangdula; Bonjl; Trethong; Border Guards; Lobsang; Tagstel; Lalam; Gompa Man & Wife; Travelling Monks; Surkhang Gyadze; Poo Shih Foo; Bandits; Herdsmen; Pilgrims; Men of Kham; Langel; Yongyu; Langel's Children; Stockmen; Chinese Circus Performers; Chakpori Monks; Doctor Tchrerchy; Tchrery's Chela; Grand Council Members; Potala Chelas; Wardrobe Chela; Monks; Market Traders; Convict; Jigme; Zangpo; Chinese Officials; Deng's Cousin; Deng's Cousin's Wife; Deng's Children; Lama Dringru; Lama Raingnou; Lama Shrinzelo; Noblemen; State Oracle; (Holmes's Parents)
Date: 4th May, 1891 - Spring, 1893
Locations: Switzerland; Reichenbach Falls; Italy; Florence; Leghorn; India; Bombay; Calcutta; Great Eastern Hotel; Blackburn's Office; Blackburn's House; The Toy Train; Darjeeling; Victoria Hotel; Lloyds Botanical Gardens; Ghoon; Tiger Hill; Yiga Cholung Monastery; Gangtok; Nago Pass; Tibet; Lhasa; Wangdula's House; Chakpori University; Potala Palace; Jokhang Temple; Market; Inn; Sho; Jewel Park; The Summer Palace; Himachel Pradesh; Ngaukla Monastery; River Veas Valley; Amritsar; Persia; Jiddah; Sudan; Khartoum; Omdurman
After killing Moriarty at Reichenbach, Holmes is provided with a Norwegian passport, in the name of Thor Sigerson, by Mycroft, and a sealed letter addressed to Blackburn of the Indian Civil Service in Calcutta. Blackburn introduces him to the science of fingerprints and tells him that he is being sent to Tibet.

In Darjeeling, he meets his guide for the journey, Nin Lee Deng, and they join a caravan of traders, led by Wangdula, to make the journey. In Tibet he convinces a local couple that he is a magician, and discovers that his caravan is smuggling arms. They encounter two mysterious masked lamas, and an attempt is made on his life. Later, they thwart an ambush by bandits. In Lhasa, he investigates the theft of the Dalai Lama's ceremonial robes. The diamond Buddha is stolen with the aid of mice and Buddha; Holmes is given a proposal of marriage; and a plot to hand Tibet over to the Chinese is thwarted.

Justin Richards

"The Snowtorn Terror" (2014)
Included in:
Further Encounters of Sherlock Holmes (George Mann)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson
; (Mrs Hudson)
Other Characters: Alastair Cooper; Elizabeth Bennett / Mrs Gunnarsson; Mr Greville; (Sir Fergus Cooper; Servants; Train Driver; Footplateman; Arvin Gunnarsson; Policeman)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Scotland; Mount Snowtorn; The Cooper Estate
Alastair Cooper comes to Baker Street after the funeral of his father, who was found with his throat slit, although not by human hands according to the police, on his estate on the slopes of Mount Snowtorn in Scotland. The mountain is said to be the home of a supernatural beast, and Sir Fergus was found lying in the snow, with no weapon and no tracks other than his own around the body. Holmes travels to Scotland, but seems more interested in a train robbery that took place in the area some months previously. Cooper is attacked by a flying beast on his way home from visiting a tenant.

Kel Richards

Tony Richards

"The House of Blood" (2011)
Included in:
Gaslight Arcanum (J.R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec)
Story Type:
Third-Person Supernatural Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes
Folkloric Characters: Manitou
Other Characters: Lieutenant Vince Capaldi; Tourists; Gamblers; Barman; Fred Bonner; Claims Adjuster; Witch Woman; Van Driver; Grey-Haired Lady; House of Good Fortune Congregants; Bloodletting Victim; Forensics Boffins; (Harriet Ellison; Lawrence Mark; Daniel Besset; Kyle Monoghan)
Date: Early 21st Century
Locations: USA; Las Vegas; The Strip; Paris Casino; The Desert; Luxor Casino; Hotel; House of Good Fortune
An immortal Holmes, visiting Las Vegas to take in the Star Trek Experience, is called upon to help solve a series of murders of winning gamblers. At the Paris Casino, Holmes uses his powers of observation to set Bonner up to win at roulette, so he can observe what happens. His plan goes badly wrong, but puts him on the trail of an Oriental woman, leading him to a sacrificial cult and an apparition that challenges his beliefs.

