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Mark Valentine

"The Adventure of the Green Skull" (2008)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The Game's Afoot (David Stuart Davies); The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (John Joseph Adams)
Story Type: Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Inspector Lestrade; Mrs Hudson
Other Characters: Mr Reynolds; Victor; Dr Hawkins; Blind Match-Seller; Lady of the Skull; (Josiah Walvis; Watchman; Street Boy; Bow Match-Works Proprietor; Constable; Walvis's Friends; Thomas Mostyn; Mostyn's Maid; Raffles / Raphael; Lady's Mother & Father; Nursemaid; Mr Shardlow)
Date: Beginning of November, 1894
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; East India Wharf; Lamb & Flag Public House; 4, Pavia Court; Bun Shop; Blyth Street; Lyphan & Bray Match-Works
Story: Walvis, a supervisor at the Lyphant & Bray match-works, falls to his death on the East India Wharf, and is found clutching a spent match. Witnesses claim to have seen the man being pursued by a phantom with a green skull face. Lestrade consults Holmes, but his investigations come to nothing, until he is consulted by Reynolds over the death of his employer, Mostyn, also found with a spent match in his hand, and a look of horror on his face. Reynolds reveals that Mostyn had received an envelope earlier, containing ten matches, and his boot-boy claims to have seen Death in the garden. The search for the killer leads to revelations about the working conditions in the match factories.

Mark Valentine & John Howard

"Jerusalem Keep" (2008)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The Game's Afoot (David Stuart Davies)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Baker Street Irregulars
Historical Figures: (Richard the Lionheart)
Other Characters: Mr Arncote; Alexandra Urishay; Peter Urishay; Journalists; Scene-Sketchers; Sergeants-at-Arms; Hearing Crowd; Counsel for the Plaintiff; Mr Portwin; ; Heralds; Lord Fremlingham; Garter Principal King of Arms; Clarenceux King of Arms; Bearers; Edward Malligo; Colonel Henry de Vere; Parochial Law Expert; (The Earl Marshall; Tom Urishay)
Date: Summer - Autumn
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; The Uxbridge Road; Middlesex; Hertfordshire; Lyonne's Lodge; Inn; Jerusalem Keep; Godliman Street; The College of Arms; The Great Hall
When her brother inherits Jerusalem Keep from their uncle Tom, Alexandra Urishay embroiders various items, including a flag, with the design of a shield she has discovered in the building. A litigious neighbour, Malligo, has charged them with unlawfully displaying a coat of arms when they are not an armigerous family. Holmes travels to Jerusalem Keep, where he becomes interested in Uncle Tom's research into the area's connections with Richard the Lionheart, and examines the family relics, before discovering the secret of a lion-headed staff. He reveals his findings at the College of Heralds hearing.

Cay Van Ash

Ten Years Beyond Baker Street (1984)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Dr. Petrie
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Sherlock Holmes; The Venomous Lizard, or Gila; (Harold Stackhurst; Constable Anderson)
Fictional Characters: Dr. Petrie; Sir Denis Nayland-Smith; Karamaneh; Inspector Weymouth; Café de l'Egypte Waiter; Ki Ming; M. Samarkan; Chalmers Cleeve; Zarmi; Li King Su; Fu Manchu; Peko
Historical Figures: (Edmund Backhouse; Li Lien Yi; Adelina Patti; Edward VIII)
Other Characters: CID officers; Members of the London Neurological Society; Speakers; Waiters; Smith's Attackers; Porter; Coalman; Car Mechanics; Lewes Police Inspector; Lewes Police officers; Plainclothes CID Man; Firemen; Ambulance Men; John Courtney; Jacob Morley; Postman; Inspector Owen Beynon; Sir Julian Rossiter; Rhys; Howell; Sergeant Lloyd; Mrs. Howell; Lady Elinor Rossiter; Gwennie; St. John's Ambulance Men; Plumber; PC Edwards; Korean; Diners; Ledger Clerk; Waiter; PC Jones; Clara Jones; Pentrefdu ladies; Shopkeeper; Mine Gatekeeper; Three Feathers Clientele; Innkeeper; Wang Lo; Ali; Ivor Thomas; Dan Fuller; Cliff Langley; Zarmi's Men; Waiter; Taxi Driver; Samuel Wade; Mrs. Wade; Fong; Assistant Librarian; Superintendent Gribbler; Sergeant Hughes; Constable Alun Meredith; Waiter; Paul Garman; Meredith's Sister; Mr. Jenkins; Mongol Guards; Gribbler's Men; Swansea Librarian; Cenarth Fishermen; Pembrokeshire Housewife; Glyn Idris Constable; Glyn Idris Constable's Wife; Glyn Idris Women; Constable Parry; Mrs. Parry; Dai Evans; Professor T. Morgan Davies; Chao Hsing; Dacoits; Hotel Desk Clerk; Iowerth Williams; Wyn Crumlin; Ddraig Goch Clientele; Ddraig Goch Landlord; Philip Randall; Landlord's Wife; Randall's Sister; Lifeboat Coxswain; PC Lynchcombe; Page Boy; Mr. Lennard; Nurse; Trevor Bennett; Mr. Gwynn; Mrs. Gwynn; Lobster Hunters; Megan Bennett; Dr. Hans Reinhardt; Fishermen; Children; Rector of Rhossili & Llangenydd; Sikh Scout; Ahmad; Rhossili Villagers; Tall Kidnapper; Old Hag; Scoutmaster; Welsh Irregulars
Date: Friday, February 13th, 1914 - April 1st, 1914
Locations: Smith & Petrie's Apartment off Fleet Street; The Embankment; New Scotland Yard; The Strand; The New Louvre Hotel; A Vauxhall Tourer; Holmes's Sussex Villa; Uckfield; A Hotel; Fleet Street; A Garage; Fulworth; Lewes; Lewes Police Station; A Taxi (Marylebone Road); Paddington Station; A Train (The Severn Tunnel; Monmouth); Wales; Cardiff; Cardiff Station; Rossiter's Rolls Royce; Rossiter's House; Merthyr Tydfil; A Hotel; Pentrefdu; Jones's Cottage; General Store; The Three Feathers; A Ford Truck; Nant Gareth Mine; A Cardiff Hotel; A Taxi; Heol Ysguborfawr; 23, Heol Ysguborfawr; Cardiff Public Library; Swansea; The Gower Peninsula; A Hotel A Continental Standard Tourer; Bethesda Farm; Carrag Cerren; Morgan Le Fay's Castle; Capel Gwynfe; Meredith's Cottage; Fu Manchu's Cottage; Swansea {Police Headquarters; Carmarthen; Cenarth; Pembrokeshire; Glyn Idris, Pembrokeshire; Glyn Idris Constable's Cottage; Glyn Idris, Cardiganshire; Parry's Cottage; Ty Glas; Davies' House; Aberystwyth; Three Cliffs Bay; Swansea Station; Craig-y-nos Castle; Ystradgynlais; Brynamman; Sarn-y-Rhednwyddwr; Ddraig Goch Inn; Port Eynon; Swansea Hospital; Clyne Common; Rhossili; Coastguard Station; Boarding House; Middleton; Bennett's House; The Rector's House; Zarmi's Cottage; The Worm
Story: Petrie arrives home to find Nayland-Smith missing, Weymouth says he's visiting his brother in Devon, but his brother went down with the Titanic two years before. While Petrie was away Smith & Weymouth have had dealings with the waiter from the Café de l'Egypte who has seen the supposedly imprisoned Ki Ming and supposedly dead Samarkan meeting together. At a medical gathering Petrie encounters Watson and seeks his aid in enlisting Holmes to rescue Smith from the Si Fan. Petrie travels down to Sussex, and brings Holmes back to London to examine Smith's flat. Holmes deduces the presence of Karamaneh at Smith's kidnapping. Believing he has done all he can, they return to Sussex, where an attack on Holmes's villa, leaves Holmes's manservant horribly dead. They return to London, where news of a pillar-box fire suggests the fate of Smith's missing letter to Petrie, which later turns up, redelivered even though fire-damaged. A clue in it sends Holmes & Petrie to Wales to investigate the death of industrialist Sir Julian Rossiter. Petrie believes that the attack in Sussex was the work of Ki Ming, not Fu Manchu, and that this is evidence of a break in the ranks of the Si Fan.

On arriving in Wales they learn that Rossiter ran from his room in terror and fell down the stairs, and his feet were covered in criss-cross cuts. After Holmes realises the cause of his death he also realises that the danger is still present in the house. A night time vigil results in the death of one of Fu Manchu's creatures, although its handler escapes. Holmes leaves Petrie and travels back to London, while Petrie goes to Pentrefdu to observe Rossiter's coalmine. While there appears to be nothing suspicious in the mine itself, Petrie encounters Zarmi, the Eurasian, in the village inn. Holmes returns disguised as a mines inspector, and they learn that Rossiter was planning on re-opening a nearby abandoned pit, and when they investigate find it to be a Si Fan storehouse.

