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The Addams Family

Series 1 Episode 23: Thing Is Missing (1965)
Character Name: Gomez Addams
Played by: John Astin
Writer: Lorraine Edwards & Bill Lutz
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Story: Thing has been acting moodily, but when he disappears, the family search the house for clues. Morticia (Carolyn Jones) finds Thing's parents' wedding photo, and Gomez (John Astin) dresses as Sherlock Holmes to solve the mystery. After he has interrogated the family, Morticia calls the police, but when they fail to help, a small ad brings them many things but not their Thing. A ransom note arrives, so Gomez hires Sam Diamond (Tommy Farrell), the famous detective.

The Avengers

Series 6 Episode 3: The Curious Case of the Countless Clues (1968)
Character Name: Sir Arthur Doyle
Played by: Peter Jones
Writer: Philip Levene
Director: Don Sharp
Story: Fingerprints on a pistol, a footprint on the carpet, a cigar in the ashtray and a button pave the way for the murder of Reginald Dawson (Reginald Jessup). Tara King (Linda Thorson) is wheelchair-bound after a skiing accident. Detective Sir Arthur Doyle calls John Steed (Patrick Macnee) to the scene of the crime, and deduces that Steed walked through the park that morning. A Rolls Royce seen after the murder implicates cabinet minister Sir William Burgess (George A. Cooper).

Doyle calls Steed to a second murder, again with a surfeit of clues pointing to a prominent figure as the murderer. Financier Robert Flanders (Edward de Souza) has an identical alibi to Burgess. As the culprits amass their spoils, a plan is put in place to frame Steed for Tara's murder.


Season 3 Episode 11-13: The Londinium Larcenies / The Foggiest Notion / The Bloody Tower (1967)
Character Name: Lord Marmaduke Ffog
Played by: Rudy Vallee
Writer: Elkan Allan & Charles Hoffman
Director: Oscar Rudolph
Story: Sherlockian-garbed villains Lord Marmaduke Ffogg (Rudy Vallee) and Lady Penelope Peasoup (Glynis Johns) are in the midst of a series of robberies, covering their tracks with fog from Ffog's pipe of fog. Commissioner Gordon (Neil Hamilton) is travelling to an international police commissioners conference in Londinium, so at the request of the President, agrees to take on the case, and travels to England with Batman, Robin, Alfred and Batgirl. In Londinium they team up with Inspector Watson (Maurice Dallimore) of Venerable Ireland Yard, who has a portrait of Sherlock Holmes on his office wall.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 1 Episode 15: Trials of the Demon! (2009)
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by: Ian Buchanan
(Jim Piddock as Dr Watson)
Writer: Todd Casey
Director: Michael Chang
Story: Batman and the Flash confront Scarecrow and Scream Queen who are distributing Fear Gas throughout the city in pumpkin heads.

In the Victorian slums, a young woman is invited into a carriage. Responding to a scream, Holmes and Watson find the woman sill alive, but strangely aged and unresponsive, as if under some sort of spell. The attack is the latest in a series. The gathered crowd believe that Jason Blood is the criminal, and a mob descends on his home. Holmes dedusces that Blood was trying to solve the crime and completes the spell that he was casting before the mob carried him off. The spell brings Batman to their time.

Batman saves Blood from being burned for witchcraft, and deduces that there is a plot afoot to frame Blood's alter-ego, the demon Etrigan. Batman witnesses Gentleman Jim Craddock removing the soul from his latest victim, but his cape is transformed into a demon bat, which carries him away, while Etrigan battles a giant snake.

Batman gets a new costume. Blood realises that Craddock has to find one more victim in order to seal his deal with Astaroth to gain immortality. Holmes confronts Craddock at an old windmill. Batman and Etrigan race to save Holmes's soul.

The Best House in London (1969)

Character Name: Not bloody Sherlock Holmes
Played by: Peter Jeffrey
(Thorley Walters as (not) Dr Watson)
Writer: Denis Norden
Director: Philip Saville
Story: When Benjamin Oakes (David Hemmings) throws the comb he has been using to file through the bars of his prison cell out of the window, it is picked up by a pipe-smoking, deerstalker-wearing man who examines it with his magnifying glass and deduces that it belongs to a man of about twenty-four, imprisoned on trumped up charges. When the comb is claimed by Lord Alfred Douglas, who says it belongs to his friend Oscar, the man turns to his bowler hat-wearing moustachioed friend and says, "Well I'm not bloody Sherlock Holmes, you know".

Bionic Six

Season 2 Episode 13: The Case of the Baker Street Bionics (1987)
Character Name: Dr Mycroft Hughes
Played by: Neil Ross
Writer: John Semper
Story: The Bionic Six leap into action when Dr Scarab attempts to steal the control system of a new rocket. The exploit wins them the title of Crimesolvers of the Year from the Crimesolver Society. Eileen Hughes objects because they use their powers to fight crime rather than their wits to solve crimes. She challenges any member of the Six to win a mystery-solving competition at Mycroft Manor, the home of her uncle, Dr Mycroft Hughes, without using their Bionic powers. Dr Scarab plans for himself and Madame-O to attend the party.

I.Q and Karate-1 are chosen to represent the Bionic Six, and are up against some of the world's greatest detectives (versions of Miss Marple, Nick and Nora Charles, Dirty Harry and Hercule Poirot). With the Manor sealed off from the outside world by a force field, Hughes sets them the task of solving one of Sherlock Holmes's greatest mysteries, but their first task is to find Hughes himself. In order to do so they must face the Giant Rats of Sumatra.

When it's discovered that two of the guests are impostors, the rest of the Bionics resolve to smash their way into the Manor to rescue I.Q. and Karate-1, who face further problems to solve based on canonical clues, and high-tech traps.

NOTE: Image is of the statue of Sherlock Holmes in the lobby of Mycroft Manor.


Season 1 Episode 14: Sherlock Holmes in the 23rd Century, Part 1 (1988)
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by: Pat Fraley
Writer: Bob Forward
Director: Tom Tataranowicz
Story: As Holmes plummets over the brink of Reichenbach Falls, a timewarp carries him to London in the year 2249. Dr Wt'sn, a Rigellian, sees him fall and takes him to Harley Street Hospital, where his injuries are repaired. The journey through time leaves him with the ability to emit an electrical charge from his fingers.

