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Laurie R. King

The Beekeeper's Apprentice (1997)
Story Type: Pastiche narrated by Mary Russell
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Mrs. Hudson; Dr. Watson; Mycroft Holmes; Billy
Historical Figures: (Preface: Laurie R. King)
Other Characters: (Preface: UPS Delivery Woman; UPS Agent; Young Man); Mary Russell; Taxi Driver; Mary's Aunt; Miss Sim; Dying Soldier; Lady Veronica 'Ronnie' Beaconsfield; Conductor; Mr. Thomas; Patrick Mason; Mrs. Barker; Richard Barker; Ronald Woods; Terrence Howell; Sally Woods; Mr. Jones; Mr. Smith; Ambulance Attendants; PC 'Jammy' Rogers; Tillie Whiteneck; Monk's Tun Staff; Monk's Tun Guests; Tony Sylvester; Land Girls; Shell-Shocked Soldier; Will Thompson; Jessica Simpson; Senator Jonathan Simpson; Mrs. Simpson; Seaford Ticket Agent; Cardiff Constables; Police Matron; Miss Carter; Chief Inspector Connor; Sergeant Donaldson; Gwilhem Andrewes; Andrewes' Men; Shepherds; Welsh Children; Constable; Maddie; Kidnappers; Owen; Publican's Wife; Cab Driver; Old Woman; Farmer; Diogenes Doorman; Blind Pencil Seller; Child; John Dickson; Cab Driver; Building Attendant; Department Store Doorman; Policemen; Inspector Lestrade; Ronald MacReedy; Constable Tom Fowler; PC Mitchell; Scotland Yard Constable; Bomb Squad Man; Police Driver; Scotland Yard Inspector; Woman With Pram; Policewoman; Forensics officer; Wharf Gateman; Captain Jones; Brian; Jones's Crew; Ali Hazr; Mahmoud Hazr; Arab Merchants; Billy's Attackers; Young Man; Bodleian Librarian; Mary's Solicitor; Mary's Watchers; Doctor; Dorothy; Dorothy's Friend; Patricia Donleavy; Mr. Douglas; Dianne; Garage Man; Doctor; Nursing Sister
Date: April, 1915 - 1917 - 1918 - July, 1919
Locations: (Preface: Laurie R. King's Home); The Sussex Downs; Holmes's Villa; Emergency Medical Station; Oxford; Russell's Rooms; Train; Oxford Station; Russell's Farm; The Manor House; Patrick's House; Seaford; The Monk's Tun; Sylvester's House; Seaford Station; Train; Bristol; Wales; Cardiff; Cardiff Station; Police Van; Police Station; Andrewes Stables; Gypsy Caravan; The Brecon Beacons; Welsh Villages; Kidnappers' House; Cardiff Hotel; Train; Banbury Road; Farm Wagon; Pall Mall; The Diogenes Club; Mycroft's Rooms; The Storage Room; Department Store; Holmes's Four-Wheeler; Covent Garden; Park Toilets; New Scotland Yard; Police Car; Wharf Near Greenwich; Jones's Boat; The Thames; off the Coast of France; off Crete; Jaffa; Palestine; Jerusalem; Esdraelon; Acre; Bodleian Library; Oxford High Street; Covered Market; Turl Street; Broad Street; Russell's Morris Oxford; Hospital
Story: Laurie King receives a metal trunk full of artefacts and manuscripts. Attempts to trace its sender fail. Suffering writer's block she rewrites one of the stories and sends it to her publisher.

Fifteen-year-old Mary Russell encounters Holmes on the Sussex Downs. After initially trading insults, he recognises a sharp mind and invites her to tea. Over the next two years she receives a detective's training from Holmes, a more general education in the village, and tends to wounded soldiers sent home from the trenches, eventually going up to Oxford in 1917, where she indulges in amateur dramatics and pranks (of a Victoria Woolfian mold).

Returning to Sussex for the holidays, Russell is drawn into a case with Holmes. Mrs. Barker from the Manor House tells them how her husband, Richard, a government officer is falling victim to bouts of illness, each lasting a few days, and coinciding with periods of clear weather. Having seen flashing lights on their rooftop, she has come to believe that he is a spy. Later Russell investigates a series of robberies at inns in Eastbourne, with a little help from one of Mrs. Barker's seventeen dogs, and Holmes uses an old trick to locate the stolen money. Their next case together involves traveling to Wales, disguised as gypsies, to investigate the kidnapping of the American Ambassador's daughter. Although they rescue the child, they fail to capture the brain behind the kidnapping.

In December, 1918, Russell returns home from the Bodleian library to find a disguised Holmes and a bomb in her rooms. An attempt has also been made on Holmes's life in Sussex. They take refuge in Mycroft's rooms, where they are tracked down by Watson. They learn that the bomber responsible has been killed in an attack on Watson's house, but when they visit Covent Garden, Billy is attacked and their cab torn apart. From a smear of clay Russell deduces that their opponent is a woman, and realises that a note that arrives at New Scotland Yard (where they are shot at in Lestrade's office) was typed on the same machine as that used in the Simpson kidnapping. They leave London on a mission for Mycroft in Palestine. When they return they make a show of a falling-out, hoping to force their opponent's hand. Russell finally deciphers a cryptic message in the Bodleian library, and realises that their adversary is someone closer to her than to Holmes. They drive down to Sussex, where their adversary is lying in wait for them and reveals that her motives for revenge lay in Holmes's past.

NOTE: An extract from the novel appears in The Adventure of the Plated Spoon and Other Tales of Sherlock Holmes (Loren D. Estleman)

A Monstrous Regiment of Women (1995)
Story Type: Pastiche narrated by Mary Russell
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Mrs Hudson; Billy; Dr Watson; (Holy' Peters; Mycroft Holmes; Inspector Lestrade; Irene Adler)
Historical Figures: (Arthur Conan Doyle; The Cottingley Fairies)
Other Characters: Mary Russell; Cook; Cook's Helper; Cab Agency Owner; Annalisa; Holmes's Passengers; Constable; Ladies of the Evening; Club Members; Drunk; Bobbies; Street Urchin; Eastenders; Tea Shop Customers; Waitress; Lady Veronica Beaconsfield; Navvy; Margery Childe; Temple Members; Doorman; Marie; Inner Circle Members; Miss Corcoran; Iris Fitzwarren; Tonio; Taxi Drivers; Russell's Landlady; Mr & Mrs Elf; Simpson's Maitre D'; Urchins; Veronica's Families; Veronica's Assistant; Edmund Marshall; Miles Fitzwarren; Sicilian Street Vendor; Oxford Informant; Great Man; Duncan; Duncan's Children; Duncan's Wife; Baritsu Teacher; Refuge Worker; Temple Women; Mr Arbuthnot; Sussex Workmen; Patrick Mason; Tailors' Grandsons; Organ Grinder; Pie Seller; Deliveryman; Temple Secretary; Dominic's Maitre D'; Masters; Waiter; Palestinian & Babylonian Antiquities Expert; Rachel Mallory; Telegraph Boy; Pub Clientele; Phoebe; Reggie; Baronet; Baronet's Scout; Innkeeper; Billy's Brother; London Bridge Constable; Arbuthnot's Secretary; Freddy Bell; Vicissitude Manager; Delivery Man; Chauffeur; Quimby; Mrs Quimby; Scotland Yard Officer; Mallow; Inspector John Lestrade; Bell & Bugle Customers; Inspector Tomlinson; Thomas; Knifeman; Bobbies; Inspector Richmond ; Chief Inspector; Claude Franklin / Calvin Franich / Claude de Finetti; Franklin's Thugs; Uniformed Constable; Inspector Dakins; Mr Bigley; Bloomsbury Constables; Doorman; Pie Vendor; Child; Streetwalkers; Whitechapel Men; Buskers; Acrobats; Pavement Vendors; Ruby Hepplewhite; Temple Nurse; Eddie; Billy's Relatives; A Bobby; Barge Crew; (Russell's Aunt; Russell's Relatives; Emily; Chestnut Seller; Major Thomas Fitzwarren; Elizabeth Fitzwarren; Dr McDaniels; Italian Priest; Ivy; Delia Laird; Bunny Hillman; Gertrude P.; Helen; Susanna Briggs; Francesca Rowley; Queenie; Tillie; Patrick's Sister; Veronica's Parents; Nurses; Watcher; Mycroft's Clerk; Lillian McCarthy; Murder Victims; Tommy Buchanan; Beat Constable; American Academics; European Academics; Cynthia Goddart; Miss Archer; Police Matron; Penworthy; Retired Cracksman; Cat Burglar; Cracksman; Major Thomas Silverton; Temple Night Guard; Station Master; Portsmouth Landlady)
Date: Sunday, 26th December, 1920 - Sunday, 6th February, 1921
Locations: Sussex; Russell's House; The Sussex Downs; Holmes's Cottage; London; Cab Agency; Gladstone Terrace; Limehouse; A Club; Spitalfields; Tea Shop; Veronica's House; The New Temple In God; Holmes's Bolt-Hole; Vicissitude Club; British Museum; Tonio's Restaurant; Oxford; Bodleian Library; Russell's Lodgings; Tailors Shop; Simpson's; St John's Wood; The Fitzwarren House; Pub; Great Man's House; Duncan's House; Headington; Converted Laundry; Offices of Gibson, Arbuthnot, Meyer and Perowne; Dominic's; The Embankment; Oxford Pub; Baronet's Rooms; Inn; Guys Hospital; London Bridge Station; Bloomsbury; Russell's Flat; Turkish Baths; Scotland Yard; The Bell and Bugle; Police Station; Train; Country House near Little Waltham, Essex; Regents Park; Warehouse; Portsmouth; Boarding House
Story: Russell visits Holmes on Boxing Day, but finding him absent, deduces he has gone to London, and travels up to find him driving a cab. They fall out over his interpretation of her motives - he suggests she has come to ask him to marry her. She meets Lady Veronica, an Oxford friend, in the East End, who tells her about Miles, her shell-shocked, drug-addict ex-fiancée, and invites her to a talk given by feminist preacher Margery Childe, at the New Temple In God, who is intrigued by her work on the female aspects of God. She re-encounters Holmes and asks for his opinion on Childe and advice on Miles. The following day, Ronnie tells her that Miles's sister, a member of Childe's temple, has been murdered. Russell visits the Fitzwarren's with Ronnie. Holmes, who knows the family, arrives, and takes Miles away to work on curing his addiction. Russell sees more of the work the Temple does for women, wonders about its growth over the past four years, and is told of Childe's ambition to stand for Parliament.

