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Barbara Nadel

"The Last of His Kind" (2015)
Included in:
The Adventures of Moriarty (Maxim Jakubowski)
Story Type: Extra-canonical Adventure of Professor Moriarty
Canonical Characters: Professor Moriarty; (Moriarty Gang)
Historical Figures: Abdulhamid II; (Dr Mavroyeni; Rustem Bey; Murad V; Young Turks; Prince Selim; Sigmund Freud; Abdulmecid I; Mehmed V Reshad)
Other Characters:
(Kizlar Agasi; Carpet Seller; Baker; Imam; Blonde Girl)
Date: 1909
Turkey; Istanbul; Yildiz Palace
During the Young Turk revolution, Moriarty confronts Sultan Abdulhamid II at the Yildiz Palace.

Sena Jeta Naslund

Sherlock in Love (1993)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Watson & Holmes
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Wiggins; Mycroft Holmes; Inspector Lestrade; Irene Adler; King of Bohemia; Godfrey Norton
Historical Figures: Richard Pankhurst; Emmeline Pankhurst; Sir Leslie Stephen; Julia Duckworth Stephen; Stella Stephen; Vanessa Bell; Virginia Woolf; Thoby Stephen; Ludwig II; Hornig; Hesselschwerdt; Osterholzer; Count Holnstein; Dr. Gudden; Count Dürckheim; Duchess Ludovica; (Albert Einstein)
Other Characters: Red-Haired Man; Mary, Mrs. Hudson's Maid; Nannerl; St. Giles Doorkeeper; St. Giles Patients; Nurse; Lucinda; Karl Klaus; Victor Sigerson; Musicians; King's Spur Clientele; Slab Boy; King's Spur Waiter; Violet Sigerson; Hans Bachaus; Suffragettes; Opera-Goers; Klaus's Friend; Sigerson's Assistant; Lock Man; Sigerson's Audience; Masked Servant; Holnstein's Attendants; Ludwig's Servants; Grooms; Alphonse Welcker; Ludwig's Valet; Ludwig's Coachman; Peasants; Ilse; Munich Commissioners; Dungeon Guards; Innkeeper; Berg Servant; Irene's Servants
Date: 1922 & 1886
Locations: Baker Street; 221B, Baker Street; St. Giles' Hospital; A Carriage; St. Paul's Cathedral; A Cab; Wiggins's Lodgings; Regent Street; Bow Street; Sigerson's Hotel; St. James's Park; The King's Spur Pub; Opera House; Charing Cross Station; A Train; Edinburgh; St. Andrew Square; Bavaria; Linderhof; A Carriage; Oberammergau; Hohenschwangau Palace; Neuschwanstein Castle; Berg Castle; Lake Starnberg; Munich; Another Train
Story: Two years after Holmes's death Watson places an advertisement in The Times asking for biographical information on his friend. One evening, returning home to Baker Street, he thinks he sees Holmes's shadow on the blind, but when he gets upstairs the room is empty. A note in Holmes's violin case reminds him of a violinist named Victor Sigerson, but when he looks up Sigerson in Holmes's index books the relevant pages have been removed. He later receives a letter warning him to give up his investigations into Holmes's past.

The following day Watson receives a visit from Wiggins, now a consulting psychiatrist, who tells him of a missing patient. Watson describes a woman, who fits her description, he has seen standing opposite 221B. That night he finds more pages have been cut from Holmes's index books.

At St. Giles' Hospital Watson encounters Wiggins's patient, Nannerl, who greets him with the words, "You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive." Wiggins receives a note from the letter-sender, and refuses to allow Watson to see letters Holmes has sent him. As Watson is leaving they discover Wiggins's dog, Toby, with its throat cut.

At a concert at St. Paul's, Watson sees a woman in red, whom he suspects to be the writer of the notes. She flees, and he is attacked when he follows her. At Baker Street the next day he is told that an old man has tried to remove Holmes's index books. He discovers an attempt to tear pages from his own notebooks, and begins to read them.

The notebooks tell of an early case: Holmes is asked to analyse the varnish of a violin for a violinist named Victor Sigerson. He discovers it is a Stradivarius. Later, he hears Sigerson playing and is enchanted. Following Sigerson, Holmes watches him playing snooker, and later beating Lestrade, juggling, and making deductions equal to Holmes's own. Holmes takes a violin lesson with Sigerson, and deduces that the violinist is deliberately concealing his true identity, and is manipulating the situation to satisfy some fascination he has with Holmes. Eventually, after spying on Sigerson in his hotel room he learns that he is really a woman, Violet Sigerson, an orphan, who asks Holmes to investigate her family background. Holmes follows Violet to Edinburgh where she falls ill after performing an escapology act.

Later in the year, Holmes is asked to assist in the delivery of some letters from Ludwig II of Bavaria to the French Government. At first he is reluctant, until he learns that Sigerson is with Ludwig. In Bavaria, Holmes sets out to rescue Violet from the King, while also protecting the King from his enemies. After Holmes is injured in a carriage accident, and Sigerson and Watson locked in the Neuschwanstein dungeons, they are called upon to prevent a suicide bid by Ludwig. Later, at Berg Castle, they fail to prevent the drowning of Ludwig, Sigerson and Dr Gudden in the lake.

Irene Adler arrives at the Baker Street rooms, and, later, Nannerl, and the truth about Holmes's relationship with Sigerson is finally revealed.

William Neblett

Sherlock's Logic (1985)
Story Type:
Sherlockian Detectives: Sherlock Holmes the Third & Dr Watkins
Canonical Characters: (Sherlock Holmes)
Historical Figures: (The Knights Templar)
Other Characters: Detective Hilary T. Kemp; Sylvester Anderson; Dr Phillip Anderson; Cassandra; Eleanor / Miss Ellie; Louise-Phillipe de Molay; Phillipe Moreau; Mr Richards; Kensington Bakers; Professor Hawkins; Caldwell; Professor Stevens; Professor Perkins; Police Photographer; Fingerprint Expert; Police Sergeant; Indian Restaurant Waiters; Taxi Driver; Kemp's Officer; Tracking Expert; Billy; (Laura Anderson; Syvester's Sussex Friends; Heart Attack Train Passenger; Coroner; CIA Scientist; Robert Shelton; Stable Security Guard; Moreau's Intelligence Frend)
Date: (Seems to be prior to or soon after decimalisation in 1971, as Kemp still refers to shillings)
Locations: London; University; Sherlock's Room; A Taxi; Scotland Yard; Knightsbridge; Anderson's House; Chelsea; World's End Pub; The Bank of the Thames; Kensington; Watkins's Flat; Hawkins's Flat; Earl's Court; Earls Court Station; Indian Restaurant; Watkins's Clinic; Berkshire Riding Club
On the eve of his twenty-first birthday, Holmes, a student of logic who happens to be the grandson of Sherlock Holmes, is agonising over what course his life should take. Watkins persuades him to take up crime-solving as a hobby that might turn into a profession. An advert in the Times brings him the case of Mrs Laura Anderson, the murdered socialite wife of eminent surgeon, Phillip Anderson. Mrs Anderson's body was found in her home draped with a cloak bearing a Knights Templar crucifix design, and her nephew, Sylvester, fearing he will be accused of the crime, asks Holmes to prove his innocence.

After interviewing the famly and servants, the trail leads to a group of biochemists, carrying out research into halting the aging process, who have formed a Templars guild in Kensington. One of the scientists is murdered. When the murderer is discovered it seems there is insufficient evidence to take him to trial, so a trap is laid at a riding stables.

NOTE: The Sherlockian story takes up the first third of the book, and is intended to exemplify the logical processes that are explained in the final two thirds.