He encounters a gang of young pickpockets before coming under attack , only to be rescued by Scotland Yard agent Mycroft Holmes, a many-times-great-niece of his brother. He returns to 221B, Baker Street, preserved as a museum, where he meets BraveStarr, who asks him to help find a hijacked space freighter, which Fleeder, the alien boy was aboard.

Holmes is abducted by Mr Fogg, but frees himself with the aid of the gang of pickpockets. Lestrade's descendant, Chief Kitty Lestrade, apprehends Fogg. Lured to an abandoned warehouse, Holmes, BraveStarr, Wt'sn and Mycroft are trapped in a dungeon.


Season 1 Episode 15: Sherlock Holmes in the 23rd Century, Part 2 (1988)
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by: Pat Fraley
Writer: Bob Forward
Director: Ernie Schmidt
Story: BraveStarr discovers that Fleeder is a prisoner in the same dungeon. They escape and discover the hijacked freighter, crashed outside. Holmes realises that Moriarty has used a suspended animation chamber to follow him to the 23rd century, and is behind the hijacking. He plans to use Fleeder to help him achieve domination over the entire world.

The pickpocket gang's dog Baskerville leads them to the turbo train station, but they take a dirigible in pursuit of Moriarty to Paris, where Moriarty plans to use the Eiffel Tower to use hypno-rock and Fleeder to bring his plans to fruition..

The Cape

Episode 4: Scales (2011)
Character Name: Unknown
Played by: Robert Tarpinian
Writer: William Wheeler
Director: Dennie Gordon
Story: Masked superhero the Cape (David Lyons) and his assistant Orwell (Summer Glau), attend a Heroes and Villains themed costume party on a train, where they hope to get dockyard boss Scales (Vinnie Jones) to expose Fleming (James Frain) as crime boss Chess. Among the guests is one briefly seen dressed as Sherlock Holmes.

Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum (1940)

Writer: John Francis Larkin
Director: Lynn Shores
Story: When escaped prisoner, Steve McBirney (Marc Lawrence), arrives at Dr Cream's Museum of Crime, there is a waxwork of Sherlock Holmes standing in the entrance lobby.

Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers

Season 1 Episode 8: Pound of the Baskervilles (1989)
Character Name: Chip / Sherlock Jones
Played by: Tress MacNeille
Writer: Eric Lewald
Director: John Kimball, Bob Zamboni & Alan Zaslove
Story: Chip is reading the adventures of Sherlock Jones when a storm brings the rangers' flying machine down on the roof of Baskerville Mansion, home of animal-hating Lord Howie. They meet a McDuff, Roger's dog, and help him search for the will that will allow Roger to claim the mansion as his rightful inheritance. After failing to scare Howie away, Chip uses Sherlockian methods to find the lost will, and discovers that Roger's father was the creator of Sherlock Jones. Chip takes his costume from a statuette of Sherlock, and suggests that the will may be hidden behind a photo of Roger's father in Sherlockian dress.

Cruise of the Gods (2002)

Character Name: Nick Lee
Played by: Steve Coogan
Writer: Tim Firth
Director: Declan Lowney
Story:The stars of a cancelled television science fiction series, Andy van Allen (Rob Brydon) and Nick Lee (Steve Coogan), are reunited on a fan cruise. Lee is currently starring in the TV series Sherlock Holmes in Miami.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Series 5 Episode 11: Who Shot Sherlock (2005)
Character Name: Denny Kingsley
Played by: Ted Rooney
Writer: David Rambo & Richard Catalani
Director: Kenneth Fink
Story: Denny Kingsley (Ted Rooney) a Sherlock Holmes enthusiast, is shot in his basement replica of the 221B, Baker Street sitting room. Greg Sanders (Eric Szmanda) is given the case as his final proficiency test. Three of Kingsley's friends arrive in Sherlockian costumes, as Watson, Moriarty and Irene Adler, for their regular Thursday night meeting.

Warren Brown (Gary Dourdan) and his team are investigating a jeep accident. There is a joint in the car, but the brakes and battery were both functioning properly. The victim's roommate claims that he had left the victim before the crash happened, although there are signs that he may be lying. Examnation of the jeep and crash scene suggests a possible answer, leading to a reconstruction of the accident.

Signs from the murder scene, and on his clues point to Nelson Oakes, who was in role as Watson (Rod McLachlan) as the killer, but Sanders suspects a frame-up. A lead involving a first edition of The Hound of the Baskervilles proves fruitless. A chip from a revolver handle leads to a solution of the case, but Grissom (William Petersen) questions Sanders's conclusion.

Daffy Duck

Deduce, You Say (1956)
Character Name: Dorlock Holmes
Played by: Daffy Duck (Mel Blanc)
(Porky Pig as Dr Watkins)
Writer: Michael Maltese
Director: Chuck Jones
Story: Dorlock Holmes lives at 221 7/16, Beeker Street, in Victorian London. Daffy as Holmes is doing his tax de-duck-tions, when a telegram arrives from the Shropshire Slasher, who has escaped from Dartmoor Prison and plans to start slashing again. Taking Dr Watkins with him, he gathers clues in a tavern, where they come face to face with the Slasher.

Dave Allen at Large

Series 1 Episode 3 (1971)
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by: Dave Allen
(Michael Sharvell-Martin as Dr Watson)
Producer: Peter Whitmore
Story: Watson arrives back at 221B feeling flustered, having heard two ladies discussing his and Holmes's relationship.

Series 1 Episode 5 (1971)
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by: Dave Allen
Producer: Peter Whitmore
Story: Holmes explains to Moriarty how he saw through his Watson disguise.
Unknown Episode
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by: Dave Allen
(Michael Sharvell-Martin as Dr Watson)
Story: Watson is struck in the posterior by one of Moriarty's poison darts. Unless the poison is sucked out, he will die.

Dawson and Friends

Episode 1 (1977)
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by: Humphrey Lyttelton
(Les Dawson as Dr Watson)
Writer: Barry Cryer & David Nobbs
Director: Len Lurcuck
Story: Holmes is unperturbed when his violin is stolen by Moriarty.

Episode 2 (1977)
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by: Humphrey Lyttelton
(Les Dawson as Dr Watson)
Writer: Barry Cryer & David Nobbs
Director: Len Lurcuck
Story: Holmes reveals his thoughts on their relationship to Watson.

Episode 3 (1977)
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by: Humphrey Lyttelton
(Les Dawson as Dr Watson)
Writer: Barry Cryer & David Nobbs
Director: Len Lurcuck
Story: Now that they have the man and the motive, Holmes reveals what they still lack.