Frank Richardson

"The Humility of Holmes" (1905)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches II: 1905-1909 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Baker Street Page-Boy
Characters Based on Canonical Characters: (Mycrobe Holmes)
Other Characters: Paul Peterson; Cab Driver; Amanda Dolorosa; Bombovitch; (Wooden-Legged Willy; Duke of Dorsetshire; Duchess of Dingwall; Lord Walter; President of the Board of Brains; Duchess; William Tunnicliffe; Susan Tunnicliffe; Tunnicliffe's Son; Archie Bunster; Nellie Bunster; Edith; Shopwalker)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Baker Street; Half Honeymoon Street; Peterson's Flat; Great Cumberland Place; Debenhall & Snellbody's
Story: Peterson consults Holmes after receiving threatening messages from strangers.
Watson stops Holmes from taking on the case. That evening Paul discovers a severed head. Returning to Baker Street, he is told about Holmes's Uncle William, the woman Holmes fell in love with, and the Whisker League. Watson tells Peterson the truth about Holmes.

NOTE: This is an extract from Richardson's novel The Secret Kingdom.

Robert Richardson

The Book of the Dead (1989)
Story Type:
Homage / Pastiche
Canonical Characters:
"The Attwater Firewitch": Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; (Mrs Watson)
Fictional Characters: The Book of the Dead: Augustus Maltravers; Tess Davy
Historical Figures: "The Attwater Firewitch": (Jack the Ripper; Martha Turner)
The Book of the Dead: (Arthur Conan Doyle)
Other Characters:

"The Attwater Firewitch": Sir David Digby; Bushells Members; Cedric W. Braithwaite; Bushells Messenger; Hotel Youth; Mr Painter; Eleanor Braithwaite; Johnson; Mrs Lowman; Mrs Broom; Alice McGregor / Alice Fleming; Janet Hemsdale; Upstairs Maid; Downstairs Maid; Mrs Johnson; Henry; Bates; Kirkby Tavern Landlord; Tavern Customers; Verger; Elderly Woman; Police Sergeant; Police Constable; Mad Meg; Lyth Valley Inn Landlord; Landlord's Wife; Farmer Lowman; Duncan Fleming; (Mannheim-Stern; British Ambassador; Thomas Braithwaite; Margaret Seymour; Jane Braithwaite; Priest; Thomas's Servants; Mr Simpson; Watson's Junior Partner; Shipping Agency Clerk; Woman Agent; Old Woman; Lowman's Daughter; Adams; Sir Henry Goodman; McGregor's Friend; Braithwaite's Doctor; Simpkins; Johnson's Cousin; Lowman's Sons; Stuart Fleming; Hill Shepherds)
The Book of the Dead: Jennifer Carrington; Charles Carrington; Malcolm Stapleton; Lucinda Stapleton; Stephen Campbell; Sophie Campbell; Charlotte Quinn; Alan Morris; Douglas Keith "Duggie" Lydden; Geoffrey Howard; Sylvia; Detective Sergeant Donald Moore; Dr Bryant; Jack; Detective Chief Superintendent Brian Lambert; Detective Constable Ian Drover; Jack Travers; Peter Harris; Lydden's Lover; Filling Station Girl
; Policemen; Ambulancemen; Police Photographer; Coroner; Policewoman; Desk Sergeant; Church Congregation; Travers's Secretary; Charlotte's Customers; Stricklandgate Passers-by; Charlotte's Assistant; Evening News Library Assistant; Bookshop Customers; Didsbury Waiter; (Adrian Stapleton; Simon Stapleton; Margaret Carrington; David Carrington; Gillian Zoe Carrington; Dr Samuel Carrington; William Redmond Carrington; Dame Ethel Simister; Charlotte's Ex-Husband; Wine Bar Student; Bank Manager; Ivor; Andrew; Mary Morris; Sir Bernard; Cumbria Chronicle Reporter; Jennifer's Solicitor; Jennifer's Friend; Police Dog Handlers; Kendal Magistrates Clerk; Drover's Mother; Dress Shop Assistants; Laura Mazur; Colonel Brian Harrison; Michael Imeson; Records Office Worker; City Councillor; Emily Faith Carrington)
Date: The Book of the Dead: Late Autumn, 1980s; "The Attwater Firewitch": Summer 1890 / March 1891 / Autumn 1548
"The Attwater Firewitch": Whitehall; The Foreign Office; Bushells Club; 221B, Baker Street; Euston Station; A Train; Westmorland; Oxenholme; Kendal; Hotel; Attwater; Meldred Hall; Lowman's Farm; Johnson's Cottage; Kirkby Lonsdale; Tavern; Manchester; Oxford Street; University; Lyth Valley Inn; Witch's Wood
The Book of the Dead: Lancashire; The M6; Cumbria; The Lake District; Carwelton Hall; Attwater; Brook Cottage; Kendal; Market Square; Stricklandgate; Quintessence Gift Shop; The Wheatsheaf Pub; Lakeland Interiors; Langdale Valley; Stickle Ghyll; Charlotte's Flat; The Treadle; The Vicarage; Lancaster; Charles's Office; Kendal Police Station; 27 Ruskin Close; Attwater Vicarage; Attwater Church; Keswick; Borrowdale; Great Gable; Hodge Hill Hotel; Manchester; Deansgate; Evening News Offices; Sherratt & Hughes Bookshop; Didsbury; Restaurant; Palatine Road
Maltravers' car breaks down on the way to visit his friends, the Stapletons, in the Lake District village of Attwater. He meets Charles Carrington, whose grandfather had been friends with Conan Doyle, and who claims to possess an unpublished Holmes story, "The Attwater Firewitch" by Doyle, who had had ten copies printed as a christening present for his godson, Charles's father. While Maltravers learns about Charles's marital problems, murder is being plotted and carried out as Maltravers begins reading the story:

