A listing of Sherlockian Pastiche anthologies with their contents.

J.R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec

Curious Incidents

A Few Words from the Editors - J.R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec
The Case of Vamberry, the Wine Merchant - James R. Stefanie
The Adventure of the Lodger's Secret - Kristin Vichich
A Slaying in Suburbia - G. Kelly
The First Mate's Jacket - J.R. Campbell
The Case of Lady Sannox - Peter H. Wood
The Adventure of the Tired Captain - Bob Byrne

Curious Incidents 2

Introduction: Water, Water, Everywhere - Charles Prepolec
The Puzzle of the Vanishing Laboratory - Peter Calamai
Art in the Blood, Revealed - Regina Stinson
The Missing Coppertop - J.R. Campbell
The Adventure of the Hanging Tyrant - M.J. Elliott
Green and Red Trappings - Valerie J. Patterson
The Problem of the Sussex Scalping - David N. Cisler
Mrs Farintosh and the Opal Tiara - James R. Stefanie

Gaslight Grimoire

Foreword: Ghosts May Apply - David Stuart Davies
Introduction - Charles V. Prepolec
The Lost Boy - Barbara Hambly
His Last Arrow - Christopher Sequeira
The Things That Shall Come Upon Them - Barbara Roden
The Finishing Stroke - M.J. Elliott
Sherlock Holmes in the Lost World - Martin Powell
The Grantchester Grimoire - Chico Kidd & Rick Kennett
The Steamship Friesland - Peter Calamai
The Entwined - J.R. Campbell
Merridew of Abominable Memory - Chris Roberson
Red Sunset - Bob Madison
The Red Planet League - Kim Newman

Gaslight Grotesque

Foreword: Tales of Terror & Mystery - Leslie S. Klinger
Introduction: The Horror of It All - Charles V. Prepolec
Hounded - Stephen Volk
The Death Lantern - Lawrence C. Connolly
The Quality of Mercy - William Meikle
Emily's Kiss - James A. Moore
The Tragic Case of the Child Prodigy - William Patrick Maynard
The Last Windigo - Hayden Trenholm
Celeste - Neil Jackson
The Best Laid Plans - Robert Lauderdale
Exalted are the Forces of Darkness - Leigh Blackmore
The Affair of the Heart - Mark Morris
The Hand-Delivered Letter - Simon Kurt Unsworth
Of the Origin of the Hound of the Baskervilles - Barbara Roden
Mr Other's Children - J.R. Campbell

Gaslight Arcanum

Introduction: I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere - Charles Prepolec
The Comfort of the Seine - Stephen Volk
The Adventure of Lucifer's Footprints - Christopher Fowler
The Deadly Sin of Sherlock Holmes - Tom English
The Color That Came To Chiswick - William Meikle
From the Tree of Time - Fred Saberhagen
The Executioner - Lawrence C. Connolly
A Country Death - Simon Kurt Unsworth
Sherlock Holmes and the Great Game - Kevin Cockle
Sherlock Holmes and the Diving Bell - Simon Clark
The Greatest Mystery - Paul Kane
The House of Blood - Tony Richards
The Adventure of the Six Maledictions - Kim Newman

Philip J. Carraher

Alias Simon Hawkes

The Adventure of the Magic Alibi
The Adventure of the Captive Forger
The Adventure of the Glass Room
The Adventure of the Talking Ghost

Ian Charnock

The Elementary Cases of Sherlock Holmes

Prelude: The Great Exhibition of '51
The Record of the Tarleton Murders
The Case of Vamberry, the Wine Merchant
The Adventure of the Old Russian Woman
The Singular Affair of the Aluminium Crutch
A Full Account of Ricoletti of the Club Foot and his Abominable Wife
Mrs Farintosh and an Opal Tiara
Matilda Briggs and the Giant Rat of Sumatra

Watson's Last Case

In the Bar of the Criterion
On Active Service
A Meeting with the Literary Agent
Mycroft Remembered
Mycroft Remembers: The Diogenes
The Report
The Solitary Student
The Attendant Three-Quarter
The Dresser

Simon Clark

The Mammoth Book of Sherlock Holmes Abroad

Introduction - Simon Clark
The Monster of Hell's Gate - Paul Finch
The Case of the Maltese Catacombs - William Meikle
The Adventure of the Colonel's Daughter - Denis O. Smith
The Mystery of the Red City - Alison Littlewood
The Doll Who Talked to the Dead - Nev Fountain
A Concurrence of Coincidences - David Moody
The Strange Death of Sherlock Holmes - Andrew Darlington
The Climbing Man - Simon Clark
The Curse of Guangxu - Sam Stone
The Case of the Revenant - Johnny Mains
The Adventure of the Mummy's Curse - Cavan Scott
The Case of the Lost Soul - Paul Kane
The Lunacy of Celestine Blot - Stephen Volk
The Crimson Devil - Mark Morris
The Draugr of Tromsø - Carole Johnstone