Episode 4 (1977)
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by: Humphrey Lyttelton
(Les Dawson as Dr Watson)
Writer: Barry Cryer & David Nobbs
Director: Len Lurcuck
Story:Holmes explains how he knew there was enough arsenic in the glass on the bedside table of the victim to kill a horse.

Dawson's Electric Cinema (1975)

Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by: Les Dawson
(Roy Barraclough as Dr Watson)
Writer: Barry Cryer & David Nobbs
Director: Ronnie Baxter
Story:In "The Mystery of Grisly Manor", Holmes and Watson arrive at the Manor and, hearing a scream, enter the cobwebbed interior where the Hound of the Baskervilles lies in wait. A living suit of armour, a portrait with moving eyes, an animated deer head, and a headless ghost add to the terror.

Doctor Dolittle

Episode 12: A Fox Called Sherlock (1970)
Character Name:
Sherlock Fox
Played by: Unknown
Director: Sid Marcus & Grant Simmons
Story: Dr Dolittle and his friends attend the opening of the Dr Dolittle Wax Museum. Gip is kidnapped by Sam Scurvy's crew, and when the police refuse to take him seriously, the doctor hires Sherlock Fox

Dr Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (1965)

Played by: Unknown
Writer: Elwood Ullman & Robert Kaufman
Director: Norman Taurog
Story: Dr Goldfoot's robot, Diane (Susan Hart), is programmed in error, by Igor (Jack Mullaney), to seduce Secret Intelligence Command agent "Double O and a Half" Craig Gamble (Frankie Avalon). After Gamble has taken her back to his bachelor pad, Goldfoot (Vincent Price), realises the mistake, and orders her to leave. Diane throws Craig across the room, and storms out, leaving Craig to ask the portrait of Sherlock Holmes on his wall, "What did I do wrong?" When he takes a second look, Holmes has turned his back on him.

There is another poster of Holmes on the wall of Craig's office at Intelligence Headquarters, where later, Igor appears in full Sherlockian regalia posing as Inspector Abernathy.


Doctor Who

Series 14 Episodes 14-19: The Talons of Weng Chiang (1977)
Character Name: The Doctor
Played by: Tom Baker
Writer: Robert Holmes
Director: David Maloney
Story: The Doctor and Leela (Louise Jameson) arrive in Victorian London, and the Doctor immediately dons a deerstalker and cape. Women have been disappearing from the streets, and there are strange appearances inthe theatre owned by Henry Jago (Christopher Benjamin). Events seem to centre around the magician Li H'sen Chang (John Bennett) and his ventriloquist's dummy, Mr Sin (Deep Roy). The Doctor suspects the involvement of the Tong of the Black Scorpion, fanatical followers of the god Weng Chiang. He and Leela join forces with Professor Litefoot (whose housekeeper is Mrs Hudson), and the case takes them into the sewers, where they face a giant rat.

Series 7 Episode 6: The Snowmen (2012)
Character Name: Madame Vastra
Played by: Neve McIntosh
Writer: Steven Moffat
Director: Saul Metzstein
Story: Fifty years after being spoken to by a snowman, Dr Simeon (Richard E. Grant) has installed the Great Intelligence (Ian McKellen) in his London house and is collecting snow for it. The Doctor (Matt Smith) meets Clara (Jenna Coleman) outside the tavern where she works as a barmaid, and where an evil snowman has just appeared. Simeon lays claim to the contents of the pond outside the home of Captain Latimer (Tom Ward), but Madame Vastra and Jenny (Catrin Stewart) are on Simeon's trail.

Simeon points out to them that "Dr Doyle is almost certainly basing his fantastical tales on your own exploits. With a few choice alterations, of course. I doubt the readers of the Strand magazine would accept that the Great Detective is in reality...a woman." Madame Vastra, the veiled detective, is a Silurian. The Doctor calls at Simeon's house as Sherlock Holmes.

Series 7 Episode 12: The Crimson Horror (2013)
Character Name: Madame Vastra
Played by: Neve McIntosh
Writer: Mark Gatiss
Director: Saul Metzstein
Story: In 1893, Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax (Dan Starkey) travel to Yorkshire, where they become embroiled in "the repulsive story of the red leech" (referred to in "The Golden Pince-Nez"). They have been hired by Mr Thursday (Brendan Patricks), whose journalist brother has become the latest victim of the Crimson Horror.

The Doctor and Clara are also on the scene, investigating events in the community of Sweetville, run by Mrs Gillyflower (Diana Rigg), where residents are selected for their physical perfection.

NOTE: Madame Vastra also appears in the episodes "A Good Man Goes to War"; "The Name of the Doctor" and "Deep Breath"; and the Mini-episodes "The Great Detective" and "Vastra Investigates".

Donny and Marie

Season 4 Episode 12 (1979)
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by: Donny Osmond
(Johnny Dark as Dr Watson)
Director: Art Fisher
Story: Holmes uncovers the identity of Jack the Quipper when his latest victim, Molly Cuttlefish (Ruth Buzzi), is able to describe him, after first repeating the "my wife's so fat..." jokes that he terrorised her with.

End of Part One

Series 1 Episode 4: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1979)
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes & Dr Watson
Played by: Dudley Stevens, David Simeon & Denise Coffey
Writer: Andrew Marshall & David Renwick
Director: Geoffrey Sax
Story: Norman Straightman (Tony Aitken) feels ill after eating his tea. A charity collector (Fred Harris) from the King Charles the First Hospital for the Chronically Headless calls, looking for head donors.

At 221B, Holmes and Watson, in bed, read about the opening of a Theatre of Wax next door in Baker Street. Mrs Watson (Sue Holderness) tries to get Watson to go home with her. Before she leaves, she gives him a note summoning him to tend to Norman Straightman. The following morning Vera Straightman (Denise Coffey) discovers that Norman's head has been stolen.

Holmes and Watson arrive, and after Sidney Paget has drawn the scene, swap clothes and roles. Vera tells them about Norman's visit to a Chinese petshop the previous day. Holmes, Watson and Vera arrive at the Theatre of Wax too late, but Vera tries her hand at being Holmes. Later, back at Baker Street, Holmes reveals the location of the missing head.

