Plot outlines, and character listings for each story. Stories are listed alphabetically by author. A more recent addition to the site, this does not yet include all the stories indexed on the rest of the site, but is growing steadily.

These are summaries, not reviews, and may contain story spoilers.

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TV & Movie Guest Appearances


....and other folkloric & cultural icons. These have been lumped together because we couldn't decide where Shakespeare's kings should go. Arranged in alphabetical order - pick a letter...

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CANONICAL CHARACTERS Characters drawn from the original Sherlock Holmes stories.

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What is this site about?

The site was initially a listing of historical, fictional and canonical characters appearing, or mentioned, in published Sherlock Holmes pastiches, parodies and other Sherlockian writings. Later, it expanded into a collection of summaries of those stories (intended as an aide memoire for those, like the compiler, who can no longer remember what happened in which pastiche). For a history of the site & answers to FAQs go to the Notes page. A listing of the latest additions can be found on the Updates page. Books in the yet to be done pile are here.


Uh......we're not clear on that one yet, but would welcome any ideas on what possible use it might be. Many indexes exist for the canonical stories, but, understandably, none for the vast number of more recent efforts. This is an attempt to fill the gap.


19th May 2024

Sherlock Holmes and the Long Acre Vampire (Val Andrews)
"The Hound of Cactusville" (Anonymous)
"The Great Media Mystery" (Art Buchwald)
"The Adventure of the Misplaced Eyeglasses" (Robin N. Campbell)
"The Adventure of the Shanghai Merchant" (Doyland Cone)
"The Case of the Bubbling Well Burglaries" (Doyland Cone)
"The Discovery of the Spurious Note Factory" (Doyland Cone)
"The Case of the Artist’s Stain" (Joseph Crossen)
"The Ghost of Snaggle Castle" (Slaba Eyce)
"The Affair of Gilbert Grindleigh, Esq., O.B.E., Coiner and Philanthropist" (F.W.J.W.)
Observations by Gaslight (Lyndsay Faye)
Expo ’98: Sherlock Holmes in Omaha (Berkley Forsyth)
"Unlock Flats, the Detective" (Henry Waldorf Francis)
"The Secret of the Fortune Cookie" (Ricki Glinert)
The Art of Deception (Leonard Goldberg)
"Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Pin-Pricked Corpse" (Lois H. Gresh)
The Affair of the Mysterious Letter
(Alexis Hall)
The Hounds of the Vatican; or, Holmes’s Last Bow
(G. Randolph Holms)

"E=mc2" (Ted Kuzminski)

"Further Memoirs of Chubblock Holes: The Bangkok Affair" (H.F. Lawson)
Cape May Tales (John Leone)
Spy Hunter (H.B. Lyle)

"The Adventure of the Missing Princess" (Michael Mallory)

"The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes" (Tim Ostermiller)
"Miss Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square" (M.J. Trow)
"Walking Around" (Howard Whitman)
"The Five Pipsqueaks" (Michael Yaeger)

23rd December 2023

The Martian Menace (Eric Brown)
Sherlock Holmes in Australia: The Adventure of the Kidnapped Kanakas (Ken Methold)

18th December 2023

"The Holographic Footprint Case" (Anonymous)
"Reminiscences of Sherlock Holmes" (John Atkinson, Jr)

"The Case of the Scruffy Note" (Gethyn Carr-Harris)

"The Mystery of "Eliminating the Impossible"" (Randy Cerveny)
"The Adventure of the Dented Computer" (Simon Cheshire)

"Holmes on the Range" (John Connolly)
"The Heart of Evil" (William W. Connors)
"Ayesaw Gets Sore" (George)

"Det. Ayesaw on the Make" (George)

"The Mystery of the Missing Toy" (Sudha Goel)

Gub-Gub’s Book (Hugh Lofting)
"An Eyewitness Account of Holmes" (John P. Oliver)
"Drama in the Library!" (The Onlooker)
"The Press Box" (Resartus)

"The Error of Sherlock Holmes - Part II" (Dilip M. Salwi)

16th December 2023

"The Adventure of the Missing General" (Anonymous)
"The Martian Mystery" (Anonymous)
"The Mystery of the Thames Afire" (Anonymous)
"Sherlock Homes Was Umpire" (Anonymous)
"The Vanishing Legacy" (Anonymous)
"The Procurator of Justice" (Stephen Barr)
"The Mysterious Case of the Supermarket Shopper’s Secrets" (Michael Coleman)
"How Sir Arthur Passed into the World He Created" (Dean Collins)
"The Strange Affair of the Vourdalak" (Gordon Derry & Dan Day)
"A Study in Smoke" (Marc Munroe Dion)
"Clueless" (James Duckworth)

"The Lost Case of the Past Catching Up with the Future" (Maxwell Eden)
"Hoot Mon!" (Joseph H. Firman)

"The Case of the Jumping Cursor" (Mark Gibbs)
"British Invasion of Transylvania" (Peter Hargitai)
"Adventures of Flintlock Holmes" (G.E. Hawkins)

"Charlie Ross Found" (G.E. Hawkins)
"The Death of Sherlock Holmes" (Paris Innes)

"Stories in Stone"
(Joseph H. Jackson & Edward D. Evans)

Spongebob Detectivepants: The Case of the Missing Spatula (David Leman)

Sherlock Holmes and the Highgate Horrors (James Lovegrove)

"The Shield Under Stone" (Tina Meckel)
"Message on a Board" (Helen Nixon)

"Spy vs Spy vs Spy vs Spy: The Model Detective" (Antonio Prohias)
"The Curious Affair of the Grey Man of Ben Macdui" (Jack Reilly)
"Sherlock Holmes and the Lizzie Borden Connection" (William Schley-Ulrich)
"A Case of Facsimile" (Viola Brothers Shore)
"The Case of the Swooning Stock Market" (Dr Gerald Sirkin)
"Conversation in Baker Street" (Howard Spring)

9th December 2023

"Hubert Holmes Boy Detective" (Anonymous)
"The Krazy Tale of Sherlock Bones" (Anonymous)

"Rudolph Flew Away Says Sherlock Holmes"
"Mr Homes Acts as Attorney for Solomon" (John Kendrick Bangs)
"Mr Homes Makes a Sensational Exit" (John Kendrick Bangs)

"Mr Homes Shatters a Tradition" (John Kendrick Bangs)
"Mr Homes Tackles a Hard Case" (John Kendrick Bangs)

"Bad Penny" (Leo Baxendale)
Sherlock Holmes and the Giant's Hand (Matthew Booth)
Gaslight Ghouls (J.R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec)

Sherlock Holmes and the Chilford Ripper (Roger Jaynes)

"Duck Turpin" (Mike Lacey)

"Charlie's Choice" (Brian Lewis)
"Charlie's Choice" (II) (Brian Lewis)
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part VII: Eliminate the Impossible 1880-1891 (David Marcum)
The File on Colonel Moran: Sherlock Holmes Takes a Hand (Vernon Mealor)
The Firebird Mystery (Darrell Pitt)
"Jiff You Like It" (Allan Roux)
"The Case of the Limping Storeman" (John Tavner)

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