After concluding a case for the Foreign Office, Holmes and Watson are taken to dine at Bushells, where they are introduced to Cedric Braithwaite, who impresses them with his deductions about Holmes.Some months later, Braithwaite arrives at Baker Street. He tells them the sixteenth century legend of the Attwater Firewitch, but a telegram causes him to rush back to Meldred Hall. Holmes and Watson follow him to his Lake District home, with Holmes telling Watson about his investigation into the Ripper murders on the journey up. They discover that Braithwaite's sister has been attacked by a great bird, and that that this is believed to be the curse of the Firwitch being visited upon the family.

Maltravers' reading is interrupted by the arrival of Charlotte Quinn, with news of Charles's murder. Later, at the police station, he learns that the Doyle books have been stolen from a safe which only Charles knew the combination to.

Holmes carries on his questioning of the Manor staff. After a visit to nearby Kirkby Lonsdale, where they learn of little more than the visit of a travelling circus, they return to the Hall to find that one of the maids has been attacked by the village madwoman. A night-time vigil brings them face to face with the Firewitch's giant bird.

The Holmes story gives Maltravers a clue to how the books were stolen from the safe. Investigations carried ut in Manchester but his and Tess's lives in danger.

"The Woman of Goodwill" (1993)
Included in:
Crime Yellow (Maxim Jakubowski)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters:
Dr. Watson; Mary Morstan; Sherlock Holmes; (Mrs Hudson)
Other Characters: Anne Fortescue; David Sinclair; Michael Chester; Holloway Wardress; Jane Smith; (Watson's Cook; Reverend Alfred Fortescue; Fortescue's Congregation; Police Officer; Emily Dawson; Fortescue's Cook; Fortescue's Butler; Liverpool Police; Holmes's Liverpool Acquaintance; Mrs Chester; Chester Alderman's Wife; Fortescue's Staff
; Prison Governor)
Date: 25th December, 1889
Locations: Watson's Home; Marylebone Road; Baker Street; 221B, Baker Street; St John's Wood; St Andrew's Church; Sinclair's Cottage; Liverpool; Holloway Prison; Chester's Lodgings
On Christmas Day, Mary sends Watson to Baker Street with cold goose and mince pies. Holmes has deduced, from footprints in the snow, that he will soon receive a female visitor. When Anne Fortescue arrives she tells them how her father, the vicar of St Andrew's, ran from his pulpit during his Christmas Eve midnight service and has not been seen since. Holmes links her story to something that happened twenty years previously.