Family Guy

Season 12 Episode 15: Secondhand Spoke (2014)
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by: Seth MacFarlane
(Cary Elwes as Dr Watson)
Writer: David Ihlenfeld & David Wright
Director: James Wu
Story: Chris is bullied at school. Peter discovers he can use smoking breaks as an excuse to get out of anything. Stewie decides to help Chris deal with the bulies. Chris tells Stewie that they're going to "work perfectly together, like Sherlock Holmes and Watson", leading in to a brief scene showing Holmes making footprint-based bath-house deductions.

Family Tree

Episode 4: Country Life (2013)
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by: Jake Harders
(Ashley Walters as Dr Watson)
Writer: Christopher Guest & Jim Piddock
Director: Christopher Guest
Story: While Tom Chadwick (Chris O'Dowd) is taking a swab for a DNA test to help speed up his family tree investigations, his friend, Pete (Tom Bennett) is watching the new Sherlock Holmes series, "Sherlock Holmes: The New Frontier", on TV.

The Famous Adventures of Mr Magoo

Episode 24: Mr Magoo's Sherlock Holmes (1965)
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by: Paul Frees
(Mr Magoo (Jim Backus) as Dr Watson)
Writer: True Boardman
Director: Abe Levitow
Story: After being run down by a thug on a bicycle, Helen calls at 221B, Baker Street. She has kept her romance with Joe Tabor, a ship's officer hidden for two years from her stepfather, and has been keeping a gold nugget hidden in a jewel case from South Africa for her fiancée while he is on his final voyage. She has received a threatening letter and is being followed by a mysterious Indian.

Holmes and Watson (played by Mr Magoo) travel by train to Road's End, Helen's stepfather's house. Holmes arrives in disguise, while Watson stakes out the village inn, where the thug and the Indian are also staying. That night they keep watch over Helen and apprehend the thug stealing the jewel box, revealing its real contents in the process.

Holmes and Watson visit the wax museum in disguise with the ransom for the jewel to lay a trap for the thief.

Fantasy Island

Season 2 Episode 25: Amusement Park / Rock Stars (1979)
Character Name: Tattoo
Played by: Hervé Villechaize
Writer: Richard Fisher & Skip Webster
Director: Cliff Bole
Story: At the beginning of the episode, Tattoo appears dressed as Holmes, reveals that he has been reading the Sherlock Holmes book that Mr Roarke gave him, and is now a master of disguise. He later appears disguised as a pirate, and rather disturbingly at the end of the episode as a large yellow bird in which guise he apparently lays an egg.

The Father Dowling Mysteries

Season 3 Episode 21: The Consulting Detective Mystery (1991)
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by: Rupert Frazer
Writer: Dean Hargrove & Gerry Conway
Director: Sharron Miller
Story:Lloyd Eastland (Emory Bass) is caught in the act of hiding papers in a candlestick by Barone (Patrick Kilpatrick), who shoots him, but is unable to retrieve the papers before security guards arrive. A month later, a candlestick is stolen from Father Dowling's church. Stains on the floor, metal shavings and a footprint, lead Dowling (Tom Bosley) to deduce the thief's identity. Sergeant Clancy (Regina Krueger) compares Dowling to Sherlock Holmes, and arrests the thief, but straight away Dowling discovers a thief in the process of stealing another candlestick, forcing Dowling to admit that the arrested man, Kowecki (Kevin Scannell), is innocent. Kowecki, an ex-con, loses his job as a result.

Concerned that his powers of logic and reasoning are failing him, he gives away his copy of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (his "second favourite" book) to Sister Steve (Tracy Nelson). That evening he falls asleep in his chair worrying about Kowecki, and is woken up by Sherlock Holmes, who has appeared in his study. He tells Dowling that his belief in him made him real, and that should Dowling lose his faith in his methods, Holmes will cease to exist. He has appeared to restore Dowling's faith, and to help solve the mystery.

He continues appearing, although only Dowling can see him. After a failed abduction attempt at an auction house, Steve discovers the source of the candlesticks, and she and Dowling visit Eastland's widow (Susan Krebs). A business card leads them to a car dealership, but Dowling's friends start to doubt his sanity, until he solves the mystery.

For Your Consideration (2006)

Character Name: Chuck Porter
Played by: Fred Willard
Writer: Christopher Guest & Eugene Levy
Director: Christopher Guest
Story:Chuck Porter presents the "Lost and Found" section of Hollywood Now , on the potential Oscar-winning stars of "Home for Purim", in Sherlockian regalia.

Goober and the Ghost Chasers

Episode 13: Is Sherlock Holme? (1973)
Character Name: Sergeant Roger Sherlock
Played by: Unknown
Director: Charles A. Nichols
Story: Goober and the Ghost Chasers fly into foggy London Town on a mysterious assignment for Ghost Chasers magazine. They travel by taxi to the haunted Blimey Mansion. Bill Turpin, the Caretaker introduces them to Sergeant Roger Sherlock. Recently, valuable antiques have been disappearing from the untenanted mansion, stolen by a ghost.

They encounter the ghosts of a king and a music hall double act, but antiques continue to be stolen while they are investigating. They also meet the unsuccessful ghost Sir William, and the magical Lucy, before discovering the identity of the thieves.

Gravity Falls

Season 1 Episode 3: Headhunters (2012)
Character Name: Wax Sherlock Holmes
Played by: John Oliver
Writer: Aury Wallington & Alex Hirsch
Director: John Aoshima
Story: Mabel and Dipper are watching Duck-tective. Soos discovers a hidden room full of wax figures in the Mystery Shack. Grunkle Stan tells them it's the long-forgotten wax museum, but discovers that the wax Abraham Lincoln has melted. Mabel creates a model of Stan from the leftover wax and the museum is re-opened. That night wax Stan is beheaded. Dipper decides to invesigate.

Their first clue takes them to a biker bar, but all leads prove futile. The finally discover that the wax figures are alive. wax Sherlock Holmes tells them of the curse that is on the wax statues. Mabel and Dipper battle the figures.

The Kenny Everett Television Show

Series 1 Episode 7 (1982)
Sherlock Holmes and the Mysterious Affair of the End of the World
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by: Kenny Everett
(Michael Sharvell-Martin as Dr Watson)
Writer: Ray Cameron, Barry Cryer & Kenny Everett
Producer: Bill Wilson
Story: Baker Street, 1890: The fog grows ever thicker as Holmes and Watson hear a shot ring out. A girl (Cleo Rocos) tells them that her evil guardian, Moriarty, plans to blow up the world.

1891: When the fog clears after their encounter with Moriarty, Holmes has lost his pipe.