Mary celebrates her twenty-first birthday, and, having gained control of her inheritance, sends her aunt away, and redecorates her Sussex home. She also makes a large donation to the Temple. Holmes goes to France on business for Mycroft. Childe is apparently attacked at the Temple, but a short time later bears no sign of her wounds. When Ronnie is almost killed on the Underground, Holmes puts her into Watson's care, and sends Billy to call Russell back from a walking trip in Oxfordshire. Holmes passes on a package of information which suggests that Mycroft has been interested in the Temple for some months - three women have died in accidents, all have left money to the Temple. Russell rents a flat in Bloomsbury and hires servants, setting herself up as bait, meanwhile sending Ronnie and Miles away to a hunting lodge in Scotland. She meets Lestrade who tells her that the girls' deaths have been linked to three murders related to a drug-smuggler named Buchanan. Russell suggests that the connection may be less concrete than the police believe. She and Childe are attacked in the street, and later she is taken prisoner while travelling to Oxford, locked in a cellar and injected with heroin.

Holmes effects a rescue, and discovers that a forged will has been lodged at Somerset House. Russell returns, disguised, to the Temple to learn its secrets.

A Letter of Mary (1996)
Story Type: Pastiche narrated by Mary Russell
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Mrs Hudson; Mycroft Holmes; Billy; (Dr Watson; Jew Broker in Tottenham Court Road; Inspector Lestrade)
Fictional Characters: Lord Peter Wimsey
Historical Figures: (Mary Magdalene; Jesus Christ; T.E. Lawrence; Howard Carter; Lord Carnarvon; Arthur Conan Doyle; J.R.R. Tolkien)
Other Characters: Mary Russell; Dorothy Elizabeth Ruskin; Farmer's Son; Morgue Policeman; Post Box Woman; Murder Scene Onlookers; Hotel Desk Clerk; American Family; Sally Wells; Café Waitress; Mycroft's Housekeeper; Patrick Mason; Chief Inspector John Lestrade; Tony Ellis; Erica Rogers; Telephone Operator; Night Vendor; Mycroft's Doorman; Colonel Dennis Edwards; Rosie; Young Couple; Pig & Whistle Clientele; Pig & Whistle Publican; Publican's Wife; Edwards' Servants; Gerald Andrew Edwards; Pub Clientele; Alex; Jason Rogers; Isabella; Churchgoers; Priest; Southern; Mrs Southern; Westbury's Guests; String Quartet; Mrs Westbury; Westbury's Maid; Oxford Students; Oxford Don; Sarah Chessman; Tommy O'Rourke; Timothy Coogan; Policeman; Police Matron; Lestrade's Driver: (Mrs Hudson's Daughter; Postal Delivery Boy; Ruskin's Mother; Provence Winemaker; Arab Sheikh; British Museum Expert; Papyrus Experts; Bedouin; Bedouin's Wife; Bedouin's Mother; Bedouin's Father; Newsagent's Boy; Police Constable; Driver; Nell; Mr Lockhart; Restaurant Maitre d'; Waiter; Chessman's Neighbour; Diogenes Club Member; Mrs Hudson's Nephew; Russell's Aunt; Tillie Whiteneck; Ruskin's British Museum Friend; Russell's Friend in Marston; Old Will; Academy Dircetor; Academy Guests; Sussex Neighbours; Constable Perkins; Judith; Rachel; Mary Magdalene's Husband; Mary Magdalene's Brothers-in-Law; Lestrade's Lady Friend; Old Will's Grandson; Lestrade's Men; Jedediah; Mrs Edwards; Nurse; Edwards' Man; Man's Wife; Lawson; Erica's Neighbours; Ruskin's Father; Ruskin's Solicitor; Ruskin's Driver; Zionists; Zionist Doctor; ibn Ahmadi Family; Inspector Jack Rafferty; Victoria Station Left-Luggage Attendant; Bank Manager; Mary Small; Khyber Pass Missionaries; Shopkeeper; Edwards' Secretary; Manufacturing Business Managers; Edwards' Shooting Friends; Edwards' Bank Manager; Brooks; Lawson; Dr Leah Ginzberg; Billy's Aunt's Cousin-in-Law; Erica's Nighbour's Lad; Erica's Maid; Westbury; Westbury's Servants; Westbury's Cook; Lestrade's Nephew; Headmaster; Mrs Edwards' Nurse; Annie Graves / Amanda Pillow; Mrs Edwards' Daughter; Mother Timkins; Edwards' Neighbour; Restaurant Doorman; Two Knifed Women; Murdered Boy; Erica's Sons; Erica's Daughter-in-Law; Erica's Grandchildren; Erica's Great-Grandchild; Emily Rogers; Mycroft's Agent; Taxi Driver; London Zionists; Rabbi; Jedediah's Mother; Scrap Dealer; Todd Rogers; Cab Owner; Soup Kitchen Men; College Dean; Ruskin's Friends; Constance Lessingham; Lessingham's Neighbour; Matty; Solly; Solly's Friends; Solly's Neighbours; Paris Hotel Guests; Thomas Rand; Hikers; Jason's Wife)
Date: Tuesday, 14th August, 1923 - Saturday, 8th September, 1923
Locations: Sussex; Holmes's Cottage; The Downs; Eastbourne Railway Station; London; Morgue; Street Corner; Hotel; Café; Mycroft's Rooms; Russell's Farm; Southwark; Scotland Yard; Cambridgeshire; Erica's House; Rosie's Tea Shoppe; The Pig & Whistle; Billy's Cousin's Boardinghouse; Edwards' House; Pub; A Train; Jerusalem; Edwards' Church; Church Hall; Kent; Westbury's House; Oxford; Bodleian Library; The Eagle & Child; Soup Kitchen; Ruskin's College; Woodstock Road, Oxford; Radcliffe Infirmary; Chessman's Rooms; Lestrade's Office; A Train; france; Paris
Story: Russell receives a letter from Palestine-based archaeologist Ruskin, asking for a meeting. She asks Russell's opinion on a papyrus that has been found in Palestine. On reading it, she discovers that it purports to have been written by Mary Magdalene. Ruskin leaves the papyrus, and the box it came in with Russell, and a couple of days later Holmes reads in the Times that she has been killed by a car in London. He and Russell travel to the City to identify the body. On Ruskin's boots and at the scene of her death, they discover evidence of murder. Russell discovers that Ruskin's hotel room has been searched, while Holmes traces her dinner partner, and learns that her briefcase has disappeared. A letter from Ruskin's sister suggests that they might be the next targets, and after consulting with Mycroft, and passing the letter on to Lestrade, they return to Sussex to find the cottage ransacked. Lestrade and Russell visit Ruskin's sister, who has been visited by two Arabs.

Holmes and Lestrade investigate Ruskin's last few days, and while Holmes visits the sister, Russell finds work with Edwards, Ruskin's dinner appointment on the night of her death. Edwards' son pushes his attentions on her, and she discovers a stash of mysogynistic literature and a parking ticket, and Holmes changes a tyre and learns about Ruskin's sister's mental imbalance. Edwards takes Russell to a strange house party where she encounters Peter Wimsey. Lestrade, Mycroft and Russell deliver their findings on the suspects, but it is Holmes who delivers evidence in the form of car parts. Russell continues her research into the manuscript, and hypnotises a witness. With the culprits revealed, it still seems impossible to make an arrest, but Dorothy Ruskin has one more secret left to reveal.

"Mrs. Hudson's Case" (1997)
Included in: Crime Through Time (Miriam Grace Monfredo & Sharan Newman); The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (John Joseph Adams); The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories (Otto Penzler); Mary Russell's War (Laurie R. King)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Mrs. Hudson; Sherlock Holmes
Other Characters: Mary Russell; Sarah Oberdorfer; Louis Oberdorfer; (John Lestrade; James Oberdorfer)
Locations: Holmes's bee-farm; Oxford
Story: Mrs. Hudson wants Holmes to set up a hidden camera to trap whoever is stealing from her kitchen, but he refuses. Russell questions her further, discovers that there has been a spate of similar thefts in the area, and decides to rig a tripwire across the kitchen door. Holmes is called away to London to investigate the kidnapping of the orphan children of a wealthy cloth manufacturer, and Russell returns to her studies in Oxford, from where, worried upon not receiving her regular letters from Mrs. Hudson, she returns to Sussex to discover that the culprits have been caught, and that there is a connection with Holmes's kidnap case.