Dicky Neely

The Case of the Grave Accusation (2011)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Wiggins; Mrs. Hudson
Historical Figures: (Arthur Conan Doyle; Bertram Fletcher Robinson; Harry Baskerville; Mrs Fletcher Robinson)
Characters derived from Historical Figures: Roger la Pelure d'Ail (Rodger Garrick-Steele)
Other Characters: Underground Passengers; Detective Inspector Brian Moore; Mr Covington; Plume of Feathers Diners; Receptionist; Miss Janeway; Waitress; (Moore's Daughters; Covington's Brother)
Date: Early 21st Century
Locations: Watson's Home; Charing Cross Station; Baker Street; 221B, Baker Street; Devonshire; Dartmoor; Whiteworks Tin Mine; Fox Tor Mire; Princetown; The Plume of Feathers Inn; Fox Tor Café; Two Bridges; Princetown Library; The Old Police Station Restaurant; Wistman's Wood; Ipplepen; Park Hill House
Watson is summoned from his literary limbo by a note from Holmes calling him to Baker Street. Holmes tells him that a book has been published accusing Conan Doyle of murdering Fletcher Robinson to conceal his plagiarism of the story of the Hound of the Baskervilles. Moore arrives with the news that the author has requested that Fletcher Robinson's body be exhumed and tested for poisoning. They drive down to Dartmoor, where they carry out investigations on the spot and on computers. Holmes befriends Pelure d'Ail to try to draw out his motives for making the charges, and uncovers a plot to revive the legendary Hound. Watson presents the fruits of his historical researches.

Emma Newman

"A Woman's Place" (2014)
Included in:
Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets (David Thomas Moore)
Story Type:
Science-Fiction Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Mrs Hudson; Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; (Professor Moriarty; Mycroft Holmes)
Other Characters: Mr Eddard; Eddard's Uncle; Family Next Door; (Eddard's Aunt; Media Publicist; Carrie; Café Man; MPs)
Date: May 5th - 6th, 2031
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Eddard's Uncle's House
Story: Mrs Hudson listens in to Holmes's consultation with Mr Eddard, whose aunt has disappeared. Although they were living in the same house, she was estranged from his uncle, but they were unable to afford the costs that a divorce would bring. Watson meets up with Holmes at Eddard's house, prior to going on to meet her blind date. After reading Watson's account of the case, Mrs Hudson is present for Holmes's revelation of the truth about himself and Moriarty.

Kim Newman

"The Adventure of the Six Maledictions" (2011)
Included in:
Gaslight Arcanum (J.R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec); The Hound of the D'Urbervilles (Kim Newman)
Story Type:
Extra-Canonical Adventure of Moran & Moriarty
Canonical Characters: Colonel Moran; Professor Moriarty; The Black Pearl of the Borgias; (Ted Baldwin; The Scowrers; Birdy Edwards)
Fictional Characters: Mad Carew; The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God; Simon Carne; Caspar Gutman (Fat Kaspar); Alf Bassick; The Maltese Falcon; Bianca Castafiore; Jewels of the Madonna; Henry Wilcox; Margaret Trelawny; The Jewel of Seven Stars; The Hoxton Creeper; (The Colonel's Daughter (Amaryllis Framington); The Little Yellow God; Giles Conover; The Grand Vampire; Gennaro; Queen Tera)
Folkloric Characters: Yeti; Eye of Balor; Mi-Go; (Sasquatch; Windigo)

Historical Characters: The Camorra; The Knights Templar
Other Characters: Mrs Halifax; Mrs Halifax's Girls; Piss-Pot Boy; Swedish Suzette; Market Boy; Runty Reg; Moriarty's Thieves; Apache; Inspector Harvey Lukens; Michaél Murphy Magooly O'Connor; Martin Aloysius McHugh; Seamus 'Shiv' Shaughnessy; Pádraig 'Pork' Ó Méalóid; Patrick 'Paddy Red' Regan; Leopold MacLiammóir; Scotland Yard Constable; Special Irish Branch Officers; Schoolgirls; Street Urchin; Craigin; Opera Protestors; Commissionaire; Boy, Mother & Father; Vokins; Opera Audience; Carlo Jonsi; Opera Musicians; Don Rafaele Lupo-Ferrari; Malilella; Prize-Fighter Doorman; Trelawny's Guests; Houris; Servants; Alaric Molina de Marnac; Priests of the Little Yellow God; Tyrone Mountmain; Aunt Sophonisba; Conduit Street Constables; High Priest of the Little Yellow God; Tyrone's Follower; (Nicholas Savvides; Giovanni Lombardo; 'Dynamite' Desmond Mountmain; Rotherhithe Carpenter; Hattie Hawkins; Lotus Lei)
Date: After VALL
Locations: Conduit Street; St Helena; Berwick Street Market; Scotland Yard; Covent Garden; Royal Opera House; Kensington; Trelawny House
After the events of The Valley of Fear, Moran and Moriarty are called upon by Mad Carew who needs help escaping yeti pursuers after stealing the Green Eye of the Little Yellow God. Moriarty installs Carew in his basement, and buys the Eye with Moran's money. While attempting to kill a dog, Moran realises he is being followed . He returns to find that Moriarty has set a group of thieves to steal a whole assortment of cursed artefacts. When all are gathered, Moriarty sets a plan in motion to give their rightful owners what they want.

Note: The Jewels of the Madonna are being sought by Camorra boss Don Rafaele Lupo-Ferrari. The opera Jewels of the Madonna was written by Ermanno Wold-Ferrari.

Note 2: Knights Templar Grand Master Alaric Molina de Marnac is derived from the medieval warlock Alaric de Marnac in the films of Paul Naschy. Naschy was born Jacinto Molina Alvarez.

"Angel Down, Sussex" (1999)
Included in:
The Secret Files of the Diogenes Club (Kim Newman); Interzone
Story Type: Homage
Canonical Characters: The Diogenes Club; (Mycroft Holmes; Sherlock Holmes)
Fictional Characters:
(Dr Martin Hesselius; Dr Silence)
Historical Figures: Arthur Conan Doyle; Aleister Crowley
Other Characters: Reverend Batholomew Haskins; Sam Farrar; Rose Farrar; Mademoiselle Astarte; Catriona Kaye; Astarte's Clients; Astarte's Mother; China Manufacturer & Wife; Edwin Winthrop; Astarte's Father; Diogenes Members; Diogenes Attendant; The Undertakers; (Jane Farrar; Sam's Grandad; Lord Lieutenant; Ellen Farrar; Mrs Cully)
Date: Too late in the year for wasps, 1925
Locations: Sussex; Angel Down; Angel Field; Phene Street; Diogenes Club; Angel Down Rectory; Farrar Farm; In a Sopwith Camel
Story: Mutilated sheep and unseasonal wasps afflict the village of Angel Down, site of angelic visions in the 1870s, in a field where standing stones once stood, and a missing girl reappears in the remains of the circle. After unveiling a fake medium, Catriona is sent, along with Winthrop, to investigate. They arrive to find the rector, with whom the girl is staying, dead. Conan Doyle arrives in the village and the girl begins talking of her abduction by the 'Little People'. It becomes apparent that the girl is not what she seems. Crowley also comes to Angel Down, and realising the power the girl has, and its potential effects in Crowley's hands, Doyle and the Diogenes agents set out to stop the two from meeting, with Winthrop in pursuit in the air in his Camel facing a bizarre flying craft.

"Angels of Music" (2006)
Included in:
Tales of the Shadowmen 2: Gentlemen of the Night (J.-M. & Randy Lofficier)
Story Type:
Homage a la Charlie's Angels
Canonical Characters: Irene Adler; Baron Maupertuis; Cardinal Tosca
Fictional Characters:
Christine Daae; Trilby; Carlotta; The Phantom of the Opera; The Persian; Mme Giry; Count Ruboff; Black Michael Elphberg; Basil Hallward; Cochenille; Spalanzani; Coppélius; Joséphine Balsamo / Countess Cagliostro; Brigadier Gérard; Duke of Omnium; Chevalier del Gardo; Simon Cordier; Walter Parkes Thatcher; Olympia; (Svengali; Carlotta (Castafiore); Aristide Saccard; Georges Duroy; Rhandi Lal, the Kasi of Kalabar; Princess Jelhi; with nods to Charlie's Angels; Charlie Townsend & John Bosley; Barbie; Sindy)
Historical Figures: (Apollonie Sabatier; Kiss)
Other Characters: Countess's Guests; Orchestra; Marriage Club Brides; Man on Bridge; Sailors; Toy Soldiers; Night-Watchman; Toy Conductor; Lady Galatea, Duchess of Omnium; Mme Venus de l'Isle del Gardo; Poupée Francis-Pierre
Date: 1878
Locations: Paris; The Paris Opera; The Countess's Barge; Ecole de Danse Coppélius Mannequin Factory; Pont du Carrousel
Story: Irene, Christine and Trilby join the Paris Opera, but are held back from advancement by internal politics. All three come under the influence of the Phantom, becoming his Angels. Erik's Angels are called on by Mme Sabatier, after a number of her clients, including Cardinal Tosca and Brigadier Gerard come under the influence of young women and begin behaving erratically. All the men have met their new partners via Countess Balsamo.