The Last Remake of Beau Geste (1977)

Character Name: A Detective
Played by: Unknown
Writer: Marty Feldman, Chris Allen & Sam Bobrick
Director: Marty Feldman
Story: Flavia Geste (Ann-Margret) hires a detective to help her find Beau Geste (Michael York) after he joins the Foreign Legion. He is driving the carriage in which she follows Digby Geste (Marty Feldman) after he escapes from prison, and is clearly Sherlock Holmes.

Level Up

Season 1 Episode 12: You Don't Know Jack (2012)
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by: Tariq Leslie
Writer: Peter Murrieta
Producer: Victor Gonzalez
Story: Barbara (Chelah Horsdal) donates Dante's (Connor Del Rio) Jack and the Beanstalk children's story book to the Founder's Day Pancake Breakfast fund-raising rummage sale. Dante downloads a copy of the book to his phone, but Jack (Morgan Roff) escapes into the real world in pursuit of the Giant (John DeSantis). Wyatt (Gaelan Connell) and Lyle (Jessie Usher) take Dante to find the leaked characters, but their weapons don't work against them.

Dante takes Jack to the Pancake Breakfast. Lyle brings Sherlock Holmes out of an e-book to assist them in capturing Jack and the Giant. When Holmes proves irritating, and Jack a thief, it is the Giant who gains their sympathy. An e-book of Little Red Riding Hood provides the solution.

Magnum, P.I.

Season 4 Episode 18: Holmes Is Where the Heart Is (1984)
Character Name: David Worth
Played by: Patrick Macnee
Writer: Judy Burns & Jay Huguely
Producer: John Llewellyn Moxey
Story: Magnum (Tom Selleck) is desperately trying to get a camera lens, for a surveillance job, from Higgins (John Hillerman), who is typing a memoir of his friend from Sandhurst, David Worth.

In 1976, after the funeral of Sir Alec Ramsay, the explorer, Worth arrives from England and is invited to stay by Higgins. He hints at foul play, claims that David Worth is an alias made up by Higgins, and insists on being called Sigerson. Hopkins and Lever arrive to collect Ramsay's effects for the British Museum. They tell Higgins that Worth has been missing, presumed dead, since he left the army on a medical discharge.

Under Higgins's worried questioning, Worth insists that he is Sherlock Holmes, and that Moriarty is behind Ramsay's death. He takes to calling Higgins "Watson". Higgins finds references in Ramsay's diary that suggest there may be some foundation in Worth's suspicions of foul play. The trail leads, via analysis of paint chips from a scratched car to a body shop to the son of a respected Chinese businessman.

Worth believes they have come face to face with Moriarty, while Higgins comes to believe that Ramsay may have been involved with drug traffickers. After Worth disappears, Higgins receives an anonymous call that leads him to an opium den and an acupuncturist, before learning that Worth has escaped from a home from the insane after being a secret agent in Russia.

Michael Bentine's Potty Time

Series 1 Episode 16: Sherlock Holmes (1974)
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by:
Michael Bentine
Writer: Michael Bentine
Director: Leon Thau
Story: Michael Bentine interviews Sherlock Holmes at 221B, Baker Street. Holmes suspects he may be Moriarty in disguise, until he proves otherwise. The rooms come under machine-gun attack. Bentine accompanies Holmes and Watson to Baskerville Hall. Holmes suspects Sir Hugo Baskerville may be Moriarty in disguise, until Lady Agatha Baskerville puts him right. Sir Hugo tells them that Moriarty has threatened to use the Hound of the Baskervilles to destroy him unless he pays a hundred thousand pound ransom. When Moriarty disguises himself as Holmes, it is up to the Hound to prove which is the real Sherlock.

The Monkees

Season 1 Episode 2: Monkee See, Monkee Die (1966)
Played by: Micky Dolenz
(Davy Jones as Dr Watson)
Writer: Treva Silverman
Director: James Frawley
Story: The Monkees are faced with eviction by their landlord (Henry Corden). A lawyer (Oliver McGowan) tells them they have been left a legacy by an eccentric millionaire, John Cunningham. They travel to an old dark house on an island for the reading of the will. Among the other guests is Cunningham's grand-niece, Ellie (Stacey Gregg), and Davy falls in love. Cunningham has recorded his will onto a gramophone record. The Monkees get an organ, but the rest of his fortune is left to Ellie, on condition she spends one night in the mansion.

With the last ferry cancelled because of fog, no one is able to leave the island. the butler (Milton Parsons) disappears after Madame Roselle (Lea Marner) has a vision of his death. In role as Holmes and Watson, Micky and Davy examine the murder weapon and theorise that the murderer was either a man or a woman. Mike's attempts to send a message by carrier pigeon and St Bernard fail.

After another vision, explorer Harris Kingsley (Mark Harris) also disappears. Madame Roselle holds a séance to contact Cunningham's spirit, but she too disappears. After a final song, the Monkees solve the mystery and secure Ellie's inheritance.

Season 2 Episode 2: The Picture Frame (1967)
Played by: Peter Tork
Writer: Jack Winter
Director: James Frawley
Story: Mike, Davy and Micky are arrested after being conned into carrying out a bank robbery believing they are in a movie. Peter searches for evidence to prove their innocence with deerstalker, meerschaum pipe and magnifying glass.

The Morecambe and Wise Show

Series 5 Episode 6 (1971)
The Return of Sherlock Holmes
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by: Eric Morecambe
Writer: Eddie Braben
Producer: John Ammonds
Story: A very short sketch in which Holmes announces his return.

Muppet Babies

Season 1 Episode 6: The Case of the Missing Chicken (1984)
Character Name: Gonzo
Played by: Russi Taylor
Writer: Jeffrey Scott
Director: John Gibbs
Story: After the Muppet babies stage a circus, Gonzo's baby chicken Camilla disappears. Gonzo dons Sherlockian garb to investigate

The Muppet Show

Series 1 Episode 3: Joel Grey (1976)
Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Disappearing Clues
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by: Rowlf (Jim Henson)
(Baskerville (John Lovelady) as Dr Watson)
Director: Peter Harris
Story: Miss Piggy, the maid, greets Holmes and Watson at the home of Lord Bottomley, who has been murdered. Holmes accuses Fielding the monster butler of the murder, but the clues disappear as fast as he finds them.