The Moor (1998)
Story Type: Pastiche narrated by Mary Russell
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; (Jack Stapleton; Sir Henry Baskerville; Sir Charles Baskerville; The Hound of the Baskervilles; Mycroft Holmes; Beryl Stapleton)
Historical Figures: Sabine Baring-Gould; (Harry Baskerville; Arthur Conan Doyle; Lady Mary Howard; Brother Adam)
Other Characters: Mary Russell; Russell's Landlady's Housemaid; Elderly Couple; Mrs Moore; Mrs Elliott; Sally Harper; Mr Harper; Harry Cleave; Cleave's Girl; Veterinarian; Farmer; Hired Hand; Farmwife; Old Woman; Thomas Westaway; Westaway's Girlfriend; Girlfriend's New Suitor; Saracen's Head Boy; Saracen's Head Girl; Mary Tavy Innkeeper; Richard Ketteridge; Gilbert Arundell; David Scheiman; Ketteridge's Chauffeur; Tuptree; Baskerville Hall Servant; Randolph Pethering; Charles Dunstan; Blue Lion Barman; Mrs Pengelly; Young Woman; Postbridge Landlady; Inn Staff; Stable Boy; Dartmoor Residents; Farm Daughter: Lew Down Postmistress; Mary Tavy Inn Customers; Pub Owner; Bar Girl; Chase's Neighbours; Elizabeth Chase; Baskerville Hall Gatekeeper; Gatekeeper's Wife; Mrs McIverney; Jansen; Baskerville Hall Maid; Lew Down Residents; Thomas; Andrew Budd; Albert Budd; Davey Pearce; PC Bennett; Doctor; Inspector Fyfe; Rosemary; Train Passengers; Plymouth Taxi Driver; Violet Baskerville; Mary; Plymouth Clergyman; Congregation; Plymouth Man; Lydford Station Master; Baring-Gould's Doctor; Samuel & Livy Taylor & Their Children; Doctor's Wife; (Josiah Gorton; Johnny Trelawny; Courting Couple; Farmer; Farmer's Son; Publican; Drake; Jacob Drew; London Couple; Sir Henry Baskerville's Daughter; William Latimer; Miz Endacott; Samuel; Daniel; Samuel's Mother; Samuel's Aunty; Williams; Lettice; Lew Down Innkeeper; Collaven Farmer; Oscar Richfield; M. Bridges; Farmer; Major-General Nicholas Wyke-Murchington; Harrison)
Date: October, 1923
Locations: Oxford; Coryton Station; Lew Trenchard; Lew House; Quarry Lake; Public House; Lydford; Dartmoor; Stone Hut; Cleave's Farm; Drake's Farm; Tin Miner's Hut; Farm; Wistman's Wood; Two Bridges; Saracen's Head Inn; Mary Tavy; Gibbet Hill; Baskerville Hall; Lew Trenchard Church; The Blue Lion; Tavistock; Postbridge; Inn; Mary Tavy Post Office; Inn; Chase's Cottage; Lydford; Plymouth
Story: Russell is summoned to Dartmoor by Holmes, where she finds herself forced to walk from Coryton Station to Lew House, home of Sabine Baring-Gould, who tells them that a ghostly hound has been seen again on the Moor. Holmes tells Russell of the death of Gorton, a tin miner, on the Moor, the footprints of a large dog beside his body. This time the hound is said to have been seen with the ghostly Lady Howard and her spectral coach. Holmes reveals that he is also looking into the artillery ranges on the Moor where new weapons are being tested, at Mycroft's request. He and Russell explore the Moor, find Gorton's hut, discover gold, and become lost in a fog.

The following day, they find themselves dinner guests of Ketteridge, the new owner of Baskerville Hall. Returning, they find Pethering, an archaeologist, laying siege to Baring-Gould's bedroom. Holmes goes off to investigate Mycroft's spies, while Russell searches the Moor for the origins of the ghostly coach, and hears about a hound and a hedgehog. A fall from a horse leads to her return to Baskerville Hall where she discovers that Ketteridge is not being altogether truthful, and that he is soon to sell the house.

Returning to Lew House, she learns that Holmes has gone up to London. The following day Pethering's body is found. Holmes returns from London, and learns, though Russell, that the portrait of Sir Hugo has been removed from Baskerville Hall. Russell visits Sir Henry Baskerville's daughter to learn more. The son of an old adversary enters the fray before all the threads are drawn together in a night-time vigil on the Moor.

O Jerusalem (1999)
Story Type: Pastiche narrated by Mary Russell
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; (Mycroft Holmes)
Historical Figures:General Edmund Allenby; Norman Bentwich; Jacb Eliahu; Helen Bentwich; Sir Ronald Storrs; Mrs Storrs; The Mufti; The Kadi; T.E. Lawrence 366
Other Characters: Mary Russell; Steven; Ali Hazr; Mahmoud Hazr; Yitzak; Davy; Charlie; Joshua; Farash; Mr Bashir; Lieutenant Plumbury; Arthurs; Sarah; Rahel; Channah Goldsmit; Aaron; Abbot Mattias; Dorothy Ruskin; Gasim ibn Rahail; Sheikh Rahail; Father Demetrius; Mrs Major; Karim Bey; Night Patrol Men; Cart Man; Boy with Cow; Boy with Goats; Charcoal Burners; Message Carriers; Villagers; Villa Guard; British Soldiers; Camp Children; Woman at Wells; Men at Camp; Man and Pregnant Woman; Bedouin Caravan; Lorry Drivers; Inn Men; Landlord; Inn Boys; Children at Well; Joshua's Driver; Village Mukhtar; Bandit; Mar Sabas Gatekeeper; Mar Sabas Servant; Monks; Allenby's Drivers; Lieutenant; Allenby's Staff; Guide; Holmes's Guards; Old Farm Woman; Donkey Boys; English Tourists; St George's Monks; Bedouins; Jerusalem Crowds; Beggars; Urchins; Camel Owner; Orange Boy; Inn Boys; European Woman; Lieutenant; Bazaar Traders; Mounted Police Constable; Scotsman; Moroccan; Hasid; Gradfathers; Adolescent Girls; Young Boys; Police Constable; Tourists; Drunk Merchants; Polish Jews; Widow of Abdul the Ugly; Widow's Son; Cotton Bazaar Sergeant; Privates; Bazaar Construction Workers; Tea Seller; Staff Car Driver; Servant; Hostess; Cavalry Officer; Party Guests; Innkeeper; Jacobs Workmen; Allenby's Entourage; Translators; Bey's Men; Holy Sepulchre Guards; Holy Sepulchre Monks; Plumbury's Men; Americans; Head of the Red Cross; (Russell's Cousin; Farm Workers; Mullah; Cairo Lady; Nablus Landowner; Moslem Arabs; Jewish Boy; Arab Sister; Jewish Boys Uncle; Mikhail the Druse; Bashir's Colleague; Brother Antoninus; Young Monk; Masseur; Masseur's Servants; Watchmaker; Bertram Ellison; Miriam the Laundress; Daoud the Stonemason; Daoud's Son; Workers' Relatives; Suleiman; Sampson)
Date: December, 1918 - January, 1919
Locations: Palestine; A Hut; Yitzak's Farm; Mullah's Villa near Gaza; Yebna; Beersheva; An Inn; Military Cemetery; Joshua's Headquarters; Metalsmith's Shop; Wadi Estemoa; Farash's Village; Masada; The Dead Sea; Mar Sabas; Jordan Valley; Jericho; Haifa; Allenby's Headquarters; Ram Allah; Rahel's Inn; Channah's Kivutz; Farm near Jericho; St George's Monastery; The Apostle's Spring; Mount of Olives; Jerusalem; Jaffa Gate; David Street; Inn; Bazaar; Silwan; Pool of Siloam; Armenian Quarter; Demetrius's Quarters; The Cotton Bazaar; American Colony; Damascus Gate; Herod's Gate; Solomon's Quarries; The Old Serai; The Muristan; Street of the Christians; Church of the Holy Sepulchre; Western Wall; Government House
Story: Holmes and Russell are in Palestine working on an assignment for Mycroft. On arrival, they are taken through the desert by the Hazr brothers, Ali and Mahmoud, to meet the spymaster, Joshua. En route, after the discovery of a murdered farmer friend, the Hazrs become interested in a Mullah, and a white man who has been seen with him, and a raid is carried out on his villa.

On meeting Joshua, they learn of the deaths of several of his agents, and of a series of seemingly co-ordinated acts of disruption around the country. After examining the site of the latest death, they encounter bandits and salt smugglers, and visit monasteries, before being summoned to a meeting with General Allenby. An attack on their car results in Holmes being separated from his companions.