Holmes visits the church and asks the curate if there were any strangers in the congregation. Holmes tells Watson of the death of Fortescue's wife on a previous Christmas Eve, and the imprisonment of Anne's childhood nurse. One of the strangers arrives, enquiring about Fortescue's well-being. Holmes hears a confession, but is too late to avert a tragedy. After explaining the web of relationships in the case to Watson, Holmes decides it is better for those involved to believe he has failed to solve the case than to let the truth be known. He and Watson visit the nurse in prison.

Donald R. Richberg

"Sherlock Holmes, Witness" (1907)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches II: 1905-1909 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Other Characters: Lawyer; Clerk of Court; Mr Sharp; Mr Quick; Judge; Sharp's Chief Clerk;
(Railway Guard; John Gridsly; Housemaid; Tall Man Woman; Cripple)
Locations: Courtroom; Train; Gridsly Manor
Story: Holmes's deuctions are ruled out of order in the John Gridsly murder trial.

Phil Rickman

The Prayer of the Night Shepherd (2004)
Story Type:
Detective Story Homage
Canonical Characters: (Sherlock Holmes; Inspector Lestrade)
Historical Figures: (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Thomas 'Black' Vaughan; Ellen Vaughan; Dr. Joseph Bell)
Other Characters: Jeremy Berrows; Danny Thomas; Greta Thomas; Natalie; Clancy; Merrily Watkins; Brenda Prosser; Big Jim Prosser; Jane Watkins; Lol Robinson; Ben Foley; The Major / Frank Sampson; Murder Mystery Guests; Amber Foley; Dr. Neil Kennedy; Alice Meek; Kent Asprey; Bishop Bernie Dunmore; Gwilym Bufton; Joe Cadwallader; Robin Thorogood; Thorogood's Wife; Jed Begley; Antony Largo; Men with Shotguns; Canon Llewellyn Jeavons; Elizabeth Pollen; Sophie Hill; Gomer Parry; Dexter Harris; Sebastian "Sebbie Three Farms" Dacre, JP; Ted Clowes; Eirion; Meditation Session Attendees; The White Company; Alistair Hardy; Matthew Hawksley; Nathan; Mary Morson; Leonard Parsonage; Police Officers; DC Andy Mumford; Francis "Frannie" Bliss; Jacko; Brigid Parsons; Annie Howe; Sergeant Cliff Morgan; Alma; (Rhoda Morson; Lynne; Fat Nev; Ann-Marie Herdman; Dr. Kent; Prof Levin; Natalie Craven; Antony Largo; Tommy Francis; Barry Roberts; Catherine Jeavons; H.F.H. Longman; Mrs. Longman; Jeavons Friend; Jeavons' Colleagues; Darrin Hook; Roland Hook; Mr. Evans; Hattie Chancery; Robert Davies; Erasmus Cookson; Dr. Grace; Les Thomas; Mal; Ewan; Dionne Grindle; Charles Headland; Rhys Vaughan; Martin Booth)
Date: Present Day
Locations: The Welsh Border; Stanner Rocks; Berrows's Farm; Ledwardine; The Vicarage; The Frome Valley; Prof's Recording Studio; Stanner Hall Hotel; Ledwardine Church; New Radnor, The Eagle; Outside Hergerst Court; Suckley; Jeavons' Cottage; Kington Church; Hereford; The Bishop's Office; Alice Meek's Bungalow; Gomer's house
Story: After Berrows and Thomas find Natalie and Clancy camping on Berrows' farm, Berrows takes up with Natalie. In Kington, rumours are spreading that Merrily Watkins's Evensong prayers are leading to miracle cures. Merrily's daughter Kate is working at a Sherlockian murder mystery weekend organised by Foley, the producer of an unsuccessful Holmes TV series, and attended and won by Kennedy, a Sherlockian expert and author, and Secretary of the Baker Street League. Local legend says that Conan Doyle stayed at Stanner Hall, Foley's hotel, and got the idea for 'The Hound of the Baskervilles' there. Foley is hoping to cash in on the connection.