Muppets Tonight

Season 2 Episode 6: Paula Abdul (1996)
Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Red Herring
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by: Bill Barretta
(Jerry Nelson as Dr Watson)
Director: Gary Halvorson
Story: A case of red herrings arrives at Baker Street. Holmes, a whale, makes a crushing entrance.

Murder, She Wrote

Pilot: The Murder of Sherlock Holmes (1984)
Character Name: Caleb McCallum
Played by: Brian Keith
Writer: Richard Levinson, William Link & Peter S. Fischer
Director: Corey Allen
Story: After a costume party Caleb McCallum is found dead in the swimming pool, still dressed in the Sherlock Holmes costume he was wearing for the party. Best-selling mystery author, Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury), begins her first real murder investigation.

Murdoch Mysteries

Season 6 Episode 4: A Study in Sherlock (2013)
Character Name: David Kingsley
Played by:
Andrew Gower
Writer: Graham Clegg
Director: Don McCutcheon
Story: A robbery is thwarted by a drunken vagrant, resulting in the murder of the getaway carriage driver. The vagrant later introduces himself to Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) as Sherlock Holmes. Inspector Brackenreid (Thomas Craig) suggests that the man may have been involved, but he claims that he had intercepted coded messages from Moriarty in the press that had led him to uncovering the plot.

Holmes's deductions all prove correct, but Murdoch calls in Dr Ogden (Helene Joy) to examine him. He disappears, only to be found crouched over the dead body of one of the carriage guards, claiming that Moriarty has struck again. Murdoch suspects that bank deposit boxes rather than money were the goal of the robbery.

Ogden learns that Holmes is really David Kingsley, released from a mental institution six months previously, and Murdoch learns his family history from his uncle, whom Kingsley refuses to acknowledge, still insisting that he is Holmes. Constable Crabtree (Jonny Harris) suggests that Conan Doyle (Geraint Wyn Davies), who is visiting New York, is brought to Toronto to confront Gower.

Season 7 Episode 4: Return of Sherlock Holmes (2013)
Character Name: David Kingsley
Played by:
Andrew Gower
Writer: Carol Hay
Director: Gail Harvey
Story: Murdoch arrives at a hotel murder scene to find David Kingsley, still believing he is Sherlock Holmes, examining the body. He claims that he has been hired to find Miss Webb, a red-haired woman. He believes that the dead man was his client (having now set himself up in Toronto as a consulting detective), who had engaged him by an anonymous note with a one pound note enclosed.

Dr Emily Grace (Georgina Reilly) confirms Holmes's deductions about the body. Holmes identifies Miss Webb as the missing nanny of the McQueen family. The McQueen's son, Ben (Christian Distefano), is a Holmes devotee, and questions him over the veracity of the speckled band. Murdoch deduces that it was Ben who hired Holmes to find his missing nanny.

Murdoch and Holmes discover that the dead man was Ben's godfather. A clue from Ben sends Holmes and Murdoch to a teashop where the brew is more potent than tea, and they meet Miss Webb's fellow nannies. They learn about Miss Webb's disreputable past, and another murder takes place. Ben's memories lead them to the discovery of a body buried in the woods, the identity of which they hope will lead to the solution of the mystery.

Mutt and Jeff

Slick Sleuths (1926)
Character Name: Mutt & Jeff
Writer: Bud Fisher
Director: Charles R. Bowers
Story: Mutt and Jeff have opened a detective agency, and, in their deerstalkers, go in pursuit of the Phantom, for whom a $5000 reward is offered. The phantom has the ability to change shape, so eludes them at every turn. But they wake up in the park to find that it was all just a dream.

The New Scooby Doo Mysteries

Season 1 Episode 11: Sherlock Doo (1984)
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Writer: John Semper, Cynthia Friedlob & Glenn Leopold
Story: Scooby, Scrappy and the gang are in London, attending the Mystery Solvers contest at 221B, Baker Street. Scooby and Shaggy get lost and encounter the ghost of Sherlock Holmes. Stapleton, the contest organiser, announces that the contest is to solve the Mystery of the Blue Carbuncle, one of Sherlock Holmes's unsolved cases. Other contestants include Mr Lestrade, Miss Adler, and Iggy and Ziggy Moriarty.

The first clue leads the gang to a graveyard, and Scooby to a chip shop. The ghost of Holmes scares the Moriarty brothers. The other sleuths follow the gang to the Great Detectives Club, where speaking is not allowed. Among the club's members are Kojak and Columbo. Shaggy and Scooby are framed for the theft of E.L.C. Nubrac's Buckingham Palace security system blueprints and the gang are arrested.

Having tricked their way out of jail, the gang head to the wax museum, but fail to stop the theft of the genuine blueprints. At Buckingham Palace, they save the crown jewels and finally unmask the culprit after a rooftop chase.

Les Nouvelles Aventures de Lucky Luke

Series 1 Episode 3: Les Dalton contre Sherlock Holmes (2001)
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by: Eric Legrand
Writer: Yves Coulon & Francois Rosso
Story: Queen Victoria is a guest at the White House. She makes a bet with the President that Sherlock Holmes is a better detective than Lucky Luke. The Daltons escape from prison and Luke sets out to recapture them. he rescues Holmes, who is also on the trail of the Daltons, from a lynching. Holmes receives surreptitious help from the Queen's agents, who do all they can to slow Luke down, but when the Daltons abduct the Queen and Holmes, it is down to Luke to save the day.

Our Gang

The Mysterious Mystery (1924)
Character Name: Mickey
Played by: Mickey Daniels
Writer: Hal Roach & H.M. Walker
Director: Robert F. McGowan
Story: The Rich Little Boy, Adelbert Wallingford (Jackie Condon), is kidnapped. Mickey the Master Mind ("Only living successor of Sherlock Holmes, Old King Brady and Nick Carter") decides to investigate, assisted by his "Watson", Joe (Joe Cobb) and the rest of the gang. The first suspect they capture turns out to be a detective.

The real kidnapper pays the gang a dollar to deliver a ransom note and a pigeon to Mr Wallingford (William Gillespie). The pigeon, which was to have delivered the ransom money, escapes. Wallingford and the gang chase it, first by car, then by biplane.


It's a Mystery, Charlie Brown (1974)
Character Name: Snoopy
Writer: Charles M. Schulz
Director: Phil Roman
Story:Woodstock builds a nest. A thunderstorm disrupts his bath, and he is rescued by Snoopy. After the storm, he returns home to discover that his nest has disappeared. Sherlock Snoopy carries out his investigation. He eventually finds the nest at the school, but Sally demands restitution.