From a coalship's captain they learn how Smith was smuggled out of London and travel to Swansea to investigate. There they hear of the theft of two sheep from an isolated farm, which later turned up dead as if they had been dropped from a great height. The local constable was attacked by a Chinaman while investigating reports of a fire in the woods. They travel to the village to investigate, but make little headway. They receive a call telling them that Smith's wallet has been found, but as they travel to investigate they are waylaid and taken before Fu Manchu. Karamaneh is present and signals Smith to warn "Davies of Glyn Idris". When they finally track him down they discover he is a professor of Chinese literature and is able to tell them something of the Si Fan's history and goals, and his theories on Fu Manchu's background. Holmes & Petrie are drugged and the professor murdered - his face a rictus of agony and covered in blotches, blood running from his ears - along with his two Siamese cats. Holmes is unable to discover the murder device and the dacoit murderer flees, killing the professor's servant who is able to write a message in Chinese before he dies. They spend the night besieged by dacoits while Holmes works to translate the message.

A phone call informs them that a man has been killed in the same manner as the sheep. They travel to Sarn-y-Rhednwyddwr where the man was snatched by a great bird from a causeway across a marsh. They identify the next victim, Randall, a mathematician, but are unable to prevent him, too, from being carried away. Zarmi's van is spotted and they are able to narrow down their search to the south side of the Gower Peninsula. Randall turns up unharmed, but unable to remember the three days he was away, and a dead dacoit with his hands cut off sends Holmes and Petrie out onto the Peninsula where they finally learn the truth about the "worm" referred to in Smith's letter. Holmes returns to London and a German doctor takes his room in their boarding house. He makes regular trips onto the Worms Head, a string of islands linked by a causeway only accessible at low tide, where a party of boy scouts are camping. Petrie folllows one of the scouts to an isolated beach where he again encounters Zarmi. She says that she will help him free Smith, but when he goes to their rendezvous he is captured by Ali and transported out to the worm on Wang Lo's kite, where he is finally reunited with Smith. It is left to Holmes, in one of his greatest impersonations, to free the two of them, destroy Fu Manchu's latest device of destruction and prevent the assassination of the Prince of Wales.

Van Clupper

"Sherlock Holmes Again" (1894)
Included in:
The Western Mail, 7 November 1894; and on this site
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes
Historical Figures: Arthur Conan Doyle
Other Characters: Van Clupper; Welsh Head Constable; Detectives; (Police Chief; Welsh Member of Parliament)
Locations: Wales; Club-room; Police Station
Story: Van Clupper recognises Holmes at his club, and Holmes explains why Doyle decided to kill him off, and how he survived. He tells how the police had rejected his services in a jewel robbery case some years previously, and how he has since gotten his revenge.

J. Brooks Van Dyke

No Ordinary Terror (2004)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Mycroft Holmes; Baker Street Irregulars; Sherlock Holmes;
(Mrs Watson; Mrs Hudson; Inspector Lestrade; Tobias Gregson; Colonel Moran)
Historical Figures: (Emmeline Pankhurst; Auguste Rodin)
Other Characters:
Dr Nigel Thornton; Professor Henry Davies; Students; German; Mary Palmer; William Palmer; Ida Palmer; Richard Watson; Emma Watson; Constable; Evelyn Moxely; Inspector Albert Swayne; Dr Gregory; Mrs MacIntosh; Thora Mansfield; Reverend Geoffrey Halsey; Cab Drivers; Chief Detective Inspector Gordon Lestrade; Duty Officer Beatty; Officer Muldowney; St Pancras Constables; Conductors; Passengers; Waiters; Milos Krajic; Herr Muellershon; Herr Hess; August Porter / Mr Symonds; Train Constable; Henry; Porters; Dogcart Driver; Angus Thompson; Mrs Thompson; Celia Norris; Constable Graves; Dr Hazeltine; Carol Herbert; Greta Hoeksma; Mr Haas; Mrs Haas; Gunther Haas; Hildegaard Einbecker; Mr & Mrs Einbecker; Thompson's Nephew; Cart Driver; Strathairn Constables; Exeter Street Workmen; Thornton's Maid; Mrs Thornton; Charles Steele; Trevor Clark; Elizabeth Thornton; Burton Howell; Cab Drivers; Haas's Neighbour; Herr Krauss; Watson's Patients; Jutta Schmidt Gregory; Miners; Lucas Griffin; Fiona Rhys; Constable Miller; Constable Stratton; Davies' Landlady; Scotland Yard Clerk; Lad Assistant; Simon; Nannies & Babies; Lambeth Urchins; Lizzie Broom; Petey Broom; Mrs Broom; Taddy; Ollie; Dr Beecham; Rundell's Clerk; Mr Rundell; Constable Harry Coyle; Dr Mull; Rhys's Footman; Bramwell Rhys; Glyn Rhys; Rhys's Butler; Helen McMannus; Alby; George Pratt; Evan; Thadd; Kynan; Miners' Wives; Cock & Bull Owner; Pit Number Twenty; Painters; Werner; Tram Conductor; Scotland Yard Lab Assistant; Dr Hugh Crane; Segeant Hanes; Mycroft's Men; Mrs Clifford; Paddington Stationmaster; Hansom Drivers; Lloyd; North Cambria Neighbours; Bart's Sister; Patients; Scotland Yard Desk Sergeant; Clark's Footman; Valet; Colonel Rainer Schmidt; Dray Driver; (Simon; Reggie; Officer Plant; Director Wallace; Haas; Mrs Townsend; Mr Walters; Thompson's Brother; Margaret Griffin; Davies' Parents; Mr Campbell; James Davies; Chancellor McWilliams; Ian Mansfield; Gertie; William Griffin; Edgar Griffin; Dr Thomas; Arthwyr Vaughn; Clive Farleigh; Telegraph Operator; Dr Hoeltzer; Clark's Butler)
Locations: University of London; Beeton Park; The Palmer House; Davies' Rooms; Queen Street; Elephant & Castle; Metropolitan Tabernacle; Victoria Station; St Pancras Station; Scotland Yard; Trains; Scotland; Strathairn; Bart's; Dalnabridge; Exeter Street; Thornton's House; Haas's Apartment Building; Warden Street; Wales; Blaenllyn; Davies' Rooms; Victoria Embankment; Lambeth; Mycroft's Rooms; Rundell's Toy Shoppe; The Rhys Mansion; The Watson Residence; Crown & Lion Pub; Cock & Bull Pub; Paddington Station; 313, North Cambria; Clark Greens
Story: Davies evades a pursuing German, and arrives at his fiancee, Mary's house, where the Watson's are guests. He tells Dr Watson's son, Richard, that Thornton, his boss, and some Germans are after his new discovery as a way to administer poison through the skin. Thornton is killed and Davies is the chief suspect. Mary goes to the Watsons for help. Davies goes into hiding in Scotland. Mycroft advises Lestrade's son to drop the case, and of the involvement of the Satanic Nachtgeist organisation. Emma, Watson's daughter, investigates the murder in London, and the linked cases of a woman and child admitted to Bart's. Richard goes after Henry and, pursued by the Germans, they flee to Wales. On his return to London, Richard sets the Irregulars to watch their suspects. The Germans track Davies to Wales, and Emma is tailed around London. Richard uncovers details of Nachtgeist's plans. Mary is abducted. As the stakes become higher, Holmes briefly joins the fray.