The weekend ends with a gunshot just as Kennedy is leaving. Later, Foley learns that the League will not be holding its conference at the hotel, but is too late to stop Largo, a producer from coming to discuss a proposed documentary on the building's Holmesian connections. Jane learns that the hotel is said to be haunted. It also becomes clear that there are men with shotguns patrolling the area, supposedly hired by farmer and magistrate Dacre to shoot foxes. Foley takes Jane and Largo on a tour of local Holmesian sites and they encounter the gunmen.

Another guest, Beth Pollen, comes up with the proposal that The White Company, a spiritualist group, whose founder's spirit guide is Dr. Joseph Bell and which was founded after Conan Doyle's spirit made contact through him, should hold a séance at the hotel. The gunmen raid Berrows' farm. Jane is given a camera to film events leading up to the séance. Merrily is reluctantly consulted by the asthmatic Harris, and finds her "Healing Session" congregations growing.

Foley attacks one of the gunmen in the hotel grounds, from whom Thomas learns that Dacre is paying them to shoot a mysterious black dog he says is living on Berrows' land, and which is killing his sheep. Merrily believes that the key to curing Harris lies in resolving issues related to a childhood joy-riding accident that resulted in the death of another boy. When snow cuts the hotel off, Jane is given the task of filming the séance.

From a former butler of Stanner Hall, some of the events surrounding the murder-suicide of its former owners, the appearance of the Hound of Hergerst, and of Conan Doyle's visit to the house, are revealed, along with their connections to 'Black' Vaughan and Ellen the Terrible. Berrows is found hanging in his barn, and a mysterious fire appears on Stanner Rocks. Other revelations include Natalie's real identity, the discovery of a body, and another road accident, while an old lady goes missing. Merrily decides that an exorcism needs to be performed, and Joseph Bell appears at the séance.

William L. Riordan

"A Bedlamite" (1903)
Also published as "Beet Sugar and Reciprocity"
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches I: 1900-1904 (Bill Peschel); A Bedside Book of Early Sherlockian Parodies and Pastiches (Charles Press)
Story Type:
Sherlockian Detectives: Padlock Jones & Jotson
Other Characters: John W. Hawkins; Political Rally Crowds; Speaker; Hawkins's Son (Sanitarium Physician)
Locations: USA; New York; Candlestickmaker Street; Jones's Rooms; Columbus Circle
Story: Brooklynite, John W. Hawkins, consults Padlock Jones when his son disappears from a sanitarium near Central Park. After locating the boy, Jones explains to Hawkins what he was doing at a political rally.

"The Stolen Diamonds" (1903)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches I: 1900-1904 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Sherlockian Detectives: Padlock Jones & Jotson
Other Characters: Jeweller; (Jeweller's Girl; Girl's Father; Young Man; Beagle's Store Women)
Locations: USA; New York; Jones's Rooms
Story: Jones uses a left-behind shoe to deduce the character of a visitor to his rooms. The visitor returns to consult Jones over a diamond theft at his jeweller's store. He believes the culprit is a young girl, daughter of his late friend, who works for him. Jones sends the jeweller to Beagle's Store.\

Jack Ritchie

"A Case of Identity" (1982)
Included in:
Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, January 1982
Story Type:
Canonical Characters:
Dr Watson; Mrs Hudson; (Sherlock Holmes)
Historical Figures: Jack the Ripper; Polly Nichols
Other Characters: Narrator; Constable; Cab Drivers
Date: 1888 & later
Locations: Whitechapel; India; Baker Street
Story: The narrator witnesses the Ripper killing his first victim, but not wishing to get involved does not report it, as the following day he sails, as a soldier, for a tour of duty in India. He reads about the later murders, but still feels that his information will add nothing to the hunt, until later, reading the Strand he recognises the Ripper in pictures. Returning to London, he sets watch for the Ripper, whom he sees entering a well-known address.

NOTE: The victim of the witnessed killing is not referred to by name, but is stated to be the first victim of the Ripper. I have taken this to mean Polly Nichols.