The Peter Serafinowicz Show

Episode 1 (2007)
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by: Peter Serafinowicz
(Alex Lowe as Dr Watson)
Director: Becky Martin
Story: After solving a case, Holmes's real feelings for Watson are exposed.

The Pink Panther

Sherlock Pink (1976)
Character Name: Sherlock Pink
Writer: John W. Dunn
Director: Robert McKimson
Story:The Pink Panther's cake disappears while he is sleeping under the stars. Donning a deerstaker, he sets off to find the thief.

Popcorn (1991)

Character Name: Unknown
Actor: Unknown
Writer: Alan Ormsby
Director: Mark Herrier
Story: A serial kller strikes during an all-night festival of horror movies at an old movie theatre. Many of the audience show up in costume, with one of them briefly seen dressed as Sherlock Holmes.

The Real Ghostbusters

Season 5 Episode 3: Elementary, My Dear Winston (1989)
Character Name: Howard Epps
Played by:
Maurice LaMarche
(Frank Welker as Dr Watson)
Writer: Richard Mueller
Director: Will Meugneot
Story: A glowing ball emerges from the river in New York. From it appears a skeleton, which transforms into Professor Moriarty, accompanied by a dragon-like beast. The ghosts of Holmes and Watson are also in New York, in a vintage car, in search of Moriarty. Sensing the evil inside the Ghostbusters' ghost containment chamber, Moriarty attempts to release the ghosts.

Moriarty gains power from the weapons in the museum. Holmes comes to the rescue when Moriarty traps the Ghostbusters, but Peter traps Holmes. Winston releases him, and they team up to rescue Watson and defeat Moriarty. Egon deduces that widespread belief in Holmes is what has caused the manifestations. They confront Moriarty at a pageant of fictional characters in the New York Central Library, but Moriarty succeeds in releasing the ghosts before their final confrontation at Ghostbusters' headquarters.

Remington Steele

Season 1 Episode 20: Steele's Gold (1983)
Character Name: Remington Steele
Played by:
Pierce Brosnan
Writer: R.J. Stewart
Director: Burt Brinckerhoff
Story: Steele is in costume as Sherlock Holmes while on guard duty at a party given by Sylvia Kilbride (Lois de Banzie). A dying man's last words send him and Laura on a hunt for gold in the desert.

Season 2 Episode 22: Elementary Steele (1984)
Character Name: Howard Epps
Played by:
Peter Evans
(William Griffis as Dr Watson)
Writer: Michael Gleason
Director: Seymour Robbie
Story: Singer Rocky Sullivan (Lynne Randall) steps out of the shower to find Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson in her apartment. Clad only in a towel, she flees on a motorcycle, with Holmes and Watson in pursuit in a vintage Rolls Royce. Taken by the police to the County Sanitarium, she calls in the Remington Steele Agency to investigate.

Steele (Pierce Brosnan) and Laura (Stephanie Zimbalist) discover that the men are part of a murder mystery game, with other contestants portraying Mr Moto, Miss Marple and Philip Marlowe. It becomes clear that the quest for Eddie Lucas is more than just a game when one of the participants is killed after picking up a lead at a photographic studio.

Shanghai Knights (2003)

Character Name: Roy O'Bannon
Played by: Owen Wilson
(Jackie Chan as Dr Watson / Chon Wang)
Writer: Alfred Gough & Miles Millar
Director: David Dobkin
Story: Roy O'Bannon and Chon Wang provide the inspiration for Holmes and Watson when they arrive in disguise at the home of Scotland Yard inspector Artie Doyle (Tom Fisher).

I sogni di signor Rossi (1977)

Character Name: Signor Rossi
Played by: Giuseppe Rinaldi
Writer: Bruno Bozzetto
Director: Bruno Bozzetto
Story: Signor Rossi goes to sleep reading a Sherlock Holmes story, and dreams that he is Sherlock Holmes, with his dog Gastone as Watson. An encounter with a gang of singing cats leads them into the sewers. A secret panel takes them into the wine cellar of a mysterious mansion where they face a masked milkman.

Sooty & Co.

Series 3 Episode 13: Sherlock Sooty (1995)
Character Name: Sherlock Sooty
Played by: Sooty
Writer: Matthew Corbett
Director: Stuart Hall
Story: Matthew Corbett is having breakfast with Sooty, Sweep and Soo. Cousin Scampi is still in bed. Matthew shows Sooty the honey display in the shop, but discovers that the honey has been stolen from the jars. Scampi takes a bath with his clothes on. Matthew tells Sooty they need Sherlock Holmes, but he's only a character in a book. Sooty uses magic to send Matthew to Baker Street in 1891.

Matthew visits 221B, Baker Street, to find that Holmes and Watson are Sooty and Sweep. Sherlock Sooty takes Matthew's fingerprints. He and Dr Whatsit agree to stake out the shop that night to catch the honey burglar, resulting in a chase after a renegade cardboard box, before the thief is put on trial.

The Sooty Show

Series 1 Episode 1: Sherlock Sooty (1984)
Character Name: Sherlock Sooty
Played by: Sooty
Story: Matthew Corbett is having a cup of tea when he discovers that the sugar disappears. It reminds him of a time when they believed they had burglars in the house.

Sooty, Sweep and Soo are sleeping late. Matthew wants to cook a celebration breakfast, but is only able to give them baked beans because all their food has been stolen. Soo takes them to her kitchen, but all her food has disappeared as well. All that is left are a few beans, but Sweep throws them down the sink. Sooty, as Sherlock Sooty, looks for clues.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 2 Episode 3: Elementary, Dear Data (1988)
Character Name: Lt. Commander Data
Played by:
Brent Spiner
Writer: Brian Alan Lane
Director: Rob Bowman
Story: Geordie (LeVar Burton) shows Data a model of Nelson's Victory he has made as a gift for the captain of the USS Victory. He has also programmed the holodeck to enable Data to participate, as Holmes, with Geordie as Watson, in a Sherlock Holmes mystery. Lestrade (Alan Sherman) brings a foreign emissary whom Data instantly reveals as a blackmailer. Because Data has all the Holmes mysteries memorised, and challenged by Doctor Pulaski (Diana Muldaur), Data has the computer create a new Holmes mystery to solve.

Data's first deduction is adjudged fraud by the doctor because it still relies on Data's memory of the stories, so Geordie instructs the computer to create an adversary capable of defeating Data. The doctor is abducted by Moriarty (Daniel Davis), who lures Data and Geordie to his lair. Moriarty learns of the existence of the Enterprise and overrides the holodeck shutdown program, and then gains control of the ship.