Trilby and Christine go under cover at the Countess's Ecole Coppélius dance academy, while the Persian and Irene attend the Countess's ball as the Kasi of Kalabar and Princess Jelhi. Baron Maupertuis is among the guests, and Irene is outdanced by three sisters. Trilby and Christine discover that the school is not what it appears to be. The Persian is ejected from a barge and the Angels find themselves hanging over a vat of boiling wax, before they can race to prevent three more men being taken possession of by doll brides, and thwart the schemes of an evil genius, with a little help from Erik.

Anno Dracula (1998)
Story Type:
Homage / Alternate World Fantasy
Canonical Characters: Inspector Lestrade; Mycroft Holmes; Colonel Moran; Professor Moriarty; John Clayton
Fictional Characters: Dr. Seward; Lulu Schön; Genevive Dieudonné; Arthur Holmwood; Kate Reed; Danny Dravot; Countess Geschwitz; Kostaki; Dr. Henry Jekyll; Lord Ruthven; Ezzelin Von Klatka; Martin Cuda; Count Vardalek; A.J. Raffles; Fu Manchu; Peko; Griffin; Macheath; Bill
Sikes; Inspector Mackenzie; Gorcha; Orlando; Lucy Westenra; Mina Harker; Jonathan Harker; Van Helsing; Quincey Morris; Renfield; Louis Bauer; Basil Hallward; M. Vampire; Mrs. Amworth; Poole; Dr. Moreau; Lestat de Lioncourt; Iorga; Rupert of Hentzau; Sir Danvers Carew; Caleb Croft; Dr. Ravna; Graf Orlok; John Netley; Dracula
Characters Derived from Fictional Characters: Sir Mandeville Messervy; Mr. Waverly; Angry Little American Reporter
Historical Figures: Jack the Ripper; Arthur Morrison; Florence Stoker; James Whistler; Frederick Abberline; Sergeant Thicke; George Godley; Catherine Eddowes; Wynne Baxter; Constable George Neve; Rebecca Kosminski; Kosminski Family; Dr. George Bagster Phillips; Rose Mylett; John Thain; George Augustus Sala; Oscar Wilde; Frank Harris; Frances Coles; William Le Queux; Mary Jane Kelly; Montague John Druitt; PC Albert Collins; Elizabeth Stride; PC Edward Watkins; Sir Charles Warren; Daniel Halse; Louis Diemschutz; Algernon Swinburne; Theodore Watts-Dunton; Henry Matthews; George Lusk; John Merrick; Queen Victoria; Countess Barbara de Cilly
Characters Derived from Historical Figures: Georgie Woodbridge; Mick Ripper
Other Characters: Lily Mylett; John Jago; Florence's Guests; Charles Beauregard; Penelope Churchward; Bessie; Diogenes Messenger; Carriage Driver; Salvation Army Band; Jago's Crowd; Desk Sergeant; Commercial Road Prisoners; Diogenes Valet; Schön Inquest Crowd; Reporters; Court Artist; Anarchists; Inquest Clerk; Constables; Chicksand Street Crowds; Detective Constable; Vampire Prostitute; Cabby; Ten Bells Customers; Woodbridge; Accordion Player; Gypsy Girl; Chinese Men; Dacoit; Diarmid Reed; Commercial Road Policeman; Coles' Soldier; Bairstow; Mackenzie's Men; Carpathian Guardsmen; Eddy's Equerry; Cleveland Street Occupants; Cleveland Street Crowd; Labourers; Purfleet Inmates; Murgatroyds; Fox Malleson; Café de Paris Proprietor; Urchins; D'Onston; Ned; Lestrade's Men; Star Reporter; Constables; Jago's Man; Mitre Square Crowds; Orthodox Jew; Mitre Square Constable; Paper Boys; Cabby; Spitalfields Crowd; Watts-Dunton's Driver; Diogenes Guard; Mounted Policemen; Woman with Little Girls; Holmwood's Manservant; Toynbee Nurse; Christian Crusaders; Turnkey; Jago Residents; Jago Rough; Opium Den Sailor; Chinese Girl; Mrs. Yeovil; Mrs. Churchward; Matron; Limehouse Policeman; False Constable; Yeoman Warder; Cabman; Knife-Grinder; Collins' Companion; Palace Guards; Footman; Servants; Courtiers
Date: September, 1888
Locations: Whitechapel; Chicksand Street; Toynbee Hall; Stoker's House; Commercial Street Police Station; Diogenes Club; Lecture Hall; 10, Downing Street; Flower & Dean Street; The Ten Bells; Limehouse; The Criterion; Commercial Road; Cheyne Walk; Beauregard's Rooms; Osnaburgh Street; 19, Cleveland Street; Purfleet Asylum; Soho; Wardour Street; D'Arblay Street; Malleson's Shop; The Minories; Café de Paris; Kingstead Cemetery; Hampstead Heath; The Spaniards; Mitre Square; Goulston Street; Jekyll's House; Spitalfields Market; Putney; Miller's Court; Marlborough Street; St. James's Park; Cadogan Square; Holmwood's House; Brick Lane; The Old Jago; Caversham Street; The Churchward House; A Wharf; Scotland Yard; Tower of London; Dorset Street; Buckingham Palace
Story: Dracula has married Queen Victoria. Jack the Ripper is murdering vampire prostitutes in the East End. Lestrade alerts Genevive at Toynbee Hall to the murder of Lulu, and asks her help in calming the situation. She suggests Holmes would be more helpful, but he has been removed to a concentration camp on the Sussex Downs.

At one of Florence Stoker's soirées, Beauregard announces his engagement to Penelope, but is summoned away to the Diogenes Club. The ruling cabal there is somewhat depleted, but Mycroft sets Beauregard on the trail of the Ripper. Genevive sees Beauregard at the Schön inquest, where Lestrade suggests that Holmes would have solved the murders easily. Genevive makes enemies of a number of elders in a bar-room brawl, and Beauregard faces a group of infamous criminal masterminds, including Moriarty and Moran, in Limehouse, who for their own reasons offer their support in hunting the Ripper.

Seward records the events surrounding Dracula's first visit to England. A Deadly Chinese adversary is set on Genevive's trail. Seward meets Mary Kelly at Lucy's tomb. Liz Stride is brought, still alive after her attacker was interrupted, to Toynbee Hall. Beauregard is summoned, but she goes berserk and is killed before she can be questioned. Beauregard and Genevive begin working together. Riots break out, apparently fuelled by the Diogenes Club.

Penelope voluntarily becomes a vampire. Seward enters into a relationship with Kelly. Colonel Moran disposes of the man he believes is the Ripper, but is punished for his mistake. Inspector Mackenzie detects a conspiracy but is murdered before he can reveal its root. Beauregard and Genevive discover the Ripper's identity, then pay a visit to Buckingham Palace.

NOTE: Sir Mandeville Messervy is presumably a forebear of Admiral Sir Miles Messervy, Ian Fleming's 'M', and Mr. Waverly of Alexander Waverley of U.N.C.L.E. Georgie Woodbridge and Mick Ripper are derived from Hammer Horror film regulars George Woodbridge and Michael Ripper. The Angry Little American is Kolchak.