Reunited, and in Jerusalem, they must work to defeat a bomb plot against the city's leading figures. Russell works on a construction site, and Holmes attends a party in the role of Lt-Col. William Gillette. They explore the subterranean world of the city before facing their enemy in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Justice Hall (2002)
Story Type: Pastiche narrated by Mary Russell
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Mrs Hudson; Mycroft Holmes; (Dr Watson)
Historical Figures: (William the Conqueror; General Ludendorff; Adolf Hitler; General Douglas Haig; Sinclair Lewis; Djuna Barnes; Claude Debussy)
Other Characters: Mary Russell; Patrick Mason; Ali Hazr / Alistair Gordon St John Hughenfort; Dr Amberley; Edmund "Algy" Algernon; Mrs Algernon; Tom; Justice Hall Footmen; Ogilby; Justice Hall House-Maids; Mahmoud Hazr / William Maurice Hughenfort, 7th Duke of Beauville; Phillida Anne Hughenfort Darling; Lenore Darling; Walter Darling; Sidney Darling; Duke's Arms Patrons; Mr Franks; Mrs Franks; Hendricks; Emma; Mr Ringle; Mrs Butter; Justice Hall Cook; Under-Cooks; Iris Sutherland; Bobo; Peebles; Annabelle; Jessamyn; Women Guests; Johnny Matheson; Richard Radley; Freiberg; Stein; Wine Steward; Ivo's Manservant; Sir James Carmichael; Ivo Michael Hughenfort; Sir Victor Gerard; Roger Gerard; Peter Gerard; Shoot Loaders; Shoot Beaters; Webster; Dayle; Bloom; Frau Freiberg; Frau Stein; Sir Victor's Wife; Costanza; Ivo's Wife; Phillida's Friends; Marsh's Doctor; Stan; Terry; Rector; French Train Passengers; French Driver; London Taxi Drivers; Terèse Hughenfort; Thomas Hughenfort; French Conductor; French Porter; Paris Taxi Drivers; Tony; Lyons Taxi Drivers; Brasserie Maitre d'; Grocer; Brasserie Patrons; Shopkeeper; Flower Seller; Needlework Shop Owners; Tobacconist; Terèse's Neighbours; Carlton Waiter; London Tobacconnist Woman; Reverend F.A. Hastings; Gabriel Adrian Thomas Hughenfort / Gabriel Hewetson; Hélène / Philippa Helen 'Phil' O'Meary / Mad Helen / Philippa Hughenfort; Quimby / Q; Mrs Quimby / Mrs Q; Gwyneth's Colleague; Gwyneth Claypool; London Doorman; Barman; Pub Customers; Simpson's Maitre d'; Member of Parliament; MP's Wife; MP's Sister; Strand Cab Driver; Dorothea Cobb; Record Office Assistants; Soldiers; Sergeant West; Ship's Purser; Webster Hotel Owner; Mr Cowper; Miss Larsen; Jimmy Rhoades; Ben O'Meary; Gabe Hewetson / Gabriel Michael Maurice Hughenfort; New York Porters; Flapper; Southampton Stevedores; Ship Passengers; Mycroft's Men; Justice Hall Workman; Fancy Dress Party Guests; Band; Mycroft's Grey-Haired Matron; (Russell's Solicitor; Henry Thomas Michael Hughenfort, 6th Duke of Beauville; Rioters; Gerald Richard Adam Hughenfort, 5th Duke of Beauville; Sarah Malverson Hughenfort; Rev. William Malverson; Lionel Gerald Hughenfort; Ali's Parents; Russell's Grandmother; Sir Guy de Hasard; Rose Hughenfort; Michael John; The Garritsons; Garritsons' Nanny; Richard de Hughfort; Norman Knights; Farmer's Wife; Farmer; Farmer's Children; Rosie Franks; Russell's Dressmakers; Boy Soldier; Boy Soldier's Parents; Miss Paul; Obediah Greene; William Thomas Hughenfort, 2nd Duke of Beauville; Ralph William Hughenfort, 1st Duke of Beauville; Long Tim; Henry the Unwary, 4th Earl of Calminster; Robert the Unwashed, 7th Earl of Calminster; Danella; American Editor; The Cowleys; Susan Bridges; Tristan; Steed; Antony; War Records Office Clerk; Gabriel's Army Colleagues; Charles John Hughenfort, 3rd Duke of Beauville; Ralph Charles Hughenfort; Lionel Thomas Hughenfort, 4th Duke of Beauville; Charles Thomas Hughenfort; Gervase Thomas Hughenfort; Philip Peter Hughenfort; William Hughenfort; Louis Hughenfort; Ralph Hughenfort; Anne Hughenfort; Iris's Mother; Iris's Friend; Sarah's Doctor; Iris's Doctor; Terèse's Accountant; Bank Employee; Mahmoud's Nurses; London Hotel Manager; Lyons Delivery Boy; Old Man; Mother; Son; Son's Friend; Furniture Purchaser; Brother-in-law; Pieter; Pieter's Wife; Sergeant; Young Officer; Soldiers; Old French Women; Divisional Commander; Firing Squad; Jamie McFarlane; Bishop; Woman with Three Small Children; Aged Deaf Couple; Bloomsbury Doorman; Freddy Bell; Gwyneth's Mother; Charlie; Volunteer Ambulance Driver; Police Constable; Holmes's Attackers; War Office Clerks; Mycroft's Housekeeper; Nursing Sisters; War Doctors; Matilda; Wanda; The Twins; Bunny; Elsie; Joan; Gabrielle; Nurse; Millicent; Jermyn Street Tailor; Ship's Captain; German Prisoners; James; Mr Booth; French Priest; Jack York; Stuffed Animal Man; Pyeminster)
Date: November, 1923
Locations: Sussex; Holmes's Villa; Eastbourne Station; Arley Holt Station; Arley Holt; Badger Old Place; Justice Hall; Justice Pond; The Duke's Arms; The Circles; The Green Man; France; Paris; Gare de Lyons; Train; English Channel; London; Hotel; Paris Hotel; Paris Brasserie; Park; Lyons; Railway Station; Hôtel Carlton; Lyons Brasserie; Shop; Terèse's Flat; London Telegraph Office; Small London Hotel; Tobacconist's Shop; Dorking; Hastings's Cottage; Dorking Station; Public House; French Hospital; Bloomsbury; Russell's Flat; Pub; Simpson's-in-the-Strand; Pall Mall; Mycroft's Rooms; Alley-way; Dorothea's Home; Voluntary Aid Department Record Office; Transatlantic Liner; Officer Training Camp; USA; New York; Hotel; Canada; Toronto; Hotel; Webster; Railway Station; Webster Inn; Bank; Webster Air Field; Southampton Harbour; Inn
Story: Holmes and Russell return to Sussex and are called on by an injured Ali Hazr. He reveals that he and Mahmoud are actually from an aristocratic British family, and that Mahmoud has just become the seventh Duke of Beauville. Ali takes Russell and Holmes to Berkshire, where he asks them to convince Mahmoud to give up his inheritance. Mahmoud tells the family's history, and of his younger brother's nine-year-old son, Thomas, who is arriving from France. He has doubts about the boy's paternity. Holmes also investigates the death of Mahmoud's nephew Lionel, whom Mahmoud believes was executed by firing squad during the Great War.

Marsh is shot during a pheasant shoot, and Holmes and Russell examine the family tree to work out the lines of succession, were he to die. Further family secrets are revealed as the investigations continue. Holmes and Russell travel to France to follow Thomas and his mother on their journey to London. Travelling back to France disguised as priests, they make conversation with the mother and son, and discover details of her past in Lyons.

Back in England, they discover details of Gabriel's military career from his old regimental chaplain. Holmes is attacked, and Mycroft is brought into the investigation. Russell is sent to Canada to seek out Gabriel's wartime sweetheart, taking his diary, which details his war experience, with her, and brings a new Hughenfort back with her. A trap is laid at an Egyptian-themed fancy dress party to bring the villain of the piece into the open.

The Game (2004)
Story Type: Pastiche narrated by Mary Russell
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Mycroft Holmes; Mrs. Hudson; (Dr. Watson)
Fictional Characters: Kim / Kimball O'Hara; (The Lama)
Historical Figures: (13th Dalai Lama)
Other Characters: Sacrifice; Sacrificer; Villagers; Mary Russell; Russell's Solicitor; Patrick Mason; Eastbourne Station Master; Baggage Handlers; Italian Priest; Priest's Sister; P&O Officials; Sybil "Sunny" Goodheart; Mrs. Goodheart; Tom Goodheart; Steamer Passengers; Purser; Maid; Crewman; Boys at Aden; Aden Bazaar Crowds; Suleiman 'Solly' Lal; Lal's Turkish Guard; Jeweller; Child; Three Robed Matrons; Rescuers; Shopkeeper's Assistant; Toilet Woman; Carpet Seller; Shopkeeper's Wife; Women & Infant; Lascar; Mr.Cook; Dock Crowds; Dock Guards; Two Chuprassis; Station Crowds; Delhi Hotel Manager; Beggars; Cab Driver; Officers; Rickshaw Puller; Sikh Guard; Hari; Captain Geoffrey Nesbit; Hotel Waiter; Hotel Servants; Bindra; Mechanics; Countryside Residents; Samosa Seller; Caravanserai Rajputs; Caravanserai Sikhs; Lhassi Seller; Farmer; Old Man; Villagers; Kalka Innkeeper; Simla Children; Simla Strollers; Lodge Servants; Durzi; Shoemaker; Chuprazzi; Driver; Tea Shop Patrons; Shopkeeper; Mountain People; Durzi's Assistant; Hotel Staff; Umballa Station Sleepers; Khanpur Coolies; Children; Maharaja "Jimmy" Jumalpandra; Tonga Drivers; Railway Workers; Rolls Driver; Pilot; Maharaja's Servants; Musicians; Guests; Gayatri Kaur; Captain Simon Greaves; Syce; Shikaris; Faith Hopkins; Lyn Fford; Harry Koehler; Trevor Wilson; Vikram Reddy; Taran Singh; Entertainers; Robbins; Mrs. Robbins; Guards; Dwarf Zookeepers; Field Workers; Shopkeepers; Beggars; Sadhu; Water Seller; Farmer; Villagers; Village Headman; Watchman; Border Guards; Hijarkot Syce; Khansama; Maharaja's Majordomo; Old Fort Guards; Sanji; Bungalow Servants; German Girl; (Agent in Tibet; Scandinavian Explorers; Tibetan Border Guards; French Lady; Parsi; Goodhearts' Porters; Sweeper; Cook)
Date: 1st January, 1924 - ?
Locations: A Village; Holmes's Sussex Villa; A Train; Mycroft's Rooms; Victoria Station; Eastbourne Station; Trains; Kent; Cross-Channel Ferry; France; A Steamer to India (The Mediterranean; Port Said; The Suez Canal; The Red Sea); Aden; Post Office; Bazaar; India; Bombay; Delhi; Hotel Room; Nesbit's Bungalow; Room behind Spice-seller's; Ram Bachadur's Shed; The Grand Trunk Road; Roadside Café; Roadside Tea Shop; Caravanserai; Small Town; Gur Factory; Village; Kalka; An Inn; Train to Simla; Simla; Native Bazaar; Hotel; The Viceregal Lodge; Tea Shop; Skating Rink; Restaurant; Jakko; Goodhearts Hotel; The Mountains above Simla; Simla Station; Kalka; Umballa; Maharaja's Saloon Car; Amritsar; Khanpur; Maharaja's Plane; Khanpur City; New Fort; Maharaja's Zoo; Bazaar; Khanpur Villages; Hijarkot; Old Fort; Dak Bungalow; (Tibet)
Story: A dangerously ill Mycroft receives a package of papers relating to Kim. Contact has been lost with the British agent. Holmes and Russell head to India to find him. On the journey Holmes tells Russell of his encounter with Kim in Tibet during the Great Hiatus, and they encounter the Goodheart family. Going ashore at Aden they are imperilled by a falling toilet in the bazaar.

In India, they learn more of a northern maharajah friend of the Goodhearts, and that four agents have disappeared and three been killed over the previous months. After their hotel is set fire to, they set out for Simla, disguised as Indian conjurers, and accompanied by the orphan donkey-handler, Bindra, who attaches himself to their party. In Simla they encounter the Goodhearts again, and Russell accompanies them to Khanpur to investigate the activities of their friend the Maharaja. There she takes part in a pig-sticking session and seems to win the favour of the Maharaja, "Jimmy", who nonetheless demonstrates a cruel side to his nature.

Holmes arrives in Khanpur in his magician disguise, and Russell, after exploring storage sheds owned by the Maharaja, and fearing that she will not be allowed to leave, rejoins him, again disguised as his assistant. The Maharaja, looking for entertainment, catches up with them and abducts Holmes the magician. Russell sets out for help, returning, again in disguise to Khanpur with Nesbit. There they find Holmes and Kim, who both prove reluctant to be released from their prisons. The Maharaja, who appears to be becoming increasingly disturbed, takes Russell and Nesbit on a hunt where the quarry proves to be something totally unexpected. After escaping again, they return once more to the Maharaja's fortress to bring him to justice, and there meet with an unexpected ally.

Locked Rooms (2005)
Story Type: Pastiche narrated by Mary Russell
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; (Mrs Hudson; Dr Watson; Mycroft Holmes; Mrs Turner)
Historical Figures: Dashiell Hammett; (Paganini; F. Scott Fitzgerald; Josephine Hammett; Hammett's Daughter)
Other Characters: Mary Russell; Henry Norbert; St Francis Desk Clerk; Howard Auberon; St Francis Concierge; Doorman; Fishermen; Telephone Girl; Policemen; Miss Rand; Fish-Seller; Mr Long; Waiter; Chinese Diners; St Francis Lift Operator; White Woman; White Man; Mr Russell; Mrs Russell; Miss MacPherson; Russell Servants; Doctor; Driver; Mai Long Kwo (Micah); Mah Long Wan; Long's Neighbour; Dee Greenfield; Mr Jeeves; Mrs La Tour; Florence Greenfield; Sales Girl; Italian Waiter; Taxi Driver; Ms Garbon; Estate Agent's Receptionist; Nurse; Mr Braithwaite; Braithwaite's Secretary; Donny; Club Valet; Holmes's Taxi Driver; Doorman; Policemen; Jimmy; Hammett's Taxi Driver; St Francis Waiter; Newsagent; Russell's Neighbour; Hermione Adderley; Hymes; Mimi; Chinese Restaurant Doorkeeper; Waiter; Cook; Greg Tyson; Bread Truck Driver; Picnickers; Telegraph Office Proprietor; Chop House Waitress; Dabs; Belinda Birdsong; Blue Tiger Singer; Mrs Gordimer; Wilson Gordimer; Mr Hoffman; Hoffman's Nephew; Russell's Taxi Driver; Irregulars; Italian Café Owner; Ricky Garcia; St Francis Bellman; Maître d'Hotel; Waitress; Bus-boy; Dr Ming; Soldiers; Firemen; Micah's Friend; Taxi Drivers; Mick; Robert Greenfield; Rosa Greenfield; Embarcadero Policemen; Chinatown Police; (Child; Nurse; Purser; Tom Goodheart; Dr Leah Ginzberg; Agatha Grimly; Grimly's Nephew; Greengrocer; Philips; Russell Neighbours; Postman; Man with Burns; Hammett's Pinkerton Friend; Milkman; Maxwell Dealer; Dick Hoffman; Lily Montera; Marguerite Purser; Thomas Octavio Hodges; Martin Sullivan; Laurence Goldberg; Calvin Francis O'Malley; Russell's Rescuers; Telephone Exchange Girl; James Roley; Soldier; Cops; Rudy; Kurt)
Date: April, 1924 / 1906 / 1914
Locations: Ship to Japan; Ship to Hawaii; Ship to California; San Francisco; St Francis Hotel; Union Square; Waterfront; Pacific Height's The Russell House; Norbert's Office; Chinatown; The Presidio; The Greenfield House; Post Street; Ginzberg's Old House; Estate Agent's Office; Hospital; Dive; Jimmy's Pub; Eddy Street; Hammett's Rooms; The Adderley House; Grant Avenue; Chop House; The Blue Tiger; The Gordimer House; The Lodge; Serra Beach Garage; Italian Café; Larkin; Lafayette Park; Market Street; The Embarcadero; The Ferry Building; (Japan; Hawaii; Aden; Boston)
Story: Russell suffers a series of bad dreams while travelling from Bombay to California to dispose of some family property there. Holmes continues to worry about the events that occurred in Aden. In San Francisco she finds the family home in a run-down state, and learns that her father's will states that no one, unless accompanied by an immediate family member, should be allowed to enter. When she does so the house drags up lost memories of her childhood and reveals signs of recent intruders. She is shot at after searching for the family servants in Chinatown, but is rescued by their adopted son, and learns of their murder, and of how they came to work for the Russells.

The following day she is sought out by Aunt Dee, an old family friend, and in turn seeks out Ginzberg, her old psychiatrist, only to find that she, too, is dead. While following Russell that evening, Holmes finds himself being followed by Hammett, and hires him away from his employer to help investigate Russell's family history. He sends Russell off with friends while he visits the site of the crash that killed her parents and learns from Hammett the details of the accident. Back in England, Watson carries out investigations into a fellow passenger on the voyage to Aden. Russell's few days at the family summer house, the Lodge, lead her to the same realisation about her family's death as Holmes. Back in San Francisco, Holmes recruits a new troop of Irregulars and a feng shui expert. What they find in the garden provides an unwelcome solution to the mystery, and they still have to face their adversary.

NOTE: The instrument of Leah Ginzberg's death, "Some kind of bird carving, an owl maybe, from Rhodes or Crete or something in the Mediterranean" (P.334) is presumably the Maltese Falcon.

The Art of Detection (2006)
Story Type: Detective Story / Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes
Historical Figures: Mr Samuel; Leah Garchik; (Peter Blau; Les Klinger)
Other Characters: Kate Martinelli; Chris Williams; Simon Wallace; Security Woman; Tamsin; Lawrence 'Lo-Tec' Freeman; Nora; Lee; Al Hawkin; Martinelli's Neighbours; Park Rangers; Dan Culpepper; Coroner's Men; Maria Warbeck; Philip Gilbert; Hikers; Tom Rutland; Naomi de la Veaga; Gilbert's Neighbours; Nadine Murray; Nika Kilanovitch; Jon Sampson; Sione Kalefu; Lalu; Roz Hall; Mina; Satch; Lieutenant; Corina Ferguson; Gilbert's Cousin; Gilbert's Nieces; ME's Assistant; Bank Manager; Geraldine O'Malley; Rajindra Pandi; Johnny Venkatarama; Diagram Research Receptionist; Rowena; Jeannine Cartfield; Soong Li; Ian Nicholson; Kobata's Assistant; Paul Kobata; Magnolia Brook; Brook's Daughter; Handyman; Tessie; Bank Gatekeeper; Martin Ledbetter; Man in Cloth Cap; Henry; Blue Tiger Customers; Waiter; Band; Billy Birdsong; Hadassah Levitson; Annabeth; Mr Minovski; Taxi Driver; Boot-Black; Fort Baker Guard; Major Morris; Soldiers; Corporal; Lieutenant Jack Raynor; Detectives; Corporal Larsen; St Francis Desk Clerk; Diner Customers; Fishermen; Chinese Fishermen; Chinese Captain; Baxter; Lieutenant Halston; Merry Winkle Winfield; Speakeasy Barman; St Francis Elevator Boy; Taxi Driver; Army Vets; Suspect; Boston Antiques Dealer; Thirteen Year Old Collector; Mr Israel; Tony's Grill Greeter; Alex Climpson; Wendell Bauer; Leah Garchik; Strollers; Angie Goode; Louisa Brancusi; French Restaurant Woman; Miss Flanders; Hal; Yvonne; Adler's Secretary; Saul Adler; Monica LaValle; Christy Bennington; Uniformed Cops; Reporters; Maj; Chronicle Photographer; City Hall Crowds; (Gilbert's Doctor; Diana Sandstrom; Marin County Coroner; Thomas Rutland; Amanda Blessing; Dierdre Carter; Mrs Kirchbaum; Samuel Kapinsky; Raynor's Mother; Edward Raynor)
Date: 31st January - February, 2004 / 1924
Locations: San Francisco; Gilbert's House; Noe Valley; Martinelli's House; Marin County; Battery DuMaurier; Hall Of Justice; Gilbert's Bank; Coffee Shop; Palo Alto; O'Malley's Office; Sunnyvale; Diagram Research Offices; Restaurant; Nora's Nursery School; Grocery Store; Nicholson's Apartment; Kobata's Shop; Berkeley; College Avenue; Carmel; Carmel Bank; Gin Shop; Opium Den; Powell Street; St Francis Hotel; The Blue Tiger; Bistro; Market Street; Samuel's; Minovski's Shop; Fort Baker; Fort Barry; El Aquario; Diner; Fisherman's Wharf; Speakeasy; Tony's Grill; The Ferry Building; Berkeley; Rutland's Office; City Hall; Fort Mason
Story: A body found in an abandoned gun emplacement in Marin County is that of a Sherlockian collector, Philip Gilbert. Investigating, Martinelli comes across a lost Sherlockian manuscript, apparently written by Holmes himself, and the typewriter on which it was written:

After taking a tour with a pickpocket through the seedier side of San Francisco, Holmes meets Billy Birdsong, transvestite chanteuse at the Blue Tiger club.He takes on the task of finding her missing soldier companion, Raynor, for her. Raynor's body is found in the same emplacement as Gilbert's will be eighty years later. His investigations among the military and on San Francisco's seedy side lead him to set a trap at the emplacement for the murderer.

Martinelli finds further parallels between Gilbert's murder and that described in the manuscript, spots irregularities in a webcam recording of the murder scene, and attends a meeting of the Strand Diners Sherlockian society. New visits to the Battery and Gilbert's home bring information that starts to suggest that events didn't play out exactly the way everyone has been assuming. She eventually finds herself held at gunpoint by the man's killer.

The Language of Bees (2009)
Story Type: Pastiche narrated by Mary Russell
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Mycroft Holmes; Mrs Hudson; (Dr Watson; Mrs Turner; Irene Adler; Godfrey Norton; Baker Street Irregulars; Billy)
Fictional Characters: (Kim; Lord Peter Wimsey)
Historical Figures: Augustus John; Betty May Loveday; (André Breton; Emperor of Japan; Aleister Crowley; Raoul Loveday; Jacob Epstein; Margaret Epstein; Kathleen Garman)
Other Characters: Mary Russell; Patrick Mason; Lulu Whiteneck; Damian Adler; Paris Bellboy; Monsieur Cantelet; Cantelet's Secretary; Ste Chappelle Gendarme; Monsieur Clémence; Hélène Longchamps; Beach Children; Boy and Girl with Dog; Women Hikers; Man in Boater; Rebecca; Glen Miranker; Holiday-Makers; Jevington Woman; Gallery Woman; Burton Place Maid; Burton Place Man; Virginia; Virginia's Mother; Jim; Stationers Woman; Children of Lights Members; Cab Driver; Millicent Dunworthy; Café Royal Clientele; Café Royal Porter; Maître d'; Waiter; Alice Wright; Ronnie Sutcliffe; Victoria Station Conductor; Harry Weller's Brother; Taxi Passengers; Dr Huxtable; Mrs Huxtable; Yolanda Adler; Eastbourne Station Staff; Vicissitude Manager's Sister-in-Law's Cousin; Burton Place Crowds; Burton Place Police; Burton Place Servant; Chief Inspector John Lestrade; Harrods Saleswoman; Dunworthy's Neighbours; Bookmaker; Newsman; Adler House Constable; Mrs Cowper; Sally Blalock; Chemist; Fortnum & Mason Assistant; Old Woman on Bus; Bus Conductor; Estate Agent; The Master / The Reverend / Thomas Brothers / Reverend Smythe / Reverend James Harmony Hayden / Reverend Harris / Jonas Algier; Marcus Gunderson; Estelle Adler; Lestrade's Man on Pall Mall; Save the Soul Director; British Museum Guard; Employment Agency Man; Inspector Kursall; Taxi Driver; Lestrade's Men; Café Waitress; Mr Jones; Nicholas Lofte; Clarissa Ledger; Ledger's Grand-daughter; Punters; Swimming Boys; Undergraduates; Print Shop Owner; Customer; Marcus Tolliver; Mycroft's Agents; Concierge of Mycroft's Building; Holmes's Driver; Aeronautical Society Members; Cash Javitz; Carver; Yorkshire Man; Cow-herds; Farmer; Aerodrome Men; Edinburgh Waitress; MacDougall; Inverness Farmer & Son; Mungo Clarty; Inverness Boarding House Owner; Inverness Driver; Magnuson; Magnuson's Friend; Thurso Telegraph Clerk; Steamer Ticket-Seller; Thurso Pub Clientele; Fisherman; Mrs Magnuson; Brigid's Son; Kirkwall Residents; Brigid Ross; Coach Driver; Tourists; Anglers; Fishing-Boat Captain; (Vicar; Rescued Child; Mycroft's French Acquaintance; Drug Seller; Jules Filot; Cantelet's Private Detective; Shanghai Girls; Shanghai Landlord; Girls' Clients; Bhang Seller; Missionary School Head; Yolanda's Family; Missionaries; Artist; Sally; Yolanda's Friends; Lady Veronica Beaconsfield; Mary's San Francisco Lawyers; Mary's Oxford Friend; Dorothy Ruskin; Johanna; Miranker's Housekeeper; Wiltshire Farmer; Druids; Fiona Cartwright; Cerne Abbas Visitors; Billy's Cousin; Piccadilly Circus Man; Bunny Sutcliffe; Bunny's Parents; Bunny's Children; Harry Weller; Oxford Street Newsboy; Officer in Bar Fight; Detective Inspector Weller; Locksmith; Henry Smythe; Cartwright's Brother; Cartwright Coroner; Albert Seaforth; Seaforth's Student; Student's Parents; Mycroft's Agricultural Colleague; Seaforth Pathologist; Lofte's Shanghai Contacts; Dorothy Hayden; Shanghai Reporter; Harrison; Cumbria Farmer; Printers; Drug-Selling Doctor; Second Daughter of a Duke; Morton; Waverley Station Hotel Waiter; Stenness Hotel Owner & Wife; Wife's Family; Ship's Officer; Stenness Farmer)
Date: August, 1924 / August - March, 1920
Locations: Portsmouth; A Train; Sussex; Seaford; Cuckmere; The Downs; Holmes's Villa; France; Paris; Hotel; Ste Chapelle; Montpelier; Paris Bistro; Cantelet's Office; Ste Chappelle Gaol; Hotel; China; Shanghai; Alfriston; Hotels; Beach; Jevington; Miranker's House; Battersea Hotel; Piccadilly Circus; Café Royal; Pall Mall; Gallery; South Kensington; Chelsea; Burton Place; Fulham Road; Brompton Road; Stationers Shop; Holmes's Department Store Bolt-hole; Children of Lights Meeting Hall; Regent Street; Soho; Wright & Sutcliffe's Studio; Victoria Station; A Train; Eastbourne; The Wilmington Giant; Folkington; Huxtable's Surgery; Vicissitude Club; Tate; Gallery; Adler's House; Mycroft's Flat; New Scotland Yard; Harrods; Dunworthy's Apartment; Regent Street; Cleveland Row; Green Park; Queen's Walk; St James's; The Mall; Horse Guards Road; Birdcage Walk; St James's Park; The Embankment; Hyde Park The Serpentine; Blalock's House; Chemist Shop; Fortnum & Mason; Paddington Station; Bookshop; Estate Agent's; Inn; Country House; Save the Soul Prison Reform Offices; St James's Square; Jermyn Street; British Museum Reading Room; York; Station Hotel; Employment Agency; Central Police Station; King's Cross Station; Oxford; Ledger's Home; St Hilda's College; A Punt on the Isis & Cherwell; Printers Shops; Cromwell Road; Sloane Street; Tolliver's Shop; Brothers's House; Regent's Park; St James's Palace; Piccadilly; Dorchester Hotel; Mayfair; Burlington Arcade; Old Bond Street; The Aeronautical Society; Hendon Airfield; A Plane; Yorkshire Airfield; Cowfield; Farmhouse; Scotland; Edinburgh Aerodrome; Aerodrome Café; Inverness; Farm; Boarding-House; Thurso; Magnuson's Farm; Post and Telegraph Office; Scrabster Ferry Dock; Harbour Master's Office; Pub; The Orkneys; Kirkwall; Farm; Stones of Stenness; Ring of Brodgar; Stromness; Stenness Hotel
Story: Holmes and Russell return home to news of a druid suicide at the Cerne Abbas Giant , riots at Stonehenge, country house cocaine arrests, and the madness of Holmes's bees, which have taken to too frequent swarming behaviour, leading to dangerous depletion of numbers. They are also visited by Holmes's son, Damian Adler, whom they had first met when he was charged with the murder of a drug seller in France in 1919. He tells them of his travels, and of his time spent living in Shanghai, his marriage, and the disappearance of his Chinese wife, Yolanda, and daughter, Estelle. Russell wakes the following morning to find both men gone. She reads Holmes's Practical Handbook of Bee Culture and sets herself to solving the mystery of the hives. She also looks further into the druid incidents.

Holmes and Damian travel to London in search of Yolanda and Estelle, but Damian also goes missing after meeting a man at Piccadilly Circus. Russell finds examples of Damian's surrealist art, and a portfolio of documents that reveal he was responsible for killing a fellow soldier during the war. She follows Holmes and Damian to London, talks to Damian's neighbours, attends a Children of Lights meeting, where she meets Millicent Dunworthy, and infiltrates Augustus John's table at the Café Royal, where she learns that Yolanda has been enquiring about Aleister Crowley. While being entertained by the Bohemian couple, Wright and Sutcliffe, she reads of the discovery of an Asian woman's body on the Wilmington Giant near Holmes's villa.

Returning to Sussex, she and Holmes examine the murder site, and the body, and liaise with Lestrade, not letting him know the nature of their interest in the case. Between them they search Adler's and Dunworthy's apartments. At the Café Royal they are told a story about Crowley. After reading the Children of Light's sacred book The Testament, Russell puts Mycroft's memory to work recalling curious incidents at the time of the full moon over the past months. She spies on a meeting of the Children of Lights and finally gets to see the Master, who departs with Damian and Estelle. She captures his right-hand man, Gunderson. An arrest warrant is put out by Lestrade for her and Holmes.

Holmes returns with evidence from prehistoric monuments around the country, and Mycroft's Shanghai agent arrives with information about Yolanda. After questioning printers and locating the Master's townhouse, Russell makes a connection to an eclipse in Scandinavia. Holmes travels to Norway, while Russell follows a trail, by plane, to the Orkneys.

The God of the Hive (2010)
Story Type: Pastiche narrated by Mary Russell
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Mycroft Holmes; Billy; Sophy Kratides / Mrs Melas; Mrs Hudson; (Dr Watson; Irene Adler; Inspector Lestrade; Baker Street Irregulars; Mr Melas; Paul Kratides)
Historical Figures: (Aleister Crowley; Mansfield Smith-Cumming; George V; Ramsay MacDonald; Admiral Sir Hugh Sinclair; Vernon Kells)
Other Characters: Mary Russell; Estelle Adler; Damian Adler; Mr Gordon; Thomas Brothers; MacAuliffe's Woman; MacAuliffe; Farmer; Sailors; Wick Police Constable; Chemist's Customers; Chemist; Doctor Henning; Peter James West; Cash Javitz; Brigid Ross; Brigid's Son; Kirkwall Constable; Chief Inspector John Lestrade; Robert Goodman / The Honourable Winfred Stanley Moreton; Marcus Gunderson; Sightseers; Shopkeeper; Shop Assistant; Shopkeeper's Husband; Eric VanderLowe; VanderLowe's Servants; Artists; Old Couple; Office Workers; Poet; Conductor; News Vendor; Barber; Hotel Manager; Bellman; Telegraph Office; Office Night Staff; Buckner; VanderLowe's Driver; Ticket Seller; Amsterdam ; Old Woman; Station Watchers; Peanut Seller; Sosa's Mother; West's Men; Petrol Station Owner; Inn Proprietress; Richmond Boy; Housekeeper; Butler; Banker; Ferry Passengers; Richmond Newsagent; Café Waitress; Shopkeeper; Randall; Omnibus Conductor; Football Boys; Park Girls & Mothers; Uniformed Constables; Private Guards; Italian Restaurant Waiter; Sophy's Maid; Mayfair Constable; Tea Stand Owner; Maude Lestrade; Lestrade's Daughter; Travellers' Club Receptionist; Taxi Drivers; Pastor; Church Congregation; Scotland Yard Officer; Grave-diggers; Cemetery Visitors; Priest; Pallbearers; Mourners; Marching Band; Bookseller; Richard Sosa; Prostitutes; Nurse; Ex-Army Madmen; Lords; Tunbridge Wells Hotel Receptionist; Delft Hotel Receptionist; Delft Hotelier; Police Marksman; Westminster Constables
(Yolanda Adler; Mrs Cowper; Captain Nicholas Lofte; Lake District Boy; Mrs Sosa's Butler; Mrs Lestrade's Friend; Johnny McAlpin; McAlpin's Lover; McAlpin's Victim; Sir Henry Moreton; Lady Sal Moreton; Lady Phoenicia Moreton Browne; W.H.R. Rivers; Judge; High-Ranking Royal; Mortuary Attendant; Gunderson's Neighbours; Orphan Girl; Old Woman; St Albans Coroner; St Albans Neighbour)
Date: 29th August - 9th September, 1924
Locations: The Orkneys; A Cottage; Kirkwall; The Ross Farm; Aboard the Fifie; Scotland; Wick; Chemist's Shop; London; West's Warehouse; Scotland Yard; King's Cross Station; West's Office; The Lake District; A Forest; Goodman's House; Village; Shop; Petrol Station; St Albans; Holland; VanderLowe's House; A Train; Amsterdam; Train Stations; Cafés; Hotels; Cinema; A Tram; Inn Ouside Wigan; Richmond; Goodman's Relatives' House; The Hook of Holland; Cross-Channel Ferry; Harwich; Berkshire; Richmond Station; Moreton House; Waterloo Station; Café; Greengrocer's; Marylebone Road; Park; The Storage Room; Pall Mall; Angel Court; Mycroft's Rooms; St James's Square; Italian Restaurant; Belgravia; Sophy's House; Mayfair; Sosa's House; Baker Street; Lestrade's House; London Bridge Station; Southwark; Waterloo Bridge; Church; St Columba's Cemetery; Bookshop; Piccadilly; Evening Standard Offices; Westminster Bridge; The Embankment; Cleopatra's Needle; Edinburgh; Sussex; Eastbourne; Holmes's Cottage; Birling Gap
Story: Russell is on the run in the Orkneys with Holmes's three-year-old grand-daughter, Estelle. She has received word that Mycroft has been questioned by Scotland Yard. Holmes meanwhile is aboard the Fifie sailing to the Scottish mainland with his injured son, Damian, to find a doctor. Brothers awakes in an Orkney cottage after being shot and receives a summons to St Albans. West is holding Mycroft captive.

Russell's plane is shot at as she is flown back to the mainland by Javitz. They crash in a forest and are rescued by the wild woodsman, Goodman. Holmes and Damian take refuge in Holland at the artists' colony home of a relative of the female doctor they have commandeered. Mycroft's obituary appears in The Times. A party of men appear in Goodman's woods and drive Russell, Goodman, Javitz and Estelle to flee.

Russell and Goodman arrive in London and receive a warning from Billy. A search of Mycroft's rooms leads them to Mrs Melas, the former Sophy Kratides. Javitz learns Moreton's true identity. Mycroft's funeral undergoes a series of disruptions, after which the body is disinterred. The case ends in a hostage trade on Westminster Bridge.

Pirate King (2011)
Story Type: Pastiche narrated by Mary Russell
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; (Mycroft Holmes; Mrs Hudson)
Historical Figures: Fernando Pessoa
Other Characters: Mary Russell; Steamer Passengers; Actors; Covent Garden Sweepers; Heather Girl; Geoffrey Hale; Pullman; Mail-Boy; Actress's Mothers; Steamer Attendant; Graziella Mazzo; Annie; Bonnie; Celeste; Doris; Edith / Eddie / Nunnally; Fannie; Ginger; Harriet; Isabel; June / Annie Hatley; Kate; Linda; Myrna Hatley; Randolph St John Warminster-Fflytte; First Officer; Will Currie; Artie; Bert; Lisbon Dock Melancholics; Senhor Pessoa; Daniel Marks; Bibi; Harold Scott; Portuguese Actors; Pavement Workman; Lisbon Police; Bar Customers; Barkeep; Old Woman; Saloonkeep; La Rocha; La Rocha's Lieutenant / Samuel / Selim; Hotel Restaurant Guests; Waiters; Hotel Employees; Hotel Doorman; Ninety-year-old Woman; Fish Women; La Rocha's Men; Hotel Maitre d'; Hotel Cleaners; Theatre Man; Adam; Irving; Lawrence; Gerald; Jack; Benjamin; Tram Driver; Tram Passengers; Scotsman on Tram; Castle Soldier; Charabanc Driver; Puppy Seller; Cintra Servants; Grooms; Cart Driver; Guard; Maude; Pessoa's Colleagues; Sail-Makers; Harbour Master; Harbour Master's Secretary; Ship's Chandler; Vincent Paul; Waiter; Hotel Valet; Maurice; Gröhe; Mrs Nunnally; Salé Guards; Tailor; Child; Watercarrier; Salé Women; Moroccan Cook; Maids; M. Dédain; Sir Morgan Brent-Williams; Bazaar Crowds; Donkey Owner; British Soldiers; French Soldiers; Rabat Children; Rabat Tourists; Water Carrier; Rabat Locals; British Officer
(Chief Inspector John Lestrade; Robert Goodman; Lonnie Johns; Lonnie's Roommate; Sir Malcolm; Mrs Corder; Miss Sim; Clarence; Donald; Sally; Third-Mate; James; Botanical Gardens Manager; Harlequin Workmen; Lonnie's Member of Parliament; Darley's Footman's Sister; Innkeeper's Younger Brother)
Date: 6th-30th November, 1924
Locations: Sussex; Holmes's Cottage; Scotland Yard; Covent Garden; Fflytte Films Office; St John's Wood; Hale's House;Southampton Docks; Aboard a Steamer; Portugal; Lisbon; Avenida-Palace Hotel; Teatro Maria Vitória; Rua de Ouro; Praça do Comércio; The Alfama; Bars; Avenida da Liberdade; Castle of St George; Dock; Cintra; Castello dos Mouros; Royal Palace Hotel; Baixa; Pessoa's Office; Café; Harbour Master's Office; Chandlery; Botanical Gardens; Restaurant; Mediterranean Sea; Aboard the Harlequin; Morocco; Salé; Bazaar; The Bou Regreg; Rabat; Hotel
Story: With Mycroft coming to stay in Sussex for two weeks, Holmes sends Russell to Portugal to work undercover as producer's assistant for a film version of The Pirates of Penzance made by Fflytte Films. The company, which has royal backers, has been linked to smuggling operations and its secretary, Lonnie Johns, has gone missing, since Lestrade has started an investigation. Russell is told by general manager Hale that he believes there is a curse on the company after a series of disasters relating to the themes of the films being made at the time. While chaperoning a dozen young actresses, in Lisbon, she oversees the hiring of actors to play the Pirates. Her translator, the poet Pessoa, seeks the aid of La Rocha in recruiting genuine sailors for the roles. In Cintra, Russell deals with goats and a disappearing pond, as she supervises second unit filming.

As the crew set sail aboard the brigantine Harlequin for Morocco, Holmes appears and just as abruptly disappears. On his re-entry into the story, he reveals that they are in pursuit of real pirates. In Morocco they find themselves confined to the houses that have been rented by the film company and held for ransom by the pirates. Russell makes rooftop sorties to liaise with Holmes, and encounters an agent placed by Mycroft in the film's crew, before they put an escape plan into action.

Garment of Shadows (2012)
Story Type: Pastiche narrated by Mary Russell
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; (Mycroft Holmes)
Historical Figures: Hubert Lyautey; Abd el-Krim; (Inès de Bourgoing, Mme Lyautey; Sultan Yusuf; Sherif Mulai Ahmed er Raisuli; M'hammed bin Abd el-Krim)
Other Characters: Mary Russell; Ivy; Ethel; Youssef; François; Massim; Ali Hazr; Mahmoud Hazr / Mr Hassan; Idir; Peg Taylor; François Dulac; William; Fatima; Woman & Child; French Soldiers; Neighbours; Fez Citizens; Donkey Lad; Donkey Drivers; Vendors; Café Owner; Café Customer; Shopkeeper; Shoe-Seller; Brass-Worker; Juice Seller; Muezzins; Suq Vendors; Schoolboys; Water-Seller; Fortune Teller; Storyteller; Refugee Family; Four Intellectuals; Tour Guide; English Women; Maitre d'; Rabat Cart Driver; Hotel de Lyons Desk Clerk; Rabat Film Crew Men; Rabat Cabman; Dar Mnehbi Servants; Dar Mnehbi Guard; Grooms; Shrine Marabout; Olive Grove Workers; Berber Women; Toothless Crone; Imbecilic Grandson; Ambushers; Gatekeepers; Shopkeeper; Peg's Patients; Farmer; American Family; Garage Attendants; Roadside Eatery Proprietor; Eatery Customers; One-Eyed Farmer; Volubilis Tourists; Volubilis Soldiers; Café Customers; Moulay Idriss Shopkeepers; Beggars; Lyautey's Guards; (Randolph St John Warminster-Fflytte; Film Crew; Annie; Iris Hughenfort; Mahmoud's Grandson Funduq Owner; Charles Russell; Judith Russell; Dorothy Ruskin; Aeroplane Saboteurs; Rough Men; Garage Keeper and His Grandsons; Jewish Car Hire Woman; Fasi Builder; Distinguished Gentleman from Hamburg)
Date: December, 1924 - January, 1925
Locations: Morocco; Fez; Peg Taylor's House; Café; Brass-Worker's Shop; The Suq; The Medina; Tea Shop; French Restaurant; The Waterclock; Dar Mnehbi; Coffee House; Fez el-Jdid; Fez el-Bani; Talaa Kebira; Bab Bou Jeloud; Stable; Sultan's Palace; General Sho; Rabat; Train Station; Hotel de Lyons; The Rif; Roadside Eatery; Mequinez; Funduq; Eating Establishment; Volubilis; Moulay Idriss; Café
Story: Holmes arrives back in Rabat to find Russell missing. Russell awakens in agony in a strange room in Fez, with blood on her hands and no memory of who she is or how she got there. She explores the city and learns of the civil uprising being led by Abd el-Krim. From a local employee, Holmes learns that Russell was last seen leaving the Fflyte Films' camp and walking into the desert with a little boy.

In Fez, at the home of the French resident, Lyautey, who is a distant relative, Holmes is met by Ali Hazr, who discovers that his brother Mahmoud has also gone missing. When Holmes and Russell are reunited, they set about reconstructing the events leading up to Russell's awakening, and accompany Lyautey to a meeting with the rebel leader Abd el-Krim, falling into an ambush along the way.

The search for Mahmoud and the source of the ambush continue, with Russell in Fez, and Holmes, disguised as a marabout aoutside the city. Before long, they are both being held as prisoners. After finding Mahmoud and escaping, they return to Lyautey to reveal the political machinations behind the events in Morocco.

Dreaming Spies (2015)
Story Type: Pastiche narrated by Mary Russell
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Mrs Hudson; Billy (William Mudd); (Mycroft Holmes; Baker Street Irregulars)
Historical Figures: Hirohito; (Richard Sears; Mark Twain; George V; Basho; Hokusai; Taisho)
Other Characters: Mary Russell; Thomas, Viscount Darley; James, Earl of Darley; Lady Charlotte Bridgeford Darley; Haruki Sato; Fumiko Katagawa; Clifford Adair; Edward Blankenship; Virginia Wilton; Harold Wilton; John Arthur; James Arthur; Lady Lucy Awlwright; Harold Mitchell; Reginald Townsman; The Honourable Percy Perdue; Mr Yamaguchi; Montgomerie Pike-Elton; Roderick Farquhar; Sato-san; Kiko Mina; Eugene / Gene; Mr Parsons; Mr Bourke; Bourke's Son; Anthony; Nigel; Miss Pidgeon; Inspector Ambrose; Constable Harwood; Baker; Barmaid; Thomas Carlyle Passengers; Dock Workers; Stevedores; Purser's Steward; Captain of the Thomas Carlyle; Waiter; Purser; Schoolteachers; Artist; Botany Professor; Young Mother; Young Girl; Nanny; Library Steward; Kentish Woman; Stewards; Old Lady; Lady Scientist; Lesbian Couple; Mountain Climber; Too-Smooth Man; Criminal; Bodyguard; Plantation Owners; Roderick's Nanny; Bertie's Wife; Cocktail Bar Attendant; Pilot; Quarantine Agents; Newspaper Men; Greeters; Curio Sellers; Rickshaw Runners; Onsen Staff; Arima Inhabitants; Shrine Guide; Bath-house Customers; Bath-house Attendants; Masseuses; Innkeeper; Hotel Boy; Station-Master; Ticket-Seller; Train Passengers; University Student; Food-Seller; Train Boy; Bamboo Harvesters; Shrine Attendants; Farmers; Car Owners; Schoolboys; Pilgrims; Ryokan Owners; Mojiro-joku Residents; Mojiro-joku Ryokan Staff; Gardeners; Maids; Washroom Attendants; Hirohito's Bodyguard; Blind Masseuse; Hirohito's Guards; Village Children; Tokyo Citizens; Taxi Driver; Imperial Hotel Waiter; Cat Jar Shopkeeper; Japanese Flappers; Darley's Guests; Imperial Hotel Staff; Imperial Hotel Cooks; Footman; Palace Guards; Bodleian Librarians; Oxford Bulldog; Butcher; Late Don's Sisters; Darley's Stablemen; Darley's Servant; Oxford Police Officer; Darley's Servants; Oxfordshire Police Officers; Bodleian Sub-Librarian; (Mrs Philpott; Oriental Gentlemen; Patrick Mason; Constable Beckett; Rai Hirakawa; Elderly Tutor; émile Paget; Wilma Roland; Miss Sim; Ship's Carpenter; Radio Man; Bath Steward; Chief Engineer; Chief Steward; Boots Steward; Edward; Regimental Sergeant; Bertie; Geisha; Oxford Bulldogs; Bart Collins; Emily Mudd; Mary Mudd; Butcher's Daughter; Annabelle; Inspector Gable; émile; Japanese Ambassador to America)
Date: March - April, 1925 / April, 1924
Locations: Sussex; Holmes's Villa; East Dean; Eastleigh; Pub; Oxford; Russell's House; Bodleian Library; Broad Street; Jericho; Bourke's House; Walton Street; Woodstock Road; The Covered Market; Schools Quadrangle; Radcliffe Square; Brasenose Lane; The Turl; Parks Road; Catte; London; Southwark; Billy's House; Stables; Public House; Darley Holt; Darley House; India; Bombay; Aboard the Thomas Carlyle; Ceylon / Sri Lanka; Colombo; Bay of Bengal; Straits of Malacca; Singapore; China Sea; Hong Kong; Japan; Osaka Bay; Kobe; Arima; Onsen; Shrine; Bath-house; Arima Station; Kyoto; Inn; Kyoto Station; Nagoya; Kiso Valley; Mojiro-joku; A Doj; Tokyo; Imperial Hotel; Cat Jar Sho; Ryokan; Akasaka Palace
Story: In March 1925, Russell returns home to find a large Japanese rock in Holmes's garden, and an injured Japanese woman in her house in Oxford.

In April 1924, Holmes and Russell are leaving India. On board the Thomas Carlyle, Russell meets Haruki Sato, daughter of a family of Japanese acrobats. Holmes's interest is sparked when he recognises a blackmailer, and when one of the passengers disappears. Russell becomes intrigued by rumours of a shipboard poltergeist, and Holmes tackles a card-sharp.

In Japan, after experiencing the country's bath-house culture, challenged by Miss Sato, they travel to a remote village to meet her superior. At the end of their journey, they find themselves sharing a bath with the Prince Regent, Hirohito, who commissions them to recover a valuable book of poems, mistakenly given to King George V. The task leads them back to the shipboard blackmailer, and tragedy at a fashionable soirée.

Since Holmes and Russell left Japan, the book has proven to be a forgery, and another ransom note has been received.The trail takes them from the Oxford book world to a butcher's stall, and a final showdown in a country house with a surfeit of books.