Alan Vanneman

Sherlock Holmes and the Giant Rat of Sumatra (2002)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Billy; Inspector Lestrade; Mrs Hudson; The Giant Rat of Sumatra; (Mary Morstan; Professor Moriarty; Sebastian Moran; Mycroft Holmes)
Historical Figures: Lord Cromer; (Dr David Livingstone; Cheng-Ho)
Other Characters:
Elizabeth Trent; Hoskins; Watson's Dinner Companions; Sergeant Hall; Mrs Keeps; Mary O'Hara; Cabmen; Sergeant Smith; Starkey; Southern Star Sailors; Captain Manning; Gibraltar Military Guard; Monkey Seller; Beggarly Arab; Porters; Wu Si; Captain MacDougall; Prophet Crew; Ship's Carpenter; Chinese Cook; Cabin Boy; Archibald Beamish; Morris; Simpson; Emily Saunderson; Sir Roger Ainsby-Gore; Sir Roger's Dinner Guests; Captain Saunderson; Dr Bouvier; Major Thomas; Stebbins; El-Kavil; Intrepid Lieutenant; Intrepid Sailors; British Officers; Courtesans; Mistress of the House; Black Prince Ensign; Black Prince Officers; Sir Harry Speers; Aziz; Temple Girl; Low Caste Man; Young Priest; Temple Boy; Monks; Old Man; Older Priest; Temple Guide; Chinese Broker; Singapore Dock Crowd; Lord Barington; Soldiers; Molo; Government House Subaltern; Sir Warren Clayborne; Claiborne's Lackey; Rickshaw Drivers; Chinatown Residents; Wu Shih; Arthur Craven; Widow Han; Soo Ling; Widow Han's Servants; Ming Pao; Barber; Widow Han's Office Boy; Widow Han's Clerk; Madame Rainier; Widow Han's Women Friends; Mr & Mrs Amspray; Mr & Miss Botts; Mr & Mrs Winifred-Owen; Mr & Mrs Sampson; British Officer; Lieutenant Dinwiddie; Hunters; Ramajan Mukerjee; Deirdre; Watson's Boy Servant; Lieutenant; Junk Captain; Dulcinea Crew; Monkey Boys; Harat; Junk Captain & Crew; Telegraph Office Clerk; Ensign Smithson; Marines; Wrathful Crewman; Admiral; Cromer's Private Secretary; Worthington's Servant; Lord Archie Worthington; Worthington's Guests; Mrs O'Hara; (Raleigh Trent; Inspector Howard Maul; Dr Thomas Matthews; Sir Henry Givens; Stafford; Li Wu; Clayborne's Footmen; Minister for Colonial Affairs; Threatening Man; Rooming House Men; Mary de Guize; Henri de Guize; Fionna O'Boyle; Fionna's Nurse; Count Modred; Modred's Minions; Woodcutters; Charcoal Burner; Fionna's Daughter; McCardey; Cates; Duke of Leicester; Levant Shipping Clerk; Chief Inspector Sam Hall; Two Young Gallants; Henri de Coueur; Chianganagahouk; Lord Ramsbottom; Diego Mendoza; Hernando Mendoza; Luis Mendoza; German Ambassador; Captain Jones; Frigate Captains; Admiral Watkins; Sir Edward Havisham; Indian Trader; Indomitable's Executive Officer; Mr Masetto; Singapore Merchants; Enderby & Cross Clerks; Capitan General of the Philippines; Widow Han's Maid; Captain Lin; Captain Tang; Captain Wu; Captain Liu; Captain Shan; Captain Soong; Brennan; Monsieur Compte; Meng-Wu; German Archaeologists)
Date: 24th January- ?, after EMPT
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Watson's Club; Mrs Keeps's Rooming House; Harcourt Street; Archer & Company's Office; Farnsworth Docks; The Southern Star; Ship to Tangier; Gibraltar; Morocco; Tangier; The Prophet; Egypt; Alexandria; British Consulate; India; Diu; Hotel; House of Assignation; Aboard the Black Prince; Mahabalipuram; Aziz's Corral; Abandoned Temple; Temple of Shiva; Calcutta; Burma; Rangoon; Singapore; Government House; Chinatown; Craven's Office; The Widow Han's; Chinese Dock; Mukerjee's Gin Shop; Harbour; Aboard the Dulcinea; The Sunda Strait; Tanjungpinang; Aboard the Heliotrope; Madras; Aboard the Wrathful; Aberdeen; Worthington's London Townhouse
Story: Watson receives a letter from Mary's cousin Elizabeth in Singapore, telling him of her husband's suicide. Holmes shows an unusual interest, and when Elizabeth visits Baker Street she asks him to investigate her husband's death. His company has tried to dissuade her from investigating it, and accused her husband of embezzlement. Holmes attitude is peremptory, but early the following morning they learn that Elizabeth has killed herself. Holmes proves to Lestrade that it was, in fact, murder. He resolves to sail for Singapore. Watson is sent a romantic novel manuscript to read. Holmes tells Watson of links between Barington, Governor of Singapore, and Moriarty. He also tells him that there was an animal in Elizabeth's room on the night she died. While searching the ship on which Elizabeth sailed from Singapore Holmes is bitten by a large animal. He arranges with the Foreign Office that his cover in Singapore will be an investigation of the theft of a thousand rifles from an army transport ship. Watson find's himself in the arms of the would-be novelist.

The first leg of their journey takes them to Tangier, stopping at Gibraltar where Holmes examines a barbary ape's teeth. In Tangier they join the Prophet, aboard which Watson is to serve as ship's doctor, under its Islamic African captain, MacDougall. From evidence in a trunk left by Elizabeth, Holmes deduces that her husband's company are involved in the slave trade. In Trent's notebooks Holmes reads of a race of three foot tall, tailed cannibal creatures, the "monkey boys", said to have originated in Sumatra, and still to exist in the back alleys of Singapore. One of the ship's crewmen is found to be carrying a picture of Holmes, who apparently has a price on his head. In Alexandria, Ainsby-Gore, Barington's cousin is murdered. Holmes is summoned back to England, leaving Watson to travel on alone, but not before a romantic fling with an army officer's wife. MacDougall tells Watson of Harat, a giant rat creature, leader of the monkey boys, and when they stop in India, Watson's room is entered by a giant rat. In Mahabalipuram he visits a temple where he learns more about the creatures, and takes away a box containing the corpse of one of the monkey men. Holmes rejoins the ship, and finds a golden scroll in the globe held by the corpse. MacDougall tells him of an island destroyed by "The Dance of Shiva", an explosive device used by Harat.

They are met by Barington on arrival in Singapore, and visit Craven, Elizabeth's solicitor, who offers them durian - an offer they decline - and sends them to stay with the Widow Han. Holmes becomes suspicious of Barington's habit of wearing rouge, and becomes romantically involved with the Widow. He and Watson are arrested and given a week to leave the island. Watson finally gives in to the durian. Barington announces that the rifles have been recovered. Holmes and Watson re-encounter MacDougall and sail with him in search of a ship that Holmes believes bears their quarry, on the way their crew are murdered. When their boat is shelled, they find themselves prisoners aboard a ship full of giant rats, come face to face with Harat, and witness the power of the Dance of Shiva.

Sherlock Holmes and the Hapsburg Tiara (2004)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Inspector Lestrade; Sherlock Holmes; The Baker Street Irregulars; Mrs. Hudson; Baker Street Page (Tobias Gregson; Mycroft Holmes)
Historical Figures: Winston Churchill; Cecil Rhodes; Frank Rhodes; Colonel Elmhirst Rhodes; Lady Jennie Churchill; George Cornwallis-West; Margot Tennant Asquith; Herbert Henry Asquith; Lord Grey; David Lloyd George; Fritz Kreisler; (Lord Camden; Charles Metcalf; Lewis Mitchell; Dr. Jameson; Barney Barnato)
Other Characters: Lestrade's Hansom Driver; Train Driver; Sergeant Madden; Jensen; Rhodes' Servants; Sarah; Mr. Huperman; Jennie; Jenkins; Betty Marbles; Dolly Marigold; Dolly's Footmen; Helen; Paddington Attendant; Southend Four-Wheeler Driver; Southend Constable; Daisy; Patricia; Eunice Marbles; Molesworth's Waiter; Brougham Driver; Gerald; Lord St. John; The Duke of Ascot; Sir Samuel Jenkins; François Lestrange; Madame la Comtesse D'Espinau; Orient Express Passengers; Gentlemen's Lounge Waiter; Orient Express Conducteur; Waiters; M. Brilleton; Jacques; Michel Rabin; Bagagistes; Countess's Maids; Samuel Patterson; Major Harold Soames; Pera Palace Attendant; Coachman; Madame Vincent's Doorman; Madame Vincent's Girls; Madame Vincent; Madame Vincent's Manservants; Boatmen; Aristides Adanopholos; Adanopholos' Men; Kariye Priest; Pera Palace Servants; Hagia Sophia Turks; Countess's Guests; Countess's Servant; Maurice; Adanopholos' Wife & Daughter; The Latrobes; Sir Samuel's Bodyguards; Orient Express Contrôleur; Hauptmann Gerhard Schwartz; Archduke Josef Anton Salvator; Archduke's Servants; Rogers; Galenians Members; Café Waiter; Diplomatic Courier; Embassy Official (Rome); Villa Sentry; Princess Lucia; Princess's Servants; Princess's Companions; Young Man; HMS Quarrelsome Captain; Ensign; Grand Duke of Carinthia; False Archduke; Venice Officials; Carabiniere; Guard Commander;
(Sir Robert Johnson; Colonel Kensington; Lord Catsworth; Dickie Emmons; Freddie Madden-Bonsbright; Archduke's Valet; Jonathan; Villager; Blair Atholl Station Master; Jonas White; Mrs. White; Gwladys Soames; Nellie; Copper; Harrison's Driver; Princess Esterhazy; Jenkins' Assistant; Adanopholos' Wife & Daughter; Lord Adcock; Ari; M. Compte; Dr. MacLaurin; Horatio Thompson; Lord Millworth)
Date: 1900 - 1908
Locations: A London Street; Lestrade's Hansom; A Railway Siding; A Train; Blair Atholl; Loch Rannoch; Glasgow; 221B, Baker Street; Charing Cross Hospital; Bond Street; Huperman & Co. Offices; A Hansom; The Park; Dolly Marigold's; Paddington Station; Southend-on-Sea; A Public House ; Molesworth's Restaurant; A Hotel Room; A Brougham; 19, Bromley Street; The Galenians Club; Drury Lane Theatre; The Orient Express (France; Paris; Germany; Augsburg; Austria; Hungary); Turkey; Constantinople; Siereki Station; A Coach-and-Four; The Pera Palace; A Carriage; Madame Vincent's; A Boat on the Golden Horn; Galata; Kariye; The Hagia Sophia; Countess's Villa; A Turkish Train; Turkish Station; Sir Samuel's Carriage; Calais; Railway Station; Hotel; Paris; Gare de l'Est; Café; Italy; Rome; A Villa; A Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost; Santa Marinella; A Warehouse on the Docks; A Steam Launch; HMS Quarrelsome; The Enchantress; Venice; A Concert House
Story: Holmes and Watson find themselves aboard a train bound for an unknown destination, only to be confronted at journey's end by Churchill. Churchill tells them of an encounter with an old friend, Josef, archduke-palatine of Austria, at which he realised that the man he was looking at was an impostor. The man and his servants have since disappeared. Cecil Rhodes, at whose house the events have occurred, warns Holmes and Watson off the case.

After returning to London, Holmes learns of the death of an employee of a vault & safe manufacturing company. He believes it is connected to the events in Scotland. He sets the Baker Street Irregulars to track down the duke and the impostor. A visit to a brothel leads Holmes and Watson to Southend where they receive a taunting letter.

After Rhodes' death Holmes begins searching, on behalf of De Beers and Rhodes' brothers, for the Great Blue Diamond, the theft of which, he believes, was behind the events at Loch Rannoch. His investigations take him to Paris, but Churchill instigates measures to prevent him travelling further afield for several years. Learning that the diamond has been cut up, and is in Constantinople, Holmes and Watson journey there aboard the Orient Express. The former Irregular, Jennie, stows away aboard to journey with them. They find themselves investigating a murder aboard the train, and Watson is seduced by a suspected murderess. In Constantinople, Holmes discovers that the safety of a diamond smuggler's family depends on him, and the jewels still have to be returned to England while all parties involved are eager to get their hands on them.

Having failed in his mission, Holmes returns to England, and two years later Churchill sets him on the trail of the jewels and the murderers once again, prevent a royal marriage, steal a tiara, and avert a possible war in Europe.

Ralph E. Vaughan

"The Adventure of the Ancient Gods" (1990)
Story Type:
Supernatural Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes
Fictional Characters: Cthulhu
Historical Figures: H.P. Lovecraft; Lillian Clark
Other Characters: Martin Philips; Copley Desk Clerk; Carter Randolph; Swarthy Man; Man At Station; Enoch Bowen; The Starry Wisdom Sect; Pinkertons Agents; Starry Wisdom Guard; Arkham Police
Date: July 18th, 1927
Locations: Boston; Copley Plaza Hotel; Railway Station; Train; Arkham; Randolph's House; Providence, Rhode Island; 10, Barnes Street; A Train; A Taxi; Philips's House; A Car; A Beach
Story: Philips visits Holmes in Boston to ask him to look for his cousin Randolph, an academic studying ancient gods, who has disappeared. As he leaves Holmes's hotel he is followed, ánd a similar, though different, man is at the station when they leave. When they arrive in Arkham, they discover that Randolph's house has been ransacked, and a strong fishy smell is present. They are able to locate the files that the searchers missed however, from a clue left in a volume of Poe. The files contain correspondence from H.P. Lovecraft and they travel to Providence to find him. He tells them of the Starry Wisdom Sect, and its leader Enoch Bowen. Back in Arkham, Holmes hires Pinkertons agents to capture the man following them, but when the man dies in an escape attempt they realise he wasn't entirely human. They journey out to the headquarters of the sect, where they must save Randolph from being used in a ritual to raise Cthulhu. Two years later, Philips receives a letter from Holmes saying that he is venturing into the other world.

NOTE: The character Carter Randolph derives his name from the central character in H.P. Lovecraft's "The Statement of Randolph Carter".

"The Adventure of the Counterfeit Martian" (2013)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The Coils of Time & Other Stories (Ralph E. Vaughan)
Story Type: Science Fiction Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson; Colonel Sebastian Moran
Fictional Characters: Martians; (Captain Phillip Strange)
Historical Figures: Ernest Willows
Date: 1905
Locations: Canning Town; Inside a Martian Tripod; East India Docks; Martian Temple; Aboard an Airship
Story: In Canning Town, Holmes and Watson observe the flying machines that have recently begun appearing as part of the Martians weaponry in their invasion of Earth. The Martians current activity seems centred on the East India Docks. Holmes commandeers a tripod to investigate further, but is captured by the Martians and finds himself confronting an old adversary.

"The Adventure of the Dreaming Detective" (1992)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes in the Dreaming Detective (Ralph Vaughan)
Story Type:
Supernatural Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Professor Moriarty
Fictional Characters: Kaman-Thah; Nasht; Zoogs; Nyarlathotep
Historical Figures: Albert Einstein; Nikola Tesla; Ian Fleming (Commander Flemming); Chuck Yeager; Adolf Hitler; (Intrepid (Sir William Stephenson); H.P.Lovecraft)
Other Characters: New Yorker Desk Clerk; Hotel Detective; Elevator Operator; Army Doctor; Agent Garvin; Nurses; Heinrich Grantz / Wilhelm Reisen; Tesla's Technicians; Pentagon Technician; Schwartzmier; Blatz; Nir Residents; Peasant Woman; Ulthar Crowds; Captain Scrylt; Hooded Shopkeeper; Kraken's Egg Patrons; Old Sailor; Red-turbanned Men; Robed Creatures; Seljan; Toadlike Creatures; Guards; Hitler's Aide
Date: January 2-3 & 7, 1943 / July 3, 1899 / September 16, 1928
Locations: New York; Hotel New Yorker; Airfield; Colorado Springs; Washington D.C.; Virginia; Arlington; The Pentagon; The Dreamlands; The Cavern of Flame; The Gate of Deeper Slumber; The Enchanted Wood; Nir; Ulthar; Scrylt's Boat on thr River Skai; Dzan-Dur; The Kraken's Egg Inn; Nazi Airship; Stone City; Germany; Berlin; Kadath
Story: Einstein summons the dying Tesla from New York to assist Holmes who is in a cryogenic dream chamber in Washington D.C. Tesla recalls his first meeting with Holmes in Colorado. Holmes asked him to keep watch on one of his assistants, in reality a wanted murderer, Reisen. In 1943 word has arrived that Reisen has joined forces with Moriarty. In 1899 Reisen uses Tesla's experiments to escape into another dimension. In 1928 after his Arkham adventure, Holmes learned that Moriarty was alive and the power behind the Cthulhu cult, saved by Reisen from the Dreamlands. Holmes journeys into the Dreamlands. In 1943 Tesla journeys into the Dreamlands where it is believed Holmes is in danger, there he encounters not only the expected denizens, but also Nazi soldiers, and eventually finds himself a prisoner on board a Nazi airship. Imprisoned in a titanic stone city, he encounters Seljan, a dwarf who works for Holmes, and sees Moriarty and Reisen, who plan to destroy the barrier between the worlds, with Hitler, who has his own dream chambers in Berlin. Nyarlathotep, the Devourer of Worlds, is summoned before events reach their conclusion.

NOTES: Commander Flemming of the Royal Navy, is presumably intended to be Ian Fleming. Captain Yeager of the Army Air Corps is presumably Chuck Yeager.