"The Greek Invertebrate" (2011)
Included in:
The Hound of the D'Urbervilles (Kim Newman)
Story Type:
Extra-Canonical Adventure of Moran & Moriarty
Canonical Characters: Colonel Moran; Professor Moriarty; Colonel James Moriarty; Eduardo Lucas; Stationmaster (James) Moriarty; Sophy Kratides; Hugo Oberstein
Fictional Characters:
Thomas Carnacki; Gabrielle Valladon / Ilse Von Hoffmannsthal; Monsieur Sabin; Dr Mabuse; (Colonel Clay / Paul Finglemore)
Characters Based On Fictional Characters:
Cursitor Doone (Cursitor Doom)

Other Characters: Railway Messenger Boy; Tessie the Two-Ton Taff; Hubert Berkins; Kallinikos Technicians; George Lampros; Philip Gould; Ram Singh; Major Upshall; Train Passengers; Steward; (Mrs Halifax; James Moriarty, Sr; Mrs Moriarty)
Date: January, 1891
Locations: Jermyn Street; Xeniades Club; Conduit Street; Moriarty's Rooms; Paddington Station; Cornwall; Fal Vale Junction; Aboard the Kallinikos; A Train
Story: After being advised by Colonel Moriarty not to help, Moriarty receives messages from his stationmaster brother asking for aid in dealing with a giant white worm at Fal Vale junction in Cornwall.
He and Moran travel to Fal Vale with a group of psychic investigators and spies, none of whom, Moriarty deduces, are who they claim to be. Stationmaster Moriarty offers the worm, which turns out to be a deadly weapon of war, the Kallinikos, to the highest bidder. Events lead to Moran and the three Moriartys being trapped aboard a runaway train. On the journey home, Moriarty tells Moran about his family.

NOTE: Fal Vale Junction is the setting of The Ghost Train by Arnold Ridley.

"The Hound of the D'Urbervilles" (2011)
Included in:
The Hound of the D'Urbervilles (Kim Newman)
Story Type:
Extra-Canonical Adventure of Moran & Moriarty
Canonical Characters: Colonel Moran; Professor Moriarty; Selden
Fictional Characters: Parson Tringham; Diggory Venn; Sorrow Durbeyfield; Abraham Durbeyfield; Modesty Durbeyfield; Tess Durbeyfield; (Simon Stoke; Alexander d'Urberville; Sir Pagan d'Urberville; Mrs d'Urberville; Car Darch; Singapore Charlie; Eliza-Louise Durbeyfield)
Characters Based On Fictional Characters:
Desperado Dan'l (Desperate Dan)
Characters Based On Folkloric Figures: Red Shuck (Black Shuck)
Historical Figures: (Harold II; William the Conqueror; William Rufus)
Other Characters: Jasper Stoke-d'Urberville; Chop; Braham Derby; Saul Derby; Jasper's Servants; Thring; Nakszynski the Albino; Matilda 'Mattie' Ball; Old Pharaoh; (Mrs Halifax; The Fat Man; Lazy-Eye Jack; Venic of Melchester; Sir Pagan's Servants; Git Priddle; Chitty; Pagan Plantagenet (Percy) D'Urberville; Squire Frankland)
Date: October
Locations: Conduit Street; Moriarty's Rooms; Wessex; Stourcastle; Trantridge Hall; The Chase; Temple Clearing
Story: Moriarty has Moran examine a cane left behind by a client. The stick's owner is Jasper Stoke (owner of Trantridge Hall, ancestral home of the D'Urberville family) who has recently returned from America.
Stoke tells them of the ghost of Tess Durbeyfield, a phantom coach that appears to foretell a family death, and Red Shuck, a ghostly hound. He goes on to recount how Shuck has reappeared, and has killed livestock and men, and asks Moriarty to find the beast and disprove the legend of the curse surrounding it.

Moriarty sends Moran to Wessex to hunt the hound. On their arrival, Moran stops Stoke from physically assaulting a woman whose family he has evicted, whose corpse is later brought to the house with its throat torn out. Moran leads a party into the Chase to hunt down the beast. He has his fingers broken, and is attacked by a ram and the ghost of Tess before Moriarty appears on the scene and brings the case to a bloody conclusion.

"The Private Files of Mycroft Holmes" (2002)
Included in:
Crime Time 26: The Sherlock Holmes Issue
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; (Mycroft Holmes)
Fictional Characters: Lord Ruthven; Mansfield Smith-Cumming; Robert Elsmere; Sergeant Daniel Dravot
Historical Figures: Winston Churchill; David Lloyd George
Other Characters: Charles Beauregard; Smith-Cumming; Robert Elsmere; Sexton; Diogenes Guards; Fink-Nottle
Locations: Kingstead Cemetery; the Diogenes Club
Story: At Mycroft's funeral, Beauregard meets Holmes, who finally learns the truth about the Ripper killings. Beauregard travels on to the Diogenes Club, where he is met by Lord Ruthven, the Prime Minister, who is eager to learn the secrets contained in Mycroft's private vault. Beauregard is unwilling to reveal the secret to opening the vault, but it becomes apparent that someone has already done so and the papers have been burned.

NOTE: This was originally a chapter of Newman's The Bloody Red Baron not included in the final published version.

"The Problem of the Final Adventure" (2011)
Included in:
The Hound of the D'Urbervilles (Kim Newman)
Story Type:
Canonical Re-Visioning
Canonical Characters: Colonel Moran; Professor Moriarty; Sophy Kratides; Irene Adler; Peter Steiler; (Throttler) Parker; Dr Watson;
(Colonel James Moriarty; Stationmaster Moriarty; Mycroft Holmes; Billy; Inspector Patterson; Harold Latimer; Wilson Kemp; Paul Kratides; Augustus Moran; Von Herder; Fred Porlock)
Fictional Characters: Kingstead Cemetery Sexton (Walter Grimes); Mr Beebe; Fu Manchu; Fah Lo Suee; The Grand Vampire; Irma Vep; Dr Nikola; Madame Sara; Margaret Trelawny; The Hoxton Creeper; Dr Mabuse; Alraune ten Brinken; A.J. Raffles; Bunny Manders; Theophraste Lupin; Josephine, Countess Cagliostro; Dr Jack Quartz; Princess Zanoni; Rupert of Hentzau; Peko; Simon Carne; (Kate Reed; Daniel Levy; Les Vampires; Bulstrode & Sons; Erik / The Phantom of the Opera)
Other Characters: Swedish Suzette / Halina Staniewiczowa; Lady Deborah Hope-Collins / Mistress Strict; Publisher; Merchant Banker; Mrs Harriet Halifax; Polly Chalmers; Mr Bulstrode; Chop; Bulstrode Sons; Mr Bulstrode; Coachmen; Great Ormond Street Matron; Hospital Girl; P.C. Fairy Mary Purbright; Filthy Fanny; Ceridwen Thomas / Tessie the Two-Ton Taff; Molly Duff / The Ranee of Ranchipur; Wing Liu Tsong / Lotus Lei; Mistress Strict / Lady Deborah Hope-Collins; Fifi / Marie-Françoise Lely; Subaltern; Dr Velvet; Nathaniel Rawlins; Bruiser Downes; Beau-Rivage Bellboy; Ueli Munster; Burgher; Workmen; Geneva Passers-by; Swiss Policeman; Bank Doorman; Bank Lady; Adolphe Lavenza; Mabuse's Gang; Meiringen Coachman; Tourists; Guides; Waiters; (Charlie Vokins; Wasp-Stung Children; Moran's Mother; Augusta Moran; Christabelle Moran; Inspector Harvey Lukens; Mrs Grimes; Slender Simon; Laundry Manager; Benny Blazes)
Date: January-May, 1891
Locations: Conduit Street; Moriarty's Rooms; Kingstead Cemetery; Great Ormond Street Hospital; 221B, Baker Street; Canterbury; France; Paris; Switzerland; Geneva; Hotel Beau-Rivage; Coffee House; Lavenza Bank; Meiringen; Englischer Hof; Reichenbach Falls
Story: With the Moriarty Gang rounded up by the police, Moran tells the story of the events leading up to Moriarty's demise. After the incident at Fal Vale, Sophy Kratides joins Moriarty's Firm, and is required to play the widow at a mock funeral designed as a cover for a meeting of the great criminals of Europe.
Moran receives a Von Herder air-gun for his birthday. Moriarty reveals that the true purpose of the cemetery meeting was as bait for Dr Mabuse, who was their adversary at Fal Vale. Over the following months a series of misfortunes besets the Firm. Moriarty draws Holmes into the plot, setting a trail that leads him to Switzerland and an encounter at the Reichenbach Falls.