Sherlock Holmes's School for Detection

Introduction - Simon Clark
Prologue: Holmes Receives a Most Intriguing Proposal - Simon Clark
The Adventure of the Avid Pupil - Alison Littlewood
The Pressed Carnation (or A Scandal in London) - Saviour Pirotta
The Case of the Wrong-Wise Boots - Simon Clark
A Gentlemanly Wager - William Meikle
The Gargoyles of Killfellen House - Cate Gardner
The Bell Rock Light - Guy Haley
The Case of the Cannibal Club - Carole Johnstone
Sherlock Holmes and the Four Kings of Sweden - Steven Savile
The Adventure of the Orkney Shark - Simon Bestwick
The Spy and the Towers - Nick Oldham
The Monster of the Age - Paul Finch

L.F.E. Coombs

Sherlock Holmes at the Breakfast Table

The Railway Van That Vanished
The Brighton Clown
A Liquid Mystery
The Gong
The Tenth Jar
The Deerstalker
Diamonds at Sea or The Missing Bridesmaid
The Sycamore Seed
Tracks in the Snow
Fair Play
The Tiptree Typewriter
The Mystery of the Wires
Not Cricket

David Stuart Davies

Sherlock Holmes: The Game's Afoot

The Adventure of the Richmond Horror - Denis O. Smith
The Adventure of the Whitrow Inheritance - David Stuart Davies
The Adventure of the Green Skull - Mark Valentine
The Case of the Gustaffsson Stone - June Thomson
The Disappearance of the Cutter Alicia - John Hall
The Adventure of the Forgetful Assassin - M.J. Elliott
The Long Man - Rafe McGregor
The Adventure of the Brown Box - Denis O. Smith
The Tragedy of Saxon's Gate - Matthew Booth
The Adventure of the Intermittent Jigsaw Puzzle - Alan Stockwell
The Adventure of the Christmas Bauble - John Hall
The Return of the Sussex Vampire - Christopher Sequeira
The Adventure of the Hanging Tyrant - M.J. Elliott
The North Walk Mystery - Denis O. Smith
The Case of the Vanishing Barque - June Thomson
Sherlock Holmes and the Ghost of Christmas Past - David Stuart Davies
The Dragon of Lea Lane - Matthew Booth
Jerusalem Keep - Mark Valentine & John Howard
The Adventure of the Haunted Showman - Christopher Sequeira
Sherlock Holmes and the Reichenbach Secret - David Stuart Davies

Joseph R.G. DeMarco

A Study in Lavender

Introduction - Joseph R.G. DeMarco
The Adventure of the Bloody Coins - Stephen Osborne
The Case of the Wounded Heart - Rajan Khanna
The Kidnapping of Alice Braddon - Katie Raynes
Court of Honour - J.R. Campbell
The Well-Educated Young Man - William P. Coleman
The Bride and the Bachelors - Vincent Kovar
The Adventure of the Hidden Lane - Lyn C.A. Gardner
Whom God Destroys - Ruth Sims
The Adventure of the Unidentified Flying Object - Michael G. Cornelius
The Adventure of the Poesy Ring - Elka Cloke

G.S. Denning

Warlock Holmes: A Study in Brimstone

A Study in Brimstone
The Adventure of the Resident Sacrifice
The Case of the Cardboard...Case
The Adventure of the Yellow Bastard
The Adventure of the _eckled _and
Charles Aufustus Milverton: Soulbinder

Rock Dilisio

Sherlock Holmes: Mysteries of the Victorian Era

The Adventure of the Project
The Adventure of Pinson Manor
The Adventure of the Quiet Storm
The Adventure of the Englander Diamond
The Adventure of Jackthorn Circle


Adrian Conan Doyle & John Dickson Carr

The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes

The Adventure of the Seven Clocks
The Adventure of the Gold Hunter
The Adventure of the Wax Gamblers
The Adventure of the Highgate Miracle
The Adventure of the Black Baronet
The Adventure of the Sealed Room
The Adventure of Foulkes Rath
The Adventure of the Abbas Ruby
The Adventure of the Two Women
The Adventure of the Dark Angels
The Adventure of the Deptford Horror
The Adventure of the Red Widow

Matthew J. Elliott

Sherlock Holmes in Pursuit

The Adventure of the Patient Adversary
The Adventure of the Mocking Huntsman
The Adventure of the Forgetful Assassin
The Adventure of the Honourable Cracksman
The Adventure of the Hanging Tyrant
The Adventure of the Extraordinary Lodger

Miles Elward

Sherlock Holmes in Canterbury

The Missing Cleric
The Sunleys of Canterbury
The Ball of Twine

Loren D. Estleman

The Adventure of the Plated Spoon and Other Tales of Sherlock Holmes

Always Holmes - Loren D. Estleman
The Adventure of the Two Collaborators - J.M. Barrie
The Surgeon's Kit (extract from A Study in Terror) - Ellery Queen
The Adventure of the Dying Ship - Edward D. Hoch
Excerpt from The Insidious Dr Fu Manchu - Sax Rohmer
How Watson Learned the Trick - Arthur Conan Doyle
Two Shabby Figures (extract from The Beekeeper's Apprentice) - Laurie R. King
The Adventure of the Unique Hamlet - Vincent Starrett
The Adventure of the Red Widow - Adrian Conan Doyle
The Mysterious Case of the Urn of ASH; or, What Would Sherlock Do? - Deborah Morgan
The Adventure of the Deadly Interlude - James O'Keefe
The Adventure of the Rounded Ocelot - Larry D. Sweazy
The Adventure of the Plated Spoon - Loren D. Estleman