"The Adventure of the Laughing Moonbeast" (1992)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes in the Dreaming Detective (Ralph Vaughan)
Story Type:
Supernatural Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes
Fictional Characters: A Moonbeast; Nyarlathotep
Historical Figures: Nikola Tesla
Other Characters: Dame Elton; Eyes of Dylath-Leen; Dwarf Guards; Hyranes Bok; Servants; Cabbie; Solon the Elder
Locations: The Dreamlands; Dylath-Leen; The Street of the Weaponeers; Bok's House; The Temple of Set
Story: Holmes and Tesla are asked to investigate a Moonbeast which laughs in the night. The beast's owner, the merchant, Bok, tells of a voyage and the discovery of the Moonbeast. The beast is strange because it has eyes, while normal Moonbeast's are blind. Tesla recognises Bok's house from his dreams. The beast, although supposed to have no vocal apparatus has been heard laughing, and Bok believes he has seen a dark figure leaning over its pen. An encounter with Nyarlathotep reveals the secret of the Moonbeast and of past lives.
"The Adventure of the Night Hunter" (2012)
Included in:
The Great Detective: His Further Adventures (Gary Lovisi)
Story Type: Science Fiction Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; (Mrs Hudson; Colonel Moran; Dr Watson; Inspector Lestrade; Professor Moriarty)
Fictional Characters: Predator Alien; Professor Challenger; (Professor Henry Higgins)
Other Characters: (Home Secretary)
Date: Late 1910s
Locations: The East End; A Sewer
Holmes is on the trail of the Night Hunter, a savage killer who takes body parts as trophies. He has told Challenger that he believes the killer is neither man nor beast, but from another planet. The two face the predator in the East End.
"The Dog Who Loved Sherlock Holmes" (2013)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The Coils of Time & Other Stories (Ralph E. Vaughan)
Story Type: Homage
Canonical Characters: (Sherlock Holmes)
Fictional Characters: Levi; Little Kitty; Sunny
Other Characters: Bonifacio; Bnifacio's Companion; Driver
Date: October
Locations: USA; California; Chula Vista; Fifth Avenue; Levi's House; F Street; Broadway
Story: Relaxing after a case, dog detective Levi settles down to read Shelock Holmes. His reading is interrupted by sounds from outside the house. He and Little Kitty investigate, discovering a dog who has been in a car crash. Levi sets out to find the injured animal's companion.
"An Incident in the Night" (2013)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The Coils of Time & Other Stories (Ralph E. Vaughan)
Story Type: Extra-canonical supernatural adventure of Dr Watson
Canonical Characters: Dr Watson
Other Characters: Lieutenant Moresby; Mr Larson; Sailors; Captain Perkins; Woman; (Mr Barthorpe)
Date: 1880
Locations: Aboard HMS Orontes
Story: Watson awakes from a dream aboard the Orontes. Out on deck he meets Moresby, a young cavalry officer, wounded at Maiwand. They spot a red light in the distance, pacing the ship. Attempts to warn it off fail, and as it approaches events occur which Watson will remember for the rest of his life.
"Lestrade and the Lost River Pirates" (2013)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The Coils of Time & Other Stories (Ralph E. Vaughan)
Story Type: Extra-canonical adventure of Inspector Lestrade
Canonical Characters: Inspector Lestrade; (Sherlock Holmes)
Fictional Characters: (Martin Hewitt)
Other Characters: Detective Sergeant Jacket; Newsboy; Eliza Cookwell; Commander Bryson; (Superintendent; Tyburn Merchant Bank Night-Guard; Daily Chronicle Editor)
Locations: Scotland Yard; The Embankment; Lower Westbourne Court; Gabriel Jewelers; A Police Launch on the Thames
Story: Despite the Superintendent's suggestion, Lestrade decides not to consult Holmes over a series of burglaries. Sergeant Jacket has noticed that the burglaries take place at tmes of bad weather, and suspects that there will be another that night. On the way to investigate one of the earlier crime scenes, they hear news of a sea serpent sighted in the Thames. The papers aso contain a letter about "the men who make noises under the ground". A visit to the letter-writer, and a reference to one of the lost rivers of London, puts Lestrade on the trail of the criminals.
"The Long-Suffering Landlady" (2013)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The Coils of Time & Other Stories (Ralph E. Vaughan)
Story Type: Parody
Canonical Characters: Mrs Hudson; Sherlock Holmes; Baker Street Irregulars; Inspector Lestrade; Professor Moriarty; (Dr Watson; Watson's Bull Pup)
Fictional Characters: (Cthulhu)
Other Characters: Police Constable Dickerson; Young Woman Client; Bearded Hansom Passenger; Postman; (Man in Checked Jacket; Lord Bentham; Lady Weatherly)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street
Story: After hearing a gunshot, Mrs Hudson emerges from her kitchen to find an injured lascar on the stairs. This is just one of a constant stream of incidents in her day-to-day life at 221B.
"The Man Who Was Not Sherlock Holmes" (2013)
Included in:
Sherlock Holmes: The Coils of Time & Other Stories (Ralph E. Vaughan)
Story Type: Homage
Canonical Characters: (Sherlock Holmes)
Other Characters: Reginald Sinclair; Tenny; Eddie; Lady Cynthia Smythe-Lambert; Gregor Kasavian; Scotland Yard Detectives; Constable Barnes; George Pogues; Edward Rollin Stark; (Mr Craven; Earl of Danforth)
Date: 1954
Locations: The Olde Cheshire Cheese; Wine Office Court; Fleet Street; Soho; Kasavian's House; Waterloo Bridge; Sinclair's House
Story: After his TV series Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street is cancelled, Sinclair goes on a pub crawl and wakes up on the floor of the Cheddar Cheese. When he is run into in the street by Lady Cynthia's Austin Princess, he finds himself accompanying her to pay off a blackmailer, and then caught up in the middle of a murder investigation.
Sherlock Holmes & the Coils of Time (2005)
(Reprinted in a revised and expanded format in Sherlock Holmes: The Coils of Time & Other Stories)
Story Type:
Fantasy Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Inspector Lestrade; Dr Watson; Colonel Moran; Mrs Hudson; Baker Street Irregulars; Tobias Gregson; (Ronald Adair; Professor Moriarty; Von Herder; Parker; Mycroft Holmes)
Fictional Characters: The Time Traveller (Moesen Maddoc); Morlocks; The Time Machine; Mrs Watchett; The Editor; The Medical Man; The Psychologist; Philby; (Eloi; Marlow; Martin Hewitt; Sebastian Zambra; Weena)
Historical Figures: H.G. Wells; Charles Howard Hinton
Other Characters: The Brigadier; William Dunning; Neptune Customers; Barkeep; Constables; Sir Reginald Dunning; Inspector Charles Kent; Man in Black; Dinky Clabber; Jimmy; Royal College Youth; Mr Dawning; Richmond Ticket Agent; Cart Driver; Peter Yanoz; Hansom Driver; Frying Pan Alley Woman & Child; Scotland Yard Officers; Pinkertons Agents; The Morlocks' Prisoners; The Mother-Thing; The Orb; Olan Jefferson; Halifax Captain; Watchman; (Enquiry Agent; Crip)
Date: April, 1894 / AD 802701 / 1954 / Prehistory / The Distant Future / March 26, 1894
Locations: Richmond-Upon-Thames; Maddoc's House; Rotherhithe; Albion Yard; Neptune Tavern; Lower Road; Camden House; Baker Street; 221B, Baker Street; Bath House; Royal College of Science; Chelsea; 93, Cheyne Walk; 12, Mornington Terrace; Waterloo Station; Richmond Station; A Steamer on the Thames; Pinkertons Office; Charing Cross Station; Frying Pan Alley; The London Sewers; The Realm of the Winged Sphinx; Temple; Limehouse; Bridge House Hotel, Borough High Street
Story: The Time Traveller returns from the future, but does not tell his guests the truth about his voyage. In the Neptune Tavern there is talk of the East End Ghosts: pale figures seen throughout London, and of the vanishments that seem to accompany them. After leaving the tavern, William Dunning is attacked near Southwark Park. After the capture of Colonel Moran, Holmes receives a visit from Dunning's brother, Sir Reginald, regarding his brother's disappearance. During his investigations he encounters Kent, also investigating the disappearance. The Irregulars put them on the trail of the Time Traveller, who is also enquiring after the victims of the vanishments, and takes them into the company of Hinton and Wells. When they find the Time Traveller, they learn the true nature of the ghosts, already deduced by Holmes, and of the role of the Morlocks in Earth's near future - a future that they then set out to change, forced to travel through time to do so.

Sherlock Holmes & the Terror Out Of Time (2002)
Story Type:
Fantasy Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Mrs Hudson; Baker Street Irregulars; (Dr Watson; Inspector Lestrade; Professor Moriarty; Colonel Moran; The Moriarty Gang)
Fictional Characters: Professor Challenger; The Great Old Ones (Orms); (Professor Maracot; War of the Worlds Martians)
Historical Figures: Aleister Crowley; (Gerald Festus Kelly; John T. Rennie)
Other Characters: Denak; Denak's Woman; Denak's Children; Vaxax; Shar; Shar's Men; Tovane Warriors; India Jack (John) Neville; Malaysian Cabin Boy; Blue Mermayde Clientele; Orms; Alfred Paisley; Inspector Henry Wilkins; Laslo Bronislav; Jensen; Geoffrey McBane; Lord Cecil Whitecliff; Hansom Driver; Michael; Growler Driver; Newspaper Seller; Scotland Yard Bobbies; Scotland Yard Crowds; Fire-Fighters; Chief Inspector Winston Durant; Commissionaire; Bank Crowds; Bank Constables; Bank Guards; Cabman; Bullion Court Soldiers; Commander Brin; The Lord Admiral; Geoffrey Giles; Sir Robert Conners; Harkeen; Pinkerton Agents; Durant's Men; George Dunning; Sappers; Chemist; Irish Dynamiters; River Police Constable; Navvy Tender; (South River Elders; Channel Shell People's Emissary; Shaman; Tarlington; Tarlington's Wife; Wilbur Paisley; Nigel Larkins; Lord Kettering; Medical Examiner; M'tollo; Mr Higgens; Reginald Whitecliff; Reporter; Thaddeus Dyers; PC Odkin; Eastern Zephyr First Mate; McBane's East End Operative; Museum Attendant; Mayfair Antique Dealer; Barton; Port Officers; Dove Serving Lad
Date: 2617 BC / After 1894 but before 1902
Locations: South River People's Village; The Plain; Tomb of the Tovane Warriors; Egypt; Alexandria Harbour; Aboard a Merchantman; The Thames; Blackwall Basin; West India Docks; West India Dock Road; Commercial Road; Limehouse; Strangers' Home for Asiatics; Blue Mermayde Tavern; Stepney; Jamaica Street; Oxford Street; Sidney Lane; Raven Grove Place; Whitechapel; ; Whitechapel High Road; 221B, Baker Street; Kensington; Bronislav's House; British Museum; Montague Place; Soho; Crowley's Flat; Bermondsey; Rotherhithe; Norway Dock; Whitehall Place; Scotland Yard; Lothbury Street; Threadneedle Street; Bank of England; Bullion Court; Throgmorton Road; Old Broad Street; The Admiralty; Hammersmith; Hammersmith Bridge; Dove Coffee-House; Union Road; Abandoned Tannery
Story: Prehistoric villagers shelter in their huts while Vaxax the orm hunts, having been denied its sacrifice, but it is itself hunted by Shar the outcast. Shar finds himself trapped with the orm.

Sailor Neville arrives in London with a stolen idol, but is pursued and attacked by slithering tentacled creatures. At Baker Street, Challenger, Wilkins and Holmes are arguing over evolutionary theory, when Neville is delivered, dying, to their door. Examining the dead man they discover clawmarks on his body. After sensing the death of Neville, Bronislav is visited by McBane, a former Moriarty Gang member, who tells him that Holmes has the idol. Holmes and Challenger take it to Whitecliff at the British Museum who identifies it as the Maldivian god M'tollo. He tells them of a visit from Bronislav, posing as Crowley, also enquiring after M'tollo. They call on Crowley to learn more about Bronislav. In the papers they read of sheep being attacked by large creatures on the Norway Dock. They are caught in an explosion at Scotland Yard, and another at the Bank of England as they attempt to deposit the idol there. They attend a meeting at the Admiralty after more attacks by the creatures, and are lured to Hammersmith Bridge, where they face a murderous attack and a manifestation. Durant leads a raid on the Dynamiters' headquarters, where Holmes and Challenger make a final stand against Bronislav and the orms.

Kristin Vichich

"The Adventure of the Lodger's Secret" (2002)
Included in:
Curious Incidents (J.R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Mrs. Hudson; (Langdale Pike)
Other Characters: Josiah Handen; Bessie Handen; Lionel Newark; Red Scarf; Brown Cap; Dr. Bertram Walden; Hansom Driver; White Street Unfortunates; Joseph; Lady Evelyn Marscott; Baby
Date: April
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; White Street; 64, White Street; Hansom Cab
Story: The Handens have taken in a new lodger, Newark. Since his arrival, a pair of ruffians have been hanging around, and he has been receiving long visits from a mysterious man in black. Recently cries in the night have been heard from his room. Holmes visits the Handens and identifies the man in black as a doctor, but Newark refuses to see him. Hearing of Newark's imminent departure, and having already deduced the circumstances of his confinement, and had his deductions confirmed by Langdale Pike, he and Watson lay in wait to bring the case to its conclusion.

Daniel D. Victor

"The Adventure of the Aspen Papers" (2015)
Included in:
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part I: 1881-1889 (David Marcum)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs Hudson; Baker Street Irregulars; Tobias Gregson; (Baker Street Page; Mary Morstan)
Historical Figures: Henry James
Characters Derived from Fictional Characters: Rosa (Olimpia); Rita Borden (Tita Bordereau); Olivia Borden (Juliana Bordereau); Professor Thomas Warren (Narrator of The Aspern Papers); (Jeremy Aspen (Jeffrey Aspern); Warren's Manservant (Pasquale))
Other Characters: Hansom Drivers; Police Officers; (Undertaker)
Date: Late October, 1887
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; London Bridge; Southwark; The Hollows
Story: Mrs Hudson shows Henry James up to Holmes's rooms.
He is concerned about an acquaintance, Warren who has disappeared after taking up rooms in the home of Olivia Borden, an elderly former paramour of the American poet Jeremy Aspern. Warren is preparing a biography of Aspen, and hoping to obtain papers in the possession of Miss Borden. Holmes and Watson visit the house and are told that Warren has gone away. The following day, a Baker Street Irregular brings news of the old lady's death, and Warren reappears. Holmes deduces murder.

The Final Page of Baker Street (2014)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Billy; Mrs Hudson / Holmes's Sussex Housekeeper; Mrs Watson; Inspector Youghal; Baker Street Irregulars; Colonel Sebastian Moran; (Bannister; Lord Cantlemere; Count Negretto Sylvius; Sam Merton; The Prime Minister; The Home Secretary; Wiggins; Tobias Gregson; Parker the Garrotter)
Historical Figures: Daniel D. Victor; Florence Thornton Chandler; Raymond Chandler; (Cissy Pascal; Arthur Herman Gilkes; Maurice Chandler; Grace Thornton Fitt; Anne Thornton; Ernest Thornton; Ethel Thornton; Arthur Balfour; Aretas Akers-Douglas; H.F. Hose; Colonel Robert Kekewich; Arthur Conan Doyle; Henry 'Teddy' Hope; Cecil Cowper)
Characters Derived from Fictional Characters: Terrence Leonard / Paul Martin (Terrance Regan); Norris; Elaine Sterne (Eileen Wade); Raphael "Rafe" Sterne (Roger Stearns Wade); Cora Goring (Linda Loring); Dr Goring (Dr Loring); Lucius Ward, Lord Steynwood (General Sternwood); (Carmen (Carmen Sternwood); Sylvia Leonard (Sylvia Lennox))
Other Characters: Miss Shelvington; Mrs Wallingham; Mrs Titmus; PC Sam Ruggles; Schulhof; Dr Vering; Denis Woodbury; Southampton Row Crowd; Southampton Row Police Constable; Crown & Eagle Publican; Mayfair Constable; Youghal's Constables; CID Desk Sergeant; Vering's Attendants; Enoch Parker; Train Passenger; Sterne's Guests; Sterne's Hired Butler; Sterne's Maid; Hired Footman; Hired Servants; Mrs Jenkins; Stennwood's Chauffeur Steynwood's Footmen; Steynwood's Butler; Marlow Policemen; Moran's Companion; Inquest Attendees; Coroner; (Dulwich College Students; Photographer; Dulwich Constable; Mrs Meeks; Leonard's Chauffeur; Drivers; Pedestrians; British Officer; Loyal North Lancashire Regiment; Boers; Watson's Patients; Billy's Neighbour; Cora; Ivy; Nancy; Violet McGee; Sussex Apiarist; Mrs Watson's Cousin; Inverness Police; Steynwood's Solicitor; War Office Officer; Medical Records Office Clerk; Dr James Cuthbert; Jeweller)
Date: 21st Century / 1925 / April, 1903 - April, 1912
Locations: USA; California; Los Angeles; Sunset Boulevard; Beverly Hills; UCLA; Charles E. Young Research Library; 221B, Baker Street; Dulwich; Dulwich College; Upper Norwood; Auckland Road; Baker Street; Queen Anne Street; Watson's House; Langham Hotel; Bloomsbury; Billy's Rooms; Southampton Row; The Crown and Eagle; Mayfair; Steynwood's House; Telegraph Office; Victoria Embankment; Scotland Yard; Paddington Station; Scotland; Inverness; Hotel; Holborn; Vering's Clinic; Victoria Station; Waterloo Station; Buckinghamshire; Bourne End; East Bourne; Marlow; High Street; Market House; West Street; Idyllic Vale; Berkshire; Maidenhead; South Africa; Rooiwal; Sussex; Eastbourne; Fulworth; Holmes's Cottage
Story: Victor discovers a manuscript in the Raymond Chandler collection at the UCLA's Charles E. Young Research Library detailing his time with Sherlock Holmes.

After investigating the habits of young Raymond Chandler at the request of his mother, Holmes ends up employing him as a page-boy at 221B, and gives him the name 'Billy'. recognising his budding literary talents, Watson encourages Billy to write up the Mazarin Stone case. On Holmes's retirement, Billy returns to full-time schooling, before travelling in Europe. On his return to England, he begins work at the Admiralty, and then as a journalist for the Daily Express.

In October, 1910, Billy appears at Watson's door with Terrence Leonard, whom he has rescued after a drunken altercation with his wife Sylvia left him lying in the street. After a second encounter, Leonard (a Boer War veteran) and Billy become friends. When his wife, daughter of Lord Steynwood, is murdered, Leonard comes to Watson searching for Billy, and Watson enlists the aid of Inspector Youghal, who believes that Leonard was the murderer. When Youghal takes Billy into custody, Watson calls Holmes out of retirement.

Holmes's arrival coincides with news from Scotland of Leonard's death at Loch Ness, and the appearance of Elaine Sterne who asks Holmes to investigate her novelist husband's disappearance. Billy attends a party at the Sternes' house in Marlow, at which tensions erupt among those present. Holmes and Watson also receive an invitation to Marlow, and a warning from an old adversary.

When Billy is at the scene of another death some months later, Holmes returns to London, and he and Watson attend the inquest in Marlow. The ensuing revelations lead to more death, and to Billy's decision to leave England and return to America.

The Seventh Bullet (1992)
Story Type:
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Dr. Watson; Mrs. Watson; Mrs. Hudson; Wiggins; Watson's Maid (Polly)
Historical Figures: Daniel D. Victor; David Graham Phillips; Carolyn Frevert; Fitzhugh Coyle Goldsborough; Albert Beveridge; Henry Frevert; William Randolph Hearst; Theodore Roosevelt; Henry Cabot Lodge; Senator Winthrop Murray Crane; Senator Joseph W. Bailey; Senator William J. Stone; Senator Shelby Cullom; Senator Knute Nelson; Senator Boies Penrose; Colonel John Jacob Astor; Madeleine Astor; (Admiral Sir George Tryon; Rear Admiral Sir Hastings Markham; Anne Stead; William F. Stead)
Other Characters: Mr. Wigmore; Diogenes Club Porter; Waterloo Workmen; Vicar; Southampton Porter; Southampton Crowds; New York Crowds; New York Porter; Rollins; Waldorf Commissionaire; Mr. Altamont; Millard Pankhurst Buchanan; Bearded Man; Roosevelt's Maid; Waldorf Bellboy; Shooter; Policemen; Detective Ryan; Frevert's Maid; Algernon Lee; Bellevue Nurses; Dr. Milton Farraday; Mr. Knowland; Capitol Guards; Newton James; Frank Davis; Princeton Club Porter; Jacob Jacoby; Policeman; Miles Kennedy; Morristown Police; Taxi Driver; Buchanan's Butler; Mrs. Buchanan; Langham Hall Porter; Delivery Boys; Larder Clientele; Waterloo Ticket Clerk; Waterloo Taxi Driver; White Star Crowds; Carol Singers; (Dr. Ira Harris; Turkish Telegraph Clerk; Butcher)
Date: Friday, March 13th - April & December, 1912
Locations: Watson's Queen Anne Street Surgery; Holmes's Sussex Villa; The Diogenes Club; Waterloo Station; Southampton; R.M.S. Majesty; New York; 119, East Nineteenth Street; The Waldorf-Astoria; Columbus Circle; The New York American Building; Central Park; Oyster Bay; Sagamore Hill; Vincent Place; Twenty-First Street; Gramercy Park; 112, East Nineteenth Street; Bellevue Hospital; Washington D.C.; Union Station; Massachusetts Avenue; Delaware Avenue; Senate office Building; The Capitol; The Botanic Gardens; The Spring Grotto; The Princeton Club; New Jersey; Morristown; Fifth Avenue; Pier 59; The Olympia; The Langham Hotel; The Royal Larder; Winchester; The Wite Star Dock, Southampton; (The Levant; Syria; Tripoli; 221B: Baker Street)
Story: Having written his doctoral dissertation on David Graham Phillips, Victor travelled to Princeton to view the Phillips collection there. In the bottom of one of the boxes of manuscripts he found an account of Phillips's assassination, written by Dr. Watson.

A year after the assassination of Phillips, an old acquaintance of Holmes, his sister Carolyn Frevert asks Watson to take her to Holmes in Sussex. There she enlists his aid in investigating her brother's death, which she believes was the result of a conspiracy, not the act of a lone madman. Holmes agrees to visit New York to investigate, but on learning from Mycroft that the assassin's sister and her husband are currently in Europe, he sends Watson on ahead. In New York Watson investigates Phillips's background, encountering, among others, William Randolph Hearst and Theodore Roosevelt. After obtaining a copy of Goldsborough's diaries, Holmes arrives in New York and begins his investigation of the crime scene, interviewing those who knew Phillips or Goldsborough. At the scene of the murder, Holmes himself, is shot at. He then travels to Washington D.C., to interview the senators attacked by Phillips in his Treason of the Senate articles. On returning to New York another of the senators is found dead in his New Jersey home after contacting Holmes. He is holding House of the Vampire, the same book that Goldsborough had been reading at the time of the assassination. His killer is killed, but Holmes gains information that sets him on the trail of the man behind Phillips' murder, and they travel back to England in pursuit. Their man escapes, but history seals his fate.

Nik Vincent

"The Case of the Scented Lady" (2017)
Included in:
Further Associates of Sherlock Holmes (George Mann)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Mrs Hudson
Canonical Characters: Mrs Hudson; Sherlock Holmes; Dr Watson
Other Characters: (Suffragette; Young Gentleman; Politician; Politician's Wife; Missing Industrialist; East Indian Factotum)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street
Story: The scent of a lady and a signet ring found in the ashes of Holmes's fireplace intrigue Mrs Hudson as she cleans his rooms. On his return he leads her through the facts of the case.

Stephen Volk

"The Comfort of the Seine" (2011)
Included in:
Gaslight Arcanum (J.R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Holmes
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; (Inspector Lestrade; Dr Watson)
Fictional Characters: (C. Auguste Dupin; Adolphe Le Bon; Madame L'Espanaye)
Historical Figures: Edgar Allan Poe; (Joseph Walker; Dr Snodgrass; Dr John Carter; Charles Baudelaire)
Other Characters: Peter Scales; Olaf Scales; Flower Seller; Labourers; Stall-holders; Knife-sharpener; Morgue Visitors; Morgue Attendants; Pallbearers; Griswold; Bobo; (Reynolds)
Locations: Cambridge; Cross-Channel Ferry; France; Paris; Quai de la Corse; Café Dauphine; Place Louis-Lépine; Marché aux Fleurs; The Louvre; Rue Quincampoix; The Paris Morgue; Mouffetard; Rue Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire; Rue Cuvier; The Ménagerie; Street Café; Saint-Germain; Book Shop; Pont Neuf; île de la Cité; Rue de la Femme-sans-Tête
On a break from university, the young Holmes is visiting Paris with the Scales twins, where he becomes fascinated with a young flower girl. When she disappears, he discovers her body in the Paris Morgue, where he also encounters an old man named Dupin. He follows a trail of clues from Poe's stories and biography to uncover the man's true identity. The events leading up to the girl's death are revealed, and Holmes's life takes a new path.

"Hounded" (2009)
Included in:
Gaslight Grotesque (J.R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec)
Story Type:
Supernatural Pastiche / Canonical Re-imagining
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; The Hound of the Baskervilles; Inspector Lestrade; (Sherlock Holmes; Mary Morstan)
Other Characters: Daniel Hebron; Mrs Sharman; Mr Bythesea; Monty Coventry; Em Coventry; Daphne Hebron; Coachman; King's Lynn Coroner; Mrs Race; Butcher Boy; Collier; Lamp-Lighter; Dr Stanley; St Thomas's Doctors; St Thomas Victims; Mortuary Attendants; Innes Court; Nurses; Dr Clifford Royce-Mills; Innes Court Patients; (Holmes's Nurses; Met Officers; Holmes's Canadian Cousins; Vernet; Gravediggers; Silver Tree; Child Spirit; Gamekeeper; Farm Labourer; Hampstead Heath Man; Wife; Constables; Mudlarks; Hartlepool Woman; Widnes Baby; Bristol Women; Guardsman)
Locations: Turnpike Lane; Mortlake; Watson's Home; Norfolk; Burnham Overy Staithe; Wells-next-the-Sea; King's Lynn; Hampstead Heath; Coventry's House; Wapping; Hartlepool; Widnes; Bristol; St Thomas's Hospital; Innes Court
Watson attends a seance given by Daphne Hebron. He recalls Holmes's last years in a nursing home and funeral. Watson, who is recognised, even though he uses an alias, has brought Holmes's meerschaum, but it is the Hound of the Baskervilles, not Holmes, who materialises. Returning home, he recalls the true events of the case. He and Holmes were summoned to Norfolk by a coachman and gamekeeper after the death of a farm labourer. An encounter with a spectral hound led Holmes to question his beliefs and to persuade Watson to present a fictionalised version of the case to his readers. A week after the seance, Lestrade shows Watson a news story about a hideous murder on Hampstead Heath. Watson believes the Hound has returned, a belief reinforced when he learns of the medium's death. His pursuit of the creature leads to him spending his final days incarcerated at Innes Court.

"The Lunacy of Celestine Blot" (2015)
Included in:
The Mammoth Book of Sherlock Holmes Abroad (Simon Clark)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Holmes
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; Young (Tom) Stamford; (Inspector (George) Lestrade; Mycroft Holmes)
Fictional Characters: (C. Auguste Dupin)
Historical Figures: Edgar Allan Poe; Jean-Martin Charcot; Jules Verne; Honorine Verne; Albert Gigot; (Pierre-Jules Hetzel; Sigmund Freud; Gaston Verne)
Other Characters: Asylum Inmates; Sub-Warden; Asylum Attendants; Hennetier; Celestine Blot; Asylum Guards; Madame L'Espanaye; Le Bon; Verne's Servant; Amiens Station Passengers; Amiens Surgeons; Amiens Nurse; Asylum Warders; Claude Bident; Titus Corcoran; Lamiche; Gertrude Socha / Contessa de Calvi; Police Officers; (Attacked Man; Celestine's Family; Moon Men; Nurses; Holmes's Aunt; Mycroft's Alienist; Sazzarin; Goyon; Mathurine; Hetzel's Assistants)
Date: 1879
Locations: France; Paris
; Salpêtrière Hospital; Rue de la Femme-Sans-Tête; Poe's Rooms; Amiens; 44 Boulevard Longueville; Bois de Vincennes; 36 Quai des Orfèvres; Lac Daumesnil
Story: A young
Holmes, and Poe, now living in Paris having adopted the identity of Dupin, visit Charcot's asylum. Charcot introduces them to Celestine Blot, who suffers paroxysms any time she sees an image of the moon. She claims that the malady began when she was abducted by creatures from a flying craft, and was confined after attacking Jules Verne, whom she believes is in collusion with the creatures. An inmate of the asylum, Gertrude Socha, has now disappeared from her locked room, and Celestine claims that the woman was abducted by the Moon Men. After hypnotising Celestine, and examining maps of the solar system, Holmes and Poe visit Verne. Poe is attacked before they can return to Paris, and Holmes is left to bring the case to its conclusion

NOTE: Poe's servants Madame L'Espanaye and Le Bon are named after characters from "The Murders in the Rue Morgue".

"The Purloined Face" (2013)
Included in:
Beyond Rue Morgue (Paul Kane & Charles Prepolec)
Story Type:
Pastiche narrated by Holmes
Canonical Characters: Sherlock Holmes; (Inspector Lestrade)
Fictional Characters: (C. Auguste Dupin)
Historical Figures: Edgar Allan Poe; (Lon Chaney; Auguste Rodin)
Other Characters: Cinema Audience; Le Bon; Olivier Guédiguian; Anaïs Jolivet; Madame L'Espanaye; Opera Doorman; Orchestra; Opera Singers; Laurent Loubatierre; Costumier; Copyist; Dance Manager; Ballerinas; Beckstein; Marie-Claire Chanaud; Boy; Christophe; Opera Audience; Henri Bermutier; Dressers; Wardrobe Mistresses; Rennedon; Parisians; édith Dufranoux; Streetwalkers; Chinaman; Bordello Customers; Young Girl; Street Sweepers; Colonel Guy Follenvie; Madame Lop-Lop; (Holmes's Doctor; Mathilde Guédiguian; Anaïs's Boy; Francesco Mazzini; Malandain; Rosa; Stage Crew; Plain Clothes Police Officers; Madame Floch / Tante Berthe; Vidal)
Date: April
Locations: Cinema; France; Paris
; île de la Cité; Rue de la Femme-sans-Tête; Avenue de l'Opéra; Opéra Garnier; Boulevard des Italiens; Rue St Marc; Rue St Denis; Rue Blondel.; Bordello
Story: Poe-Dupin and Holmes are called on by Guédiguian, manager of the Paris Opera, and the prima donna, Anaïs Jolivet, who has been the victim of an acid attack in her dressing room. The attack has rekindled rumours of a fantôme at the Opera. At the Opera, they are in time to observe the aftermath of another attack and hear reports of the masked assailant. At the opening night of La Traviata, Holmes and "Dupin" set up watch backstage, and with a porcine assistant pursue the Phantom through the streets and bordellos of Paris.

NOTE: This story pays homage both to Gaston Leroux's Phantom of the Opera and Daphne du Maurier's Don't Look Now.

Paula Volsky

"The Giant Rat of Sumatra" (1996)
Included in:
Resurrected Holmes (Marvin Kaye); Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #5 (Marvin Kaye)
Story Type:
Supernatural Pastiche in the style of H.P. Lovecraft
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Mrs Hudson; Wiggins; Baker Street Irregulars
Historical Figures: Sweeney Todd (A Fleet Street barber "of remarkably demonic aspect")
Other Characters: August Belknap; Plunker; Talliard's Lady; Professor Sefton Talliard; The Faithful; Ur-Allazoth; (Dyak Guide; Zebulon Loftus; Abe Engle; Tertius Crawley; Village Chieftain; Faithful Stowaway; Matilda Briggs Captain; Deck Hands; Crew)
Date: March
Locations: Baker Street; 221B, Baker Street; Regents Park; Notting Hill Gate; Talliard's Lodgings; Fleet Street; Belknap's Lodgings; Ludgate Circus; Blackfriars Bridge; (Sumatra; Aboard the Matilda Briggs; Batavia Bay; Providence, Rhode Island; Brown University)
Story: Watson arrives at Baker Street having failed to buy a copy of De Vermiis Mysteriis. Holmes has received a letter from a potential client who arrives disguised asa woman. The client, Belknap, tells them of a missing professor of anthropology, Talliard who he believes is hiding in London. He believes that he has information that could save the lives of Talliard and his colleagues. He tells of an expedition to Sumatra where they witnessed a sacrificial ceremony for the giant rat-god Ur-Allazoth.by the hjill-people known as The Faithful. They removed a plaque from the idol of the god. Before they left the island one of their party was murdered, and a second aboard the Matilda Briggs. The ship mysteriously sank as it approached Java, and the killings continued after the survivors returned to America. Belknap has been followed ever since, but believes that returning the plaque will stop the pursuit. Holmes states that he can locate Talliard in a matter of hours and sets the Irregulars on the case. They arrive to late to save him and set out to prevent a similar fate befalling Belknap.

John P. Vourlis

"A Case of Insomnia" (2003)
Included in:
Shadows Over Baker Street (Michael Reaves & John Pelan)
Story Type:
Supernatural Pastiche
Canonical Characters: Dr. Watson; Sherlock Holmes
Other Characters: Dr. Arthur Mashbourne; Marylebone Crowd; Train Conductor; Inn Hostess; Dentist; Magistrate's Clerk; Inswich Woman; Mail Clerk; Butcher; Young Mother; Boy; Village Men; Transom Driver; Carthon Footman; Servants; Lady Emily Carthon; Butler; Creature; Barrington Constable; (Apothecary; Estella; Captain Carthon; Egyptian Grave Robbers)
Date: A Thursday in March (1899)
Locations: 221B, Baker Street; Marylebone Station; A Train; King's Cross Station; Barrington; Inswich; The Black Hart Inn Carthon House; (Egypt)
Story: While suffering from a bout of sleeplessness, Holmes learns of a plague of insomnia afflicting the village of Inswich. He and Watson travel there, encountering Dr. Mashbourne on the train. In Inswich they learn that the population is being kept awake by some kind of night creature. They spend a night at Carthon House, where they hear of the death of Lady Carthon's husband. In the night Watson is attacked by the creature.