"The Red Planet League" (2008)
Included in:
Gaslight Grimoire (J.R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec); The Hound of the D'Urbervilles (Kim Newman)
Story Type:
Extra-Canonical Science Fiction Adventure of Moran & Moriarty
Canonical Characters: Colonel Moran; Professor Moriarty; Von Herder; John Clay; (The Speckled Band; Grimesby Roylott)
Fictional Characters: (Sir Nevil Airey) Stent; Markham; Martians; (George) Ogilvy; The Crystal Egg; C. Cave; Professor Pierre Aronnax; John Seward; (Fu Manchu; Singapore Charlie; The Si-Fan)
Historical Figures: Thomas Henry Huxley
Characters Based on Historical Figures: Paul A. Robert (Robert Paul);
Other Characters: Stent's Audience; Italian Joe; P.C. Purbright; Mrs Halifax; Pouting Poll; Chinese Laundrymen; Lady Caroline (Broughton- Fitzhume) Stent; Parsons; Mr Jedwood; Strand Madman; Constable; Long-Necked Cabbie; Galvani; Mrs Huddersfield; Stent's Butler; Draper's Clerk; Royal Society Attendants; Moriarty's Men; Purfleet Asylum Director; (Moran's Mother; Bishop of Brichester; Lilian Russell; Ellen Terri; Fifi; Caroline's Sister; Stent's Secretary; Stable-boy; Robert's Assistants)
Date: 2nd - 8th September
Locations: Conduit Street; Moriarty's Rooms; Burlington House; Flamsteed House; Parsons' Shop; Cave's Shop; Greenwich
Moran tells of Moriarty's ongoing feud with Stent. They attend a lecture at which Stent attacks The Dynamics of an Asteroid. When Stent announces that Martians will land on Earth before the asteroid behaves in the way in which Moriarty proposes, Moriarty sends Moran to the Si-Fan to organise a delivery of vampire squid. Breeding them in Von Herder's tanks and with the aid of Ogilvy, Moriarty sets out to convince Stent that the Martians have invaded England.


"A Shambles in Belgravia" (2005)
Included in:
The Best British Mysteries 2006 (ed: Maxim Jakubowski)
Story Type:
Extra-Canonical Adventure of Irene, Moriarty & Moran, narrated by Moran
Canonical Characters: Irene Adler; Professor Moriarty; Colonel Moran
Fictional Characters: Colonel Sapt; (Black Michael; Rudolf V; Princess Flavia; Antoinette de Mauban; Rudolf III; A.J. Raffles)
Other Characters: Clergyman; Countess; The Conduit Street Comanche; Constables; Filthy Fanny; Embassy Guards; Anarchists; Guards Officer; (Mrs Halifax)
Locations: Conduit Street; Moriarty's Rooms; Boscobel Place; Ruritanian Embassy
Story: Irene calls on Moriarty and Moran, asking them to retrieve pictures of herself and Black Michael from the possession of Colonel Sapt at the Ruritanian Embassy in Belgravia. Moriarty begins an anti-Ruritania campaign in the press and on the streets, and he and Moran use a riot at the Embassy as cover for the retrieval of the pictures. When Moran opens the envelope he learns Irene's real plan.
"A Volume in Vermilion" (2009)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #3 (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type:
Extra-Canonical Adventure of Moriarty & Moran, narrated by Moran
Canonical Characters: Archie Stamford; Colonel Moran; Professor Moriarty; Enoch J. Drebber; Joseph Stangerson; (Sir Augustus Moran; Jefferson Hope)
Fictional Characters: Jim Lassiter (Jonathan Laurence / Ronald Lembo); Fay Larkin (Rachel Laurence / Pixie); Jane Withersteen (Helen Laurence / Mrs Lembo); (Bishop Dyer; Elder Tull)
Folkloric Characters: (Yeti)
Other Characters: Claridge's Receptionist; Criterion Barman; Mrs Halifax; Mrs Halifax's Girls; Danites; Lassiter's Neighbours; Chop
Date: February, 1881
Locations: Claridge's Hotel; Criterion Bar; Conduit Street; Moriarty's House; Streatham; The Laurels
Story: After an encounter with a tiger, Moran is invalided back to England. He meets Stamford who introduces him to Moriarty, who appears to deduce that he has been in Afghanistan and invites him to join his organisation and take up residence in his house in Conduit Street. Their first clients are Drebber and Stangerson, who ask them to track down Lassiter, responsible for the deaths of several Mormons, along with the woman and her adopted daughter who fled with him. After staking out their house, he finds himself held captive, but when the house comes under fire, he joins in its defence. Moriarty brings an end to the cross-plots.

Robert Newman

A Puzzle For Sherlock Holmes (1978)
Published in the USA as The Case of the Baker Street Irregular
Story Type:
Children's Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Baker Street Irregulars; (Sam) Wiggins; Mrs Hudson; Inspector Gregory
Other Characters: Andrew Craigie; Train Guard; Herbert Dennison; Paddington Porter; Cabbies; Mrs Gurney; Muffin Man; Omnibus Driver; Lamplighter; Beggar; Sara "Screamer" Wiggins; Alf; Bert; Zoo Crowds: Langham Attendant; Page Boys; Verna Tillet; The Honorable Adam Lytell; Dr Harvey Moore; Jonathan Walker / Roger Lytell; Sebastian; Marylebone Road Sergeant; Nursemaid & Baby; Costermongers; Woman; Meg; Mrs Wiggins; Lem Dingell; Margaret Harker; Blind Ben; Orchard Street Passers-by; Baker Street Policeman; Danny; Rookery Dwellers; Big Danny; Gin Shop Customers; Irish Navvy; Barman; Newsboy; Victor Lucas; Christie's Porters; Inspector Leggett; Jones; Simmons; Lucas's Assistants; Christie's Employees; Barney; Derek Wilson; Henry Street Landlady; (Agnes Craigie; Jack Trefethen; Lord Lowther; John Harker; Rachel Harker; Mrs Wagner; D.B. Cox; Follette; Jerry Wragge; Andrew)
Locations: Paddington Station; 24, York Street; Baker Street; Marylebone Road; Oxford Street; Regent's Park Zoo; Portland Place; 221B, Baker Street; Bart's; Marylebone Road Police Station; Canal Basin; Wiggins's House; King Street; Orchard Street; Soho Square; Tottenham Court Road; St Giles Rookery; Ben's Rooms; Gin Shop; Piccadilly; St Giles Circus; General Post Office; Christie & Manson's Auction Rooms; St John's Wood; 12, Henry Street; Warehouse
Story: After the death of his aunt, Andrew arrives in London, from Cornwall, with his schoolmaster guardian, Dennison. He is puzzled about the whereabouts of his mother and whether his father is really dead as he has been told. The following day Andrew meets Wiggins's sister, Screamer, outside 221B. Andrew notices a number of strange people seem to be taking an interest in Dennison, and sees him apparently abducted in a cab.

Holmes is consulted by Lytell who has been involved in a fracas at his father's club, the events of which he has little memory of. He fears that it may have led to the death of his father from a heart attack that same night. Later, Holmes is called on by Walker whose import-export business has suffered a minor arson attack after he has refused to act as a fence or pay protection money to a mysterious man in a hansom cab.

Dennison fails to return, and an attempt is made to abduct Andrew, who finds himself rescued by the Wigginses. Holmes turns down Mrs Harker's request to return her daughter from Paris where she has been taken by her father, but after Gregory consults him over the bombing of Baker Street Station he decides to travel to Paris after all.

Wiggins finds Andrew a job taking care of a blind street fiddler, Ben. Andrew finds himself in a fight in a slum, defending their fish and chips. Ben is interested in the man who attempted to abduct Andrew, and questions him about Dennison and his parents. Together they steal Watson's stethoscope, and Ben lets Andrew in on a secret.

The bomb squad clear Christie's, where Lytell is selling some family paintings, after which Holmes discovers the paintings have been replaced with forgeries. He calls on Andrew, who, accompanied by Screamer, assists in bringing all the strands together and the cases to a close, and is reunited with his mother.