Data returns to the holodeck with Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) and Lieutenant Worf (Michael Dorn), to find a London afflicted by Moriarty's personality, and the mortality failsafe deactivated. Moriarty reasons that his ability to think makes him a living being, and asks Picard to murder him if he is unable to give him a corporeal form. Picard decides to store the program in the computer's data banks.

Season 6 Episode 12: Ship in a Bottle (1993)
Character Name: Lt. Commander Data
Played by:
Brent Spiner
Writer: René Echevarria
Director: Alexander Singer
Story: Data identifies some anomalies in the holodeck Sherlock Holmes program, and assigns Reg (Dwight Schultz) to check it out. His investigations release Moriarty from the computer's memory banks. Angered that Picard has reneged on his pledge to find a way to give him independent existence, Moriarty develops the ability to leave the holodeck. He requests that Countess Bartholomew (Stephanie Beacham), created by the computer to be the love of his life, also be given the ability to leave the holodeck.

When Picard is cautious about granting his wishes, Moriarty takes control of the ship's computers. Data eventually realises that he and Picard are trapped on a holodeck of the ship. They only have three hours until the planets they have come to observe collide and destroy the Enterprise.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Season 7 Episode 13: Elementary, My Dear Turtle (1984)
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by:
Peter Renaday
(Pat Fraley as Dr Watson)
Writer: Dennis O'Flaherty
Director: Rene Huchez
Story: The Turtles are visiting London, staying in the sewers below the Duke of Earl Hotel. They go to see the world's most advanced atomic clock at the Greenwich Observatory, which sends them back in time to Victorian London, where the clock is stolen by Moriarty. While in pursuit, they run into Holmes and Watson. Holmes is injured in a duel with Donatello.

The turtles accompany Holmes and Watson to Baker Street, where Lestrade tells them that Moriarty has been collecting scientific equipment to build a time machine in order to steal the twentieth century. His plan to steal the atomic clock is what led to their time shift. The turtles travel by train to Oxford to find Moriarty, but are returned to the twentieth century to find that Moriarty is now the Emperor of the World, and they must fight to restore the true path of history.

That Mitchell and Webb Look

Series 4 Episode 6 (2010)
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by: David Mitchell
(Robert Webb as Dr Watson)
Director: Ben Gosling Fuller
Story: Watson visits an elderly Holmes, suffering from senile dementia, in a care home. Lestrade arrives to consult Holmes about a gold robbery at the Bank of England.


Series 1 Episode 12: Detectives (1978)
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by: Mike Newman
(Chris Emmett as Dr Watson)
Writer: Brad Ashton, Mike Goddard & Wally Malston
Director: David Millard
Story: Holmes arrives at the Orient Express Hotel to search for the missing dustbin, and joins Watson and Mrs Hudson (Debbie Arnold) in the Edwardian Suite. After causing minor destruction, Holmes reveals the presence of Moriarty, who wreaks his revenge,

Series 2 Episode 9: Victoria (1979)
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by: Chris Emmett
(Linda Cunningham as Dr Watkinson)
Writer: John Bartlett, Geoff Leack & Wally Malston
Director: Paddy Russell
Story: After half the guests at the Prince's (Jack Smethurst) party are murdered, Holmes arrives with his new partner Dr Watkinson, and proves his deduction that the footman is dead.
Series 5 Episode 3: Sherlock Holmes (1983)
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by: Bernie Winters
(Chris Emmett as Dr Watson)
Writer: John Bartlett, Philippe Le Bars, Martin Morgan & Wally Malston
Director: Don Clayton
Story: Miss Terry (Madeline Smith) approaches Holmes after being accused of kidnapping Lord Thrupp's son, whose nanny she was. A series of riddles in rhyme from Moriarty lead Holmes and Watson to a Chinese laundry and the Tower of London, leaving a trail of bodies behind them. At Lord Thrupp's (Leonard Trolley) stately home Holmes sets Schnorbitz the St Bernard on the scent, and comes face to face with Moriarty (Mike Newman).

Les Tres Bessones

Episode 72: Sherlock Holmes (2003)
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by: Unknown
Story: The triplets are sent back in time by the Bored Witch to Sherlock Holmes's London. The witch is abducted by two Scottish ghosts and Holmes, Watson and the triplets travel to the ghosts' castle to rescue her.

The Two Ronnies

Series 2 Episode 6 (1972)
Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Played by: John Owens
Producer: Terry Hughes
Story: Oscar Wilde and Florence Nightingale are presented to Queen Victoria (Ronnie Barker). Sherlock Holmes incorrectly deduces that the Queen has been to Spitalfields Market, and gives her a message from John Brown (Ronnie Corbett), who arrives shortly after. Disraeli and Prince Albert also appear before everyone joins in a final chorus number.


Season 1 Episode 8: The Slobbery Hound (1995)
Character Name: Wishbone / Sherlock Holmes
Played by:
Soccer the Dog (Voice: Larry Brantley)
(Ric Spiegel as Dr Watson)
Writer: Vincent Brown
Director: Fred Holmes
Story: Wishbone is blamed for the chaos caused by a stray dog and decides to track down the culprit. He imagines himself as Sherlock Holmes in The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Wonder Woman

Season 1 Episode 1: Wonder Woman Meets Baroness Von Gunther (1976)
Character Name: Tommy
Played by:
Christian Juttner
Writer: Margaret Armen
Director: Barry Crane
Story: With the Abwehr spy ring active again in Washington D.C., Major Steve Trevor (Lyle Waggoner) may be in great danger. Transforming into Wonder Woman, Diana Prince (Lynda Carter) sets out to warn him. Steve becomes chief suspect after a series of weapons shipments are sabotaged, and the files that would prove his innocence disappear. He is lured into a trap by Arthur Deal III (Bradford Dillman).

Steve and Diana visit the Federal Penitentiary, where chief Abwehr agent Baroness Von Gunther (Christine Belford) is being held. The warden's son, Tommy, is a deerstalker-wearing Sherlock Holmes fan who follows a trail of footprints to a secret exit from the prison. He has also seen signals being flashed from a tower in the prison. The Baroness claims to have rejected the Nazi ideal and embraced the spirit of democracy, but steals Wonder Woman's golden lasso, and takes her, Steve and Tommy prisoner.