The Case of the Vanishing Corpse (1980)
Story Type:
Children's Extra-Canonical Adventure of the Baker Street Irregulars
Canonical Characters: (Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; (Sam) Wiggins)
Historical Figures: George Bernard Shaw; Buffalo Bill Cody; Annie Oakley; John Nevil Maskelyne; (William Archer)
Other Characters: Lily Snyder / Maggie Snyder; Maria, Marchioness of Medford; Brother Ibrahim / Doc Stokey; Augusta Van Gelder / Mrs Stokey; Andrew Craigie; Sara "Screamer" Wiggins; Paddington Crowds; Andrew's Schoolmate; Bragaw; Porters; Fred; Matson; Mrs Wiggins; Annie; Marchioness's Gardeners; Hurdy-Gurdy Man / Potter / Jocko Nimm; Constable Peter Wyatt; Inspector Finch; Theatre Watchman; Verna Tillett; Lawrence Harrison; Rule's Head Waiter; Mr Jenkins; Three Oaks Policeman; Three Oaks Footmen; General Wyatt; Harriet Wyatt; Colonel Francis Wyatt; Maggie Snyder; Billy; Newspaper Men; Insurance Company Man; Marchioness's Butler; Cabby; Baron Beasley; Portobello Road Stallholders; Lamps; Wild West Show Audience; Wild West Show Performers; Theatre Audience; Actors; Bentley's Head Waiter; Lord Lowther; Howard Wendell; Constable Dignam; 'Mauler' Cobb; Parr; Sean; Navvy; Maskelyne's Assistant; Museum Guide; Tourists; Inspector Thatcher; Robbie; Jack; Schooner Officer; Tugboat Captain; Parr's Assistant; Constables; (Marchioness's Head Groom; Lily's Cabbies; Fanny Farrell; Rupert Trent; Mr Howard; Andrew Craigie, Sr; Stagehands; Wellington Road Sergeant; Walker; Herbert Dennison; Mr Van Gelder; Lord Burdett; Lady Damien; Mrs Hartley-Seymour; The Dutchman; American Sea Captain; Gregorides; Miss Poole; Mr Fulton; New York Police Commissioner
Locations: Paddington Station; Praed Street; St John's Wood; Rysdale Road; Verna's House; Baker Street; The Strand; Theatre; Rule's Restaurant; Maiden Lane; Three Oaks; Pembridge Road; Portobello Road; Kensington High Street; Olympia; Bentley's; Wellington Road Police Station; Regent's Park; British Museum; Prince Albert Road; Tottenham Court Road; High Holborn; Holborn Viaduct; Newgate Street; Cheapside; Cannon Street; The Monument; Eastcheap; Great Tower Street; Tower Hill; Wapping High Street; River Police Headquarters; The Thames; The Pool
Story: A ceremony calling on the Egyptian gods ends in bloodshed. Andrew Craigie arrives back in London. He is met by Sara Wiggins at the station, and after returning home to St John's Wood, they meet Constable Wyatt, who knows Holmes and is investigating the disappearance of a young woman named Lily Snyder for Inspector Finch. Later, dining with his mother at Rule's, Andrew meets George Bernard Shaw.

The following day he, Sara and his mother attend their neighbour the Marchioness's charity garden party and encounter Wyatt's estranged military family. They learn from Wyatt that Holmes is away on the continent. Verna has a successful opening night in her new play, but after she returns home, the Denham Diamonds, jewels she has worn to a party at Claridge's, are stolen. Inspector Finch believes that Mrs Wiggins is responsible, but Wyatt asks Andrew and Sara to do some investigating for him.

The following day a second robbery occurs, from the Marchioness's house guest, Mrs Van Gelder, and another in Mayfair. Wyatt, Andrew and Sara explore brother Ibrahim's Egyptian temple in the grounds of the Marchioness's house, Three Oaks. After visiting Beasley, an underworld contact, they attend a performance of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Sara and Andrew witness a murder outside the Marchioness's house, but by the time they find a policeman, the body has disappeared.

Brother Ibrahim tells them of hissing noises he has heard. Wyatt is confined to the section house by Finch for insubordination, but arranges for Beasley to keep watch on Three Oaks. Sara and Andrew also keep watch from Andrew's mother's house, and see a coffin being carried out. The adventure culminates in a boat chase along the Thames, and events are explained back in St John's Wood.

P. Nikitin

"The Commercial Centre Mystery"
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes in Russia (Alex Auswaks)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Other Characters: Post Hotel Porter; Ivan Vladimirovitch Terehoff; Smith Copton; Alferakki / David Gabudidze; Waiter; Ivan Veskoff; Passers-by; Vertunoff's Waiter; Policemen; Ivan; Bank Director; Coachman; Security Guards; Head of Security; Cashier; (Terehoff's Shop Assistants; Senior Shop Assistant; Policemen; Commercial Centre Crowd; Chief of Detectives; Detectives; Mrs Terehoff; Simon Reshkin; Senior Policeman; Chemist; Doctor; Fire Brigade; Coachmen; South African Tribesman)
Date: July, 190-
Locations: Russia; Nijni-Novgorod; Post Hotel; Ferry; Commercial Centre; Terehoff's Shop; Restaurant in the Park; Vertunoff's Tavern; Bentakurovsky Canal; Bank Director's House; Bank Strongroom; Police Station
Merchant Terehoff consults Holmes over a series of strange events at his linen and clothing shop in the Commercial Centre of Nijni-Novgorod. A shrouded, human-like, skull-faced, knife-wielding creature has been seen dancing in the window of the locked shop, which proved to be empty when searched. Terehoff's staff have quit and he has had to employ new shop assistants, and on the day of the Great Nijni-Novgorod fair, the shop was overwhelmed by an appalling stench, causing his new staff to leave. Terehoff has moved to new premises and the shop has been taken over by a Turkish trader, Alferakki. Holmes deduces that a major crime is under way, centred on Terehoff's old shop. He and Watson keep watch on their two suspects, while seeking the identity of the third member of the conspiracy, and attempt to prevent a bank robbery.

"The Elusive Gang"
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes in Russia (Alex Auswaks)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated in the third person
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Other Characters: Strollers; Bookshop Assistant; Maxim Vasilyevitch Kliukin; Kliukin's Son; Publishers & Bookshop Owners; Dmitry Panfilovitch Yefimoff; Karbasnikoff; Suvorin; Grand Hotel Porters; Grand Hotel Doorkeepers; Nikanoroff / Gabriel "Gavriushka" Voropayeff; Voropayeff's Salesmen; Fomka Nikishin / Ivan Vihliayeff; Student with Dog; Cabbie; Errand Boy; Seriogin; Tavern Patrons; Waiter; Train Conductor; Grand Hotel Senior Porter; Peterhof Diners; Peterhof Porter; Messenger; Policemen; Criminal Investigation Department Agents; (Fediukoff; Semionoff; Porter; Yard Man; Panova; Ivan Buroff; Pickpocket Girl; Mrs Voropayeff; Mrs Kliukin)
Locations: Russia; Moscow; Tversky Boulevard; A Cab; Moscow Grand Hotel; Mohovaya Street; Benkendorff House; Peterhof Tavern; Suhareff Tower; Tavern; Marina Grove; Bahrushin House; Nikolayevsk Railway Station; Tver; Telegraph Office; Petersburg; Liteiniy Prospect; The Viborg Bank; Tavern; Vakangovsk Alley; Yauza; Peterhof Restaurant
Story: Holmes comments on the number of burglaries occurring in Moscow. Returning to their hotel, he and Watson receive a summons from the publisher Kliukin. Visiting his bookshop, they are taken to a meeting of publishers and booksellers who have all fallen victim to the gang of burglars. They believe that the stolen books are being passed on to smaller booksellers, and give Holmes a list of those they suspect. Holmes and Watson visit the shops, and Holmes believes he has found the culprit.

In disguise, Holmes gets a job in a publisher's warehouse, and he and Watson set up watch on the suspect shop. An ambush at Yefimoff's warehouse goes wrong. At Holmes's request, Watson follows their suspect, Voropayeff to Petersburg and sees him get into a tavern fight and bring two large baskets back to Moscow. A search of Voropayoff's premises by the police raises fears in Holmes that Voropayoff will seek revenge on Kliukin, and he saves him from a trap at the Peterhof restaurant.

"The Mark of Tadjidi"
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes in Russia (Alex Auswaks)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Other Characters: Boat Captain; Stevedores; Foreman; Shipping Line Representative; River Policemen; Waiter; Chief of Police; Count Piotr Vassilievitch Tugaroff; Countess Irra Benaliradjewa Tugarova; Mr Dewlay; Mrs Dewlay; Daudalama; Hammer; (Old Indian Woman; Countess's Mother; Count's Nurse; Count's Steward; Count's Watchmen; Dimitri; Madam Beckman; Pupils; Rajah Ben-Ali; Countess's Nurse; Count's Cook; Cemetery Watchman)
Locations: Russia; Kazan; A Boat on the Volga; Kostroma; Pier; Warehouse; Moscow; Hotel; India; Bombay; Kharkov; Oriol; Countess's Apartment; Bolhovsky Street; Hotel; Dewlay's Apartment; Restaurant
Having a short break from a boat trip down the Volga, Holmes and Watson are in Kostroma when a dismembered corpse is discovered in a warehouse. Sailing on to Moscow, they follow coverage of events in Kostroma in the press.

The body is identified as a Count from Kazan. His wife asks Holmes to investigate. She tells him how she had been given to the Count as a young child in Bombay, and had been brought up by his nurse. She talks of a time in her childhood when the Count warned her to stay inside because of a madman on the loose, of the person she had seen in the garden, and how the same evening they left the estate, and the Count hid her in a boarding school. Later they fell in love and married, but he had promised to return her to her true parents.

A week before he disappeared he received a worrying letter. Holmes examines the Count's study, finding an envelope sent from Calcutta. He realises that the scar on the Count's leg was the mark of a blood-oath among the Indian Tadjidi tribe, shared with two other people. A search through back issues of the Times reveals the Countess's true origins. Holmes and Watson keep watch in the Countess's apartment, but a warning letter appears on her bed. Holmes tells the Countess the secret of her youth, and reveals the identity of her secret protector.

"The Pearl of the Emir"
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes in Russia (Alex Auswaks)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Other Characters: Emir of Bukhara; Emir's Retinue; Sightseers; Hotel Lackey; Chief of Police; Hadji-Mehti-Mashadi-Mahomet-Sultan; Interpreter; Emir's Sentries; Sailors; Skalkin / Foma Belkin; Barge Labourers; Captain; Helmsman; Barge Overseer; Kartzeff; (Emir's Mother; Emir's Valet; Bosun)
Locations: Russia; Nijni-Novgorod; Hotel; Ship on the Volga; Jiguli
Story: The Emir of Bukhara is visiting Russia and stops off in Nijni-Novgorod, where Holmes and Watson are staying. Holmes is called on when the Emir's black pearl ring is stolen from his guarded bedroom on board his ship. The ship has been surrounded by guards and no one allowed to leave. Holmes searches the ship, and discovers how the theft was carried out, then he and Watson disguise themselves as sailors to capture the thief. Their ship runs aground and a boat chase ensues. Watson suffers a devastating loss.

"The Strangler"
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes in Russia (Alex Auswaks)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Other Characters: Investigator; Police; Boris Nikolayevitch Kartzeff; Police Chief; Servants; Priests; Sergey Sergeyevitch Kartseff; Choir; Gravediggers; Funeral Guests; Boris's Retainer; Nikolai's Nanny; Cabbie; Hotel Porter; Nikolai Nikolayevitch Kartzeff; Herdsman; Carriage Driver; Villagers; (Kartseff's Valet; Cook; Maid)
Date: 26th May
Locations: Russia; Moscow; Hotel; Nikolayevsk Station; Silver Slopes; Cemetery; Igralino; Nikolai's House; Sokolniki; Forest; Ferry; Village
Story: Holmes reads in the papers of the strangling of Kartzeff in his locked bedroom, on his estate outside Moscow, and decides to investigate. Strange long finger-marks have been found on the victim's neck and on the wall of the house.

Holmes and Watson travel to the dead man's estate, where they pose as real estate agents. When he reveals his true identity to the dead man's nephew, Holmes is welcomed into the investigation. After examining the room and the body, and attending the funeral, they visit the nephew's nearby estate, where Holmes puzzles Watson by asking him to keep watch over a small ventilation pane he has nailed shut in their bedroom window.

Returning to Moscow, they visit the home of another nephew of the dead man, to find that he has learned of his uncle's death, but not from his wastrel brother, and departed for Silver Slopes. An anonymous letter warns them to leave Moscow. They return to spend another night in the room with the ventilation panel, learn about strange noises from a shed, and keep vigil to catch a murdererous creature before being attacked on a night carriage ride. Watson faces tragedy aboard a ferry.

Jack Nimersheim

"Moriarty by Modem" (1995)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes in Orbit (Mike Resnick & Martin H. Greenberg)
Story Type:
Science Fiction Homage
Canonical Characters: (Sherlock Holmes; Professor Moriarty; Dr Watson; Boris Nikolayevitch Kartzeff; Nikolai Nikolayevitch Kartzeff)
Historical Figures: (Charles Babbage)
Other Characters: Programmer
Locations: Programmer's Home; Cyberspace
Story: Holmes discovers that he is a crime-solving computer program. His programmer tells him about his origins in the discovery of papers relating to "Project 221B", an attempt by Charles Babbage to create a similar program, a project in which Watson, actually a minor government recording clerk, also played a part.

The Moriarty program, a subroutine in the 221B system that was created to identify and catalog the darker attributes of humanity, has escaped the confines of his computer into cyberspace, so Holmes is released onto the internet to track down Moriarty, and quickly becomes expert in identifying computer viruses.

For several months they find no trace of Moriarty, then Holmes himself disappears. He reappears, playing Strawberry Fields Forever, but his holographic representation appears unstable. He announces that through reconsideration of the binomial theorem he has been able to locate and contain Morarty. His solution, however, ultimately destroys himself, leaving his programmer the task of reconstructing the program.

Paul Nizza

The Adventures of the Five Puce Map Tacks (1976)
Story Type:
Detectives: Doorlock Homes; Dr John H. Whatson
Characters Based On Canonical Characters: The Bonker Street Irregulars = The Baker Street Irregulars; Bobby = Billy; Mrs Spudson = Mrs Hudson; Inspector Obtuse = Inspector Lestrade; Hayloft Homes = Mycroft Homes; Gunky = Porlock; (Professor Artie Morey = Professor Moriarty; The Apocryphal Face = Professor Moriarty; Miss Morestains = Mary Morstan)
Historical Figures: Jack the Ripper
Other Characters: Delivery Man; Murray Charles; Four-Wheeler Driver; Bucephalus Desk Clerk; Blood-orangeman; Chicken Herder; Police Constable; Tobacconist; Pontifax Beet; The Tooting Terror; Soames Freep; Wynott Gedowd-O'Here; Bucephalus O.R.U. Sanscephalic; Constable Slagheap; Mr Squinge; Mrs Squinge; Adams; Det. Supt Haddock; Costermonger
Date: 1889
Locations: Wormwood Scrubs; 221B, Bonker Street; Great Codfish Street; The Bucephalus Club; Tobacconists; Mollusc Mews
Story: After demonstrating his deductive prowess to Whatson, Homes receives a coded message from Gunky warning him that Obtuse will arrest him if he stays in London. Charles comes to Homes after receiving an envelope containing five puce map tacks. It proves a ten-cigarette problem and the Bonker Street Irregulars are called in. Homes looks into similarities between Charles and Jack the Ripper, but is informed by Haddock that there are none. Homes, however, continues in his belief that they are the same man. Charles says he will take the case to the Bucephalus Club, and Obtuse brings news of a murder outside Homes's own door.

One of the map tacks is attached to the body, and Homes deduces some sort of link to the Apocryphal Face and takes a cabman-drawn cab to call on his brother Hayloft at the Bucephalus Club, where after some intellectual sparring with his brother, he learns that the map tacks are a symbol of the club.

They visit the tack-maker, passing a tobacconists where a robbery that appears to be linked to the case has taken place. Hayloft reveals Charles's true identity. Homes reveals his deductions and injects a 7% solution of coffee, but the dead man makes a startling reappearance and Hayloft confesses to a mistake. The secret of the map tacks is revealed and the tobacconist robberies solved. Whatson leaves Bonker Street to marry Miss Morestains.

Jamyang Norbu

The Mandala of Sherlock Holmes (1999)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Hurree Chunder Mookerjee (From Kipling's Kim)
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Professor Moriarty; (Colonel Moran; Mycroft Holmes)
Fictional Characters: Hurree Chunder Mookerjee; Captain Strickland; Colonel Creighton
Historical Figures: Kintup; The 13th Dalai Lama
Other Characters: Ticca-Ghari Coachman; Gujurati Harbour Clerk; Coolies; Dockhands; Harbour officials; Lascars; Jacob Asterman (Ferret-Face); Ferret-Face's Driver; Clerks; Government Subordinates; Vendors; Kunjris; Urchins; Tram Conductors; Wedding Procession; Groom; Traffic Policeman; Hurree's Driver; Taj Mahal Commissionaire; Taj Mahal Manager; Burra Mem; Murdered Hotel Servant; Hotel Guests; Old Bhangi; Inspector MacLeod; Carvallo; Hotel Porter; Waiter; Hotel Clerks; Boys; Sadhus; Bazaar Crowds; Chaprasi; Urchin; Ghariwallah; Symington; Constables; Police Sergeant; Crowd in Horniman Circle; Dr. Patterson; Beggars; Station Crowds; Station Beggars; Station Vendors; Bookstall Keeper; Porter; Royal Warwickshire Regiment Soldiers; Ticket Collector; Railway Bearer; Thugs; Bhisti; Delhi Vendors; Delhi Beggars; Tongawallah; British officers; Pathan Horse Dealers; Travellers; Mahout; Nikku; Hurree's Contacts In Simla; Holmes's Pahari Manservant; Chokras; Shukkur Ali Gaffaru; Jamspel; Rajah of Bushair; Bandits; Asterman's Men; Letter Bearer; Tsering; Phurbu Thondup; Thondup's Servant's; Harvesters; Funeral Party; Pilgrims; Lhassa Crowds; Servitors; Soldiers; Grooms; Warrior Monks; Monk Attendants; Lama Yonten; Yonten's Servants; Chinese Assassin; The Dark One; Dark One's Guards; Monk Physician; Senior Chapel Attendant; Lord Chamberlain; (Swiss Guide; Cairo Assassins)
Date: July, 1891 - November 1892
Locations: India; Bombay; Malabar Point; Ballard Pier; Harbourmaster's office; The SS Kohinoor; Customs Shed; Horniman Circle; The Taj Mahal Hotel; A Ghari; The Beach Road; The Borah Bazaar; Bombay Natural History Society; The Victoria & Albert Museum; Frere Street; Horniman Circle Police Station; Victoria Terminus; A Train; Delhi; Umballa; Kalka; Simla; Dovedell Hotel; Lower Bazaar; Hurree's Apartment; Runnymeade Cottage; Lurgan's Shop; Narkhanda; Hindustan-thibet Road; Fagu; Rampur; Chini; Asterman's Camp; Tibet; The Shipki Pass; Tsaparang; Thöling; The Governor's Mansion; The Plains of Barga; Lake Manasarover; Thokchen; Tradun; Tashi lhunpo; Shigatse; Lhassa; The Norbu Lingka; The Potala; (Reichenbach Falls; Shepherd's Hut; Hospenthal; St. Gotthard Pass; Como; Florence; Gezirah Palace Hotel, Cairo)
Story: Hurree is ordered by Colonel Creighton to follow Sigerson, a mysterious Norwegian, when he arrives in Bombay. Following the man, who has met up with Strickland at the docks, Hurree notices that they are being followed by a ferret-faced man. At Sigerson's hotel, Strickland introduces Sigerson to Hurree and reveals that he is Sherlock Holmes. A hotel servant is killed, his body covered in blood, which will not stop flowing, the attack on him appears to have happened in the room assigned to Sigerson. Ferret-face is seen fleeing the hotel.

Holmes tells them of the true events at Reichenbach, and of several attempts on his life since then. The following day, after a visit to the Bombay Natural History Society, Holmes announces he has solved the case, and arranges for Hurree to meet him in his room later that night. Lying in wait, Hurree and Strickland witness the murderer at work, and Holmes reveals the nature of the servant's death, and that Colonel Moran was behind the attempts on his life. For safety's sake Holmes and Hurree take a train to Simla, with Holmes managing to divert a Thuggee attack on the way. In Simla Holmes spends his time preparing to journey into Tibet.

Holmes and Hurree journey into Tibet with Kintup as their guide. En route they are attacked by bandits, from whom they are rescued by Ferret-Face, who reveals himself to be an emissary of the Grand Lama, and offers them safe conduct to Lhassa. In Lhassa, the Dalai Lama's secretary Yonten tells them that Holmes has been called to protect the young Dalai Lama's life. Holmes declines the task.

That night a Chinese assassin breaks into the Lama's palace and steals a Mandala. The man is killed but not before a mysterious figure, with the power to make objects move by themselves takes the Mandala from him. Yonten tells them that the man they saw was the Dark One, responsible for the murder of the last Dalai Lama. The Mandala was the property of the first Dalai Lama. Holmes and Hurree plan to infiltrate the Chinese Legation to retrieve it. There, they discover that the Dark One is actually Moriarty, who demonstrates the rediscovered powers of his mind, which also enabled him to survive Reichenbach.

Holmes is able to retrieve the Mandala, and escape the legation. He travels to the Ice Cavern of Shambala with Hurree, Yonten and the Dalai Lama. They are attacked by Manchu troops, but manage to gain entrance to the temple, where Holmes solves the secret of the Mandala. Moriarty has beaten him to the cavern, and gained control of the Power Stone of Shambala. Holmes learns his own true identity and draws on forgotten powers to combat his nemesis. After the conflict, Holmes resumes his duties as Abbot of the White Garuda Monastery until he is summoned back to London to clear up the remainder of the Moriarty Gang.

Years later Jamyang Norbu meets an old monk from the monastery and asks him about Holmes's reign as abbot.

Not by Conan A. Doyle, Sir

"The Return of Padlock Bones" (1905)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches II: 1905-1909 (Bill Peschel)
Story Type:
Sherlockian Detectives: Padlock Bones & Wattsey
Other Characters: Ten-year-old Boy; (Dinkey; Arthur H. Dinkey; H. Vernon Dinkey)
Locations: USA
Story: Padlock Bones explains to a ten-year-old boy the only terms
under which he will look for his crap-playing friend Dinkey.

Julie Novakova

"The Adventure of the Lost Theorem" (2015)
Included in:
The Adventures of Moriarty (Maxim Jakubowski)
Story Type: Extra-canonical adventure of Professor Moriarty
Canonical Characters: Professor Moriarty; Irene Adler
Historical Figures: Robert Zimmermann; (Bernard Bolzano)
Other Characters:
Salesman; Eva Zimmermann; opera Performers; (Professor Galbraith; Josephine)
Date: 187-
Prague; Old Town; Franz Joseph Station; A Train; Hotel; Charles-Ferdinand University; Zimmermann's Office; Opera House; Mala Strana; Church; English Train
An unsigned message referring to Zimmermann's ownersip of Bolzano's manuscripts addressing the binomial theorem brings Moriarty to Prague. He discovers that the work on the binomial theorem is not among Bolzano's papers and sets about trying to track it down. While walking back to his hotel after visiting the opera, and seeing Irene Adler in the chorus, he realises he is being followed.

Naomi Novik

"Commonplaces" (2008)
Included in:
The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (John Joseph Adams)
Story Type:
Extra-canonical Adventure of Irene Adler
Canonical Characters: Godfrey Norton; Irene Adler; (Sherlock Holmes; Professor Moriarty; Dr Watson; King of Bohemia; Mary Morstan)
Other Characters: Street Boys; Mrs Ballou; Paris Women; Lamplighters; Ushers; Musicians; Irene's Maid; Opera-Comique Manager; Stage Door Boys; Mademoiselle Parnaud; (Irene's Neighbours; Doctor; Mrs Lydgate; Mrs Darrow; Mrs Wessex; Irene's Paris Acquaintance)
Locations: Portugal; Lisbon; Irene's House; Mrs Wessex's House; France; Paris; Café; Opera-Comique; Holmes's Room
Norton reads Irene the news of Holmes's death. She travels to Paris with her maid and spots Holmes playing in the orchestra at the Opera-Comique, and under an alias gets herself a part in the chorus. He is waiting for her when she leaves the theatre after the performance. He tells her that some of Moriarty's gang have escaped and are watching Watson, and she realises the truth of his disappearance. They spend the night together, and in the morning she writes to